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AirBlue sharing Enable (Bluetooth for iphone)


Airblue sharing means the bluetooth for iphone. Many people upsets that their is no sharing for ios. But this is wrong u can use airblue sharing and enjoy it. It shares and receives data very quickly. You will enjoy this tweak and it is very easy to use. u just have to follow some steps and carefully.

Step 1: Open Cydia
Step 2: Go to “Sources” -> Click Edit -> Click Add -> then Enter “
Step 3: Search and Install “Cydown”
Step 4: Search and Install “Cydia Enable”
Step 5: Go to “Setting”-> Enable Cydown
Step 6: Enable “Cydown” to “Cydia Enable”
Step 7: Restart/Resping your Iphone
Step 8: Go Cydia, download AirBlue Sharing from BigBoss
Step 9: Go to Cydia,click Modify on AirBlue Sharing and click Bypass DRM
Step 10: Restart/Respring Your phone
Step 11: Open AirBlue Sharing, click Enable Receiving and click activate.


hope this method will work for u and it is a very simple method

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