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002 MGeeky is an independent source for all the geeks who love technology and want to know more about technology. Our motive is to provide you each and everything which is related to technology and make sure that it is unique and informative.

We do not differentiate in technology that is why we will be covering from Android to IOS and Windows Phones to Server Management. We share one common interest and that is our love for technology and a great passion to share technology based content to you.

We will be covering all the latest android news and gadgets from all over the world, reviewing smartphones and apps. We will provide you stock ROMs, Custom ROMs and Mods. In addition to this we will give some tips & tricks to you and will teach you also a little bit in ‘how to’ category.

As we said that we do not differentiate in technology so we are not stick with android we will be covering Apple IOS as well. All the jailbreaks, cydia tweaks and much more will be provided to you. Server management is also a category which is less known by masses so we will make you learn about this informative thing.

MGeeky team is consist of two members who are self proclaimed tech enthusiasts and android developers  and IOS developers respectively. Our aim is to be the premium and top tech related website around the globe. If you like our motive and share same thinking then you can also be a part of our team.

We are at different social networks. Below are the links to our social connect:

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 – Twitter : @mgeeky1

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 – RSS Feeds : MGeeky.com/feed/ 

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