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Android Launchers – Explained

Android Launchers – Smartphone users are always comparing their iOS and Android Phones, Knowing that both of these platforms a entirely different in almost every single aspect. One of the aspects is the overall Look, Feel and User-Interface of these devices. iOS offers same functionality and user-Experience to all of its iOS users. A more stable and unified type of interface overall. Android on the other hand allows you to customize your entire UI just by installing a couple of or may be only 1 app.

Android Launchers vs Custom ROM

Custom ROM:

In Android world, You can install any Custom ROM which is made ONLY for your particular device. The process of installing a custom ROM is pretty simple but it can also become pretty problematic cause it includes a couple of RISKY steps such as:

  • Rooting Your Phone ( This will void your phone’s warranty )
  • Finding out if your boot-loader is Locked
  • Unlocking your phone’s boot loader if its locked
  • Flashing Custom Recovery
  • Wiping everything out
  • Installing a Custom ROM
  • Installing Google Apps if the ROM doesn’t include it.

Following the horrible looking procedure, mentioned above, might not what you are looking for. If you are not facing any problem with your phone’s speed, Performance or App Support, and you just don’t like the way your phone’s UI Looks and works, You can pretty much solve your this problem by just Installing a custom Launcher from Google’s Playstore.

Android Launchers:

Google’s Android Operating System allows you to customize the look n feel of your android device by installing Custom Launchers from Google Play-store without even touching the risk-border. There are a lot of Custom Launchers available in the Google play-store such as Nova, Apex, Go Launcher and many many more. Installing a custom Launcher will NOT void your phone’s warranty. It just changes the way your phone and you interact with each other. A custom launcher such as Apex, and Nova will add a couple of extra Gestures to your phone. Custom Launchers like Avaite by Yahoo will arrange the apps by looking it your usage pattern and by Your location.


It is recommended to try out some custom Launchers if you are facing some problems with the User Interface of your phone, before going for any Custom ROM. Installing a custom ROM is only recommended to those who know very well, What they are doing.

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