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Things to remember while accepting online payments

The online transaction has turned out to be very common among users. From daily needs to accessories people prefer online purchase and the need for online transactions arose. How would it be, if there is no one line transaction or if the entire transaction is hi-jacked? The entire universe would turn crazy. Am I right?

So, how to handle a secure transaction, especially, when it comes to small businesses? This post is exactly about online businesses and very particularly for small businesses. Would you be interested to have a run-through on the topic?

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#1 SSL Certificate:

The foremost thing that every user checks when he hits the website is the SSL certificate. No matter how big the business or how small it is. The need for SSL certificate is really common. People are aware of what they are into and so they expect security.

When it comes to small businesses it is high time for them to maintain security through effective measures. One among them is the SSL certificate.  If you are a small business who accepts online payments from your customers you need to be very careful with the security. As neglecting the importance of security has the possibilities to affect your business. So make sure that you use SSL certificate for website security. The Wildcard SSL certificate is the cost-effective solution for Small business to secure root domain and its unlimited Subdomains.

#2 Updated PCI compliance:

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) most important term of online business and it is really necessary that businesses should be aware of it by this time. The PCI-DSS is a set of standards that need obedience as a part of every business.

It is really important and it is a complete responsibility of a cardholder to maintain the data of their customers safe.  if you are not able to maintain these standards you will be fined and might have the chance of losing trust among your customers. So it is highly recommended to rely on PCI compliance and stay updated about the standards.

#3 Avoid storing customer data:

Customer data are the essential factors that businesses obtain. But most businesses fail to know its importance. Avoid storing data doesn’t mean the negative side. Rather, data need to processed properly. If you are collecting your customer’s data you can restrict it to name and account number.

You must not proceed any further in saving their CVV number which is a three or four digit number. This may not be a un-common practice when it comes to the online transaction. Yet, it is not encouragable if you are planning to save their CVV number.

Always make sure that you are very careful in what you save and what you dismiss from your customer’s information.

#4 Try using effective firewalls:

Though it is a common talk about the firewalls and the trust level of people have come down when it comes to the firewall. It is still a myth. Firewalls could really do well in protecting your website.

People who spare a lot in their business fail to concentrate on such simple things. I would recommend small businesses to make use of the firewalls in order to protect their websites from malicious attacks.

The price range of firewall security differs, yet analyzing the best one for your business and your website is highly important. Make sure to find the best one that really protects your website from attacks that steal customer data.

#5 Increase the authentication level:

People come to your website just like that make purchases, transactions and leaves your website. This could be a common transaction method. But I tell you, this is not going to be safe if you are trying to improve your small business online.

When you make initiatives to authenticate payment, it really does provide higher security for your customers and also builds trust among them.

At the same time, improving the level of authentication can also provide a better chance of security. Since there are a lot of malicious attacks these days on websites especially when it comes to e-commerce, it definitely needs concentration,

Make sure you provide enough security to your website as well as your customer data through a higher level of authentication. This could build trust among your customers.


With these simple and 5 authentic steps you could make your small business a secured spot to make online payments and proceed with online transactions. Make sure to implement all of these strategies and make your website a secured one. Try to implement the foremost strategy which is the installation of SSL certificate to provide 100% security to your customer data.

The above information could really take your business to the next level and never miss to write your success stories to us.

By Daniyal Sheikh

I am an experienced android developer and technology lover who loves to write about any topic related to technology. In short em a technology freak!