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6 Things You Should Never Do with Your iPhone

iPhones are popular devices with many different uses, but they aren’t indestructible nor are they incorruptible. You need to know how to take care of your device so that it (being a very expensive item) will last you for at least a few years. Everyone has specific needs, but there are a few things that you should absolutely avoid.


Here are six things you should avoid doing with your iPhone:


No matter how many people tell you that you should jailbreak your phone or offer “cheap” services to do so, you should avoid it like the plague. Jailbreaking your phone will remove vital security features that protect your iPhone from crippling malware that could steal your personal information. Just take a look at some of the recent iPhone hacks. They were performed mostly on jailbroken phones.

Using Public Networks with No Protection

Public networks often have no protection on them meaning that any amateur hacker with a simple setup can use it to intercept any information you send or receive over the network. You need to either avoid using public networks or acquire the services of a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which is a service that will connect your iPhone to an offsite secure server. Just find a well-reviewed one to protect your iPhone and you’ll be good to go. Plus, a VPN will enable you to circumvent geo-restrictions and watch US Netflix wherever you are.

Accessing Known Problematic Websites

If someone if offering you something for free online, they are trying to scam you and the likelihood is that the website will spread malware. iPhones often have protection against malware but they aren’t perfect and need a good mind behind them. Avoid websites that you know can be problematic and your iPhone will thank you for it in the long run.

Use Unapproved App Stores

The same goes for unapproved app stores (in this case anything other than iTunes). Many of the apps on them are either scams or malware, and you could do without either. The verification processes for apps are mostly there for your protection. Use that buffer so you don’t have to worry.

Keep It Uncased

Phones are getting more durable over time, but a good drop can still destroy your expensive device. Cases are cheap and effective, and they will often protect your phone in the rain. Physical damage is just as much of a threat as a cyberattack or malware. Try to pick out a nice one and consider it an investment.

Not Having a Screen Lock

At the very least, you should have a PIN on your lock screen to open it up (and it shouldn’t be “1111”). Not having a screen lock is the same as having a neon sign over your phone that says “Hey everyone! Come Take a Look!” You need to have either a fingerprint scanner, a PIN or some other verification measure so that, if your phone gets lost or stolen, hackers will have to take some valuable time with it before you have a massive problem.


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