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5 Apps Similar To Snapchat – Best Snapchat Alternatives

Snapchat is one of the most famous and prominent multimedia apps nowadays in messaging take place, and the remarkable thing about this app is that it removes the messages after a specific time or when the receiver sees it. It has over 200+ million monthly users. It also has some funny and amazing templates with that you can take pictures of yours. You can also share small stories using Snapchat. It is one the most trending app, and widely it is considered as the fastest messaging app. Despite all of the brilliant features some users get annoyed from this app, and they want to try some other apps, but those apps should be similar to Snapchat so they can easily find the alternatives of Snapchat. So for this below is the article in which we have discussed some of the best 5 apps similar to Snapchat and alternative apps which you can use instead of Snapchat and can fascinate yourself.

Apps similar to Snapchat



Instagram apps similar to snapchat


As we all know, Instagram is one of the fastest growing and prominent social platforms nowadays. With almost 700+ million active users. This is one of the best alternative apps for Snapchat. In this app, you can share your pictures, video clips and upload different posts even. Now it has introduced the DM(direct message) service as well which allows you to interact with each other. This app also has some great built-in filters which will enable you to enhance your beauty and make your picture more fabulous.

It is available on Android and IOS as well. This app also has the disappearing text, photos, and videos, etc. feature. So this is almost similar to Snapchat and one of the best alternative of Snapchat

best apps similar to snapchat

As we know that each and everything has Pros and Cons so this app also has some Pros and Cons whichare as follows:


It provides useful filters, prove high-quality images and allows you to upload those quality images with creative editing using those filters. And it also provides the facility to upload videos as well.


Although it has some brilliant features and some excellent built in Filters, the Snapchat user needs many filters, so it has some limited filters. And the other thing is that it doesn’t have face templates which are very common in Snapchat.


clipchat apps similar to snapchat

The second best app which is the alternative of Snapchat is the Clipchat. Like Snapchat this app also a social app and it also allows you to create useful images by using its best face filters and face templates. But this app has faster speed than Snap chat in sending and receiving messages, and it also has a friendly and nicer interface.

An additional thing about this app is that it allows you to find your friend via username, email, and Facebook. Just search your friend or relatives name whom you want to add, and this brilliant app will provide you that person ID in milliseconds.

apps similar to snapchat

This app also has some pros and cons. Some of its Pros and Cons are as follows:


It has faster speed than Snapchat and has more filters than Snapchat. It also has nicer and better interface as compare to Snapchat.


Taking screenshot is prohibited in it, and even you can’t make Drawing in Snapchat you can quickly make drawings but this app doesn’t support this thing.

Sling Shot:

slingshot 5 apps similar to snapchat

If you have tired from Snap Chat and want to use some other mobile app then in this case the sling shot is the best app to use from where you can share your pictures videos etc. It has more speed than Snapchat and it also provides you daily question so the users can answer them and can interact with their friends. It also helps you to find your friends which is located nearby your location.

This app is available for the Android and iOS users as well. And it’s a totally free app so any of Android and iOS users can easily download it.

apps like snapchta

Some pros and cons of this wonderful and fast app are as follows:


It provides questions which help the users to interact with their friends. It have fast speed as than Snap Chat. The Questions part in this app is very cool and an innovative step which is attracting many users to this app.


It only support sending images. And it does not have some suitable filters as well.

Cyber Dust:

apps similar to snapchat

Cyber Dust app is also a similar app like Snapchat which is really worthful. Cyber Dust app deletes the message as soon as it has been seen by the receiver. This is a great app with an end to end encryption like WhatsApp and it doesn’t allow you to take Screen shots of the messages. The taking of screenshots is extremely prohibited.

This app is available on Android and IOS as well. You can send messages, videos, pictures, stickers, different templates, etc. by using this wonderful app.

apps like snapchta

Some pros and cons of this app are as follows:


It have End to End encryption which is really worthful and it also provide great quality images to its users.


It have some errors when it comes to check the device which is a bad sign for this app.



telegram - 5 apps like snapchat

Telegram is one the most popular apps and regarded as the best alternative of Snapchat. It is also the alternative of WhatsApp. It’s main features are text messaging, photo sharing and file sharing. You can communicate with your friends and family members in private chat or in groups as well like you do in whatsapp. This is also one the best apps which provides great security to its users. In this app, the messages are also end to end encrypted which allows its users to send messages without having any fear of being getting hacked.

You can send any sort of pictures, videos, documents, stickers, etc. it has some feature similar to Snapchat and some not but we can say that this app has all the things this app is an all in one app.

The biggest advantage of this app is that it’s also available for Windows Desktop, Mac and Linux as well. This wonderful app is also available on Android and iOS as well.

apps like snapchat

Despite of being a great app this app also features some pros and cons like other apps. Some of the pros and cons of this wonderful app are as follows:


It is easy to use, allow us to send documents and zip files as well. It has interactive interface and really easy to use and in last, it has a lot of stickers and emoji’s which you can choose and send to your friends. Showing your mood at the current situation.


Although its working is really nice and fine but still It’s not a mainstream app just like Snapchat. This is one of the biggest con of this app. Cause you might not find a lot of your friends using this app often.

So in this article we have mentioned some apps which can be used by the users who get frustrated or tired of Snapchat and want to use some other apps but similar to Snapchat.

The above mentioned list of apps are the best 5 apps similar to Snapchat which we can use as alternative of the Snapchat.

Hope so you have enjoyed this article. So for more interesting and useful information, stay connected to our blog.

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