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Android 5.0 Source Code For Htc One M7 And M8

Htc continuously trying to get their sales boosted in market and trying to attract their users by giving some deals and upgrading the specs in their flagships.

Htc offers great opportunity to developers with great support to develop Custom ROMs. Htc have a separate platform or website for developers at  which the company releases the source codes and allowed users to unlock the bootloaders of their devices.

Htc is very good and impressive in updating their dev site and adding the latest sources of android. Htc is one of the top company which follows the gpl policy.

As they follow GPL policy, they have now after the release of android 5.0 for Htc One M7 and M8 devices quickly made lollipop kernel source code available at HTCdev website. Most of the users didn’t get much effect from it but the fans of android development and custom rom users and devs are pretty much excited and happy.


For downloading the source codes you have to visit HTCdev site downloads section. You  can visit the below link for more info and downloads.
Visit: “


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