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iOS 10 Beta Download Link | Free

iOS 9 have its impacts and it runs on the devices that has some new features in it. iOS 9 was released an year ago and it has its uniqueness though every time Apple releases its iOS it has its own new features and effects. Now That Apple has released the iOS 10 that is spreading like a fire in the users and people want to check the iOS 10 not by the night goes. Apple has releases the information about the Phones that will be valid or eligible for the iOS 10 that are iPhone 5 series , iPhone 6 series , iPod touch 5 and 6, etc. The only phone that is knocked out from the iOS 10 is 4s. However it is good that this is being kicked out because it may lag.

iOS 10 is the biggest release of this year and that have some variety of features in it. The people are burning the midnight oil to get the iOS 10. The problem that the users are facing for the iOS 10 beta is the developer iD, not everybody has the developer iD and i am here to fix this problem i am telling you about the iOS 10 Beta Download Link and its free. You can easily get the the iOS 10 Beta Download Link, you just have to follow the steps. It is safest and fast method.

Steps for the iOS 10 Beta Download Link:

  • Click the Link or Link 2 to get the the iOS 10 Beta. (Note: This link should be opened in the Safari Browser) 
  • After click on the link agreed to the terms and your device will be reboot.
  • After reboot go to > Settings > General > Software Update.
  • Here you see the Update for the iOS 10 Beta 
  • Download and install it.
  • Wait for the Device to Reboot.

This is the simple and the best method for iOS 10 Beta Download Link. You make sure that your device is connected to the Wifi or the Cellular data during the download. You can pause or resume the download at any time.

iOS 10 is big and it brings more and more. If you have any question then you are free to comment. I have also tried this method and it is working fine on my device.


How to install Google Play Store in Remix OS on PC

I will show you how to install Play store and other Google services on Remix OS.  I don’t know why but the latest version of Remix OS is not coming up with play store.  So here is a detailed step by step guide on how to install it.

How to install Play store in Remix OS on PC

Install Google Play store on Remix OS

  1. So first of all go into the start menu and click on browser.
  2. Now Click here to Download Google services. Now once the apk is downloaded,  open it up, you will see a error that the apk installation is blocked.
  3. So just click on settings,  then turn on unknown sources and then minimize this window and install the apk again, it will be installed.
  4. Once it’s installed, click on open. Now click on the button called One click to install Google Services. It will take 2-3 min depending upon your internet connection speed.
  5. Till that time, go to your start menu,  click on settings, click on date and time, and make sure your date and time is correct. If it’s not correct, then uncheck automatic date and time and automatic time zone.
  6. Then click on set time zone and set it to your location.
  7. Once the download is finished, you will see the play store in the start menu. But do not open it up. Just click here to download play store.
  8. The thing is this apk installed a very old version of Google play store i.e. not working anymore. So we have to download the latest version. So just download the Google play store apk, install it  and click on done.
  9. Now go to your start menu, click on settings, go into application manager and find Google play services. Click on manage space, click on clear data. Now clear the data of Google services framework and Google play store also.
  10. Once i.e. done, go to your Start menu, click on the power button and click on reboot.
  11. Yes, as of now there is no working method to install play store and other Google services on guest mode. But this method is working in resident mode.
  12. Now reboot your Remix OS. After it’s rebooted, launch the play store by going into the start menu and then sign in with your Google account and now you will be able to install apps and games from the play store.
  13. Now 1 last thing, just open up your browser and go to and type Google play services and you will see a button called free, click on that.
  14. It will redirect you to play store. And just update the Google play services

So that’s it for this tutorial, I hope that you successfully installed Google PlayStore in Remix OS. Make sure to click the Blue Tweet button because every day i upload something useful. Click the like button if you like this tutorial, Comment down below if you have any questions and i will see you soon.

Arduino Electrical

Home Automation with Arduino using IR-remote

Arduino is powerful tool that is becoming more and more useful in the modern era. We can made a number of projects using Arduino. Arduino can be used for GUI purposes or the processing purposes. Using Arduino and other electronic devices we can made a number of projects. Basically Arduino is a microprocessor that accumulates with the time and it is also a controlling devices. It has a scripts code installed in it on which it works. It comes in different size that are UNO, NANO, MEGA etc. The difference between theses is the size of the RAM that is used for the memory purposes.

Home Automation with Arduino using IR-remote

There are number of libraries are included in the Arduino are some libraries are need to be download and install. There are libraries such as IR remote, Robot IR remote, GSM, TFT, Bridge etc.

Today I am writing this article and i am gonna show you about Home Automation with Arduino using IR-remote and it is very easy. You just need to focus on the steps. Intentionally Home Automation mean to control the home Appliances using the simple infrared remote that is basically our TV. So Home Automation with Arduino using IR-remote can be done using this remote. Home Automation with Arduino can be done using the mobile Application but it is another matter we will discuss this today.

Things Required for Home Automation with Arduino using IR-remote :

  • Arduino UNO or NANO
  • Arduino Cable
  • Remote
  • Bread Board
  • Connecting wires
  • Transistor ( D313)
  • Relay 12 V
  • 12 V battery
  • 230 V Bulb as load
  • LED’s
Procedure for Home Automation with Arduino using IR-remote:
  • First of all you need to connect the Arduino with the laptop and set the COM ( USB port)

Tools > Ports

  • After setting the port you need to download the IRremote remote library from the Arduino data base that is important for Home Automation with Arduino using IR-remote.

Go to  Sketch > Include library > Manage Libraries > Search > IRremote > Install

  • You need to connect the infrared sensor that has three legs with the Arduino and its connections are shown in the diagram. The outermost pin of the sensor is the received pin that is connected with the Arduino according to the code. The middle pin is connected to the ground and the third pin to 5 V of Arduino.
  • Take the remote and open  Tools > Serial Monitor . Press the button on which you want your control e.g press button 2 and it displays a code on the serial monitor and you use this in your code e.g ( 0xBDO )

If you want another appliance to operate like LED then also initialize it in your code using the above method at another pin.

  • Suppose that you have selected the D2 pin in your code for the output then connect the transistor and relays connection according to the diagram.
  • LED can be operated simply.
Note: The Emitter of transistor and Arduino GND should be connected.
Home Automation with Arduino using IR-remote


Home Automation with Arduino using IR-remote

After making all the connection clearly and upload the code as defined above you are now able to do the Home Automation with Arduino using IR-remote and it is the simple and the best method and you can operate any appliance you want. The LED here used is for testing.

Thank you for your reading and you are free to comment.


iPhone iPhone Tips Tutorials

How to make US Apple iD free

Hello Friends, This article is basically about the Apple user for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Apples user are increasing in a number of way and they are facing number of problems. Some of the Apps like Spotify, they does not work in some countries they are available in US or United Kingdom. I am gonna solve that problem for you. I will tell you How to make US Apple iD free.

Yes this is the part where the mind struck that  How to make US Apple iD free because apple has number of restrictions and does not allow to make an apple iD free.

There are some simple steps that you need to follow for How to make US Apple iD free and they are easy and the best steps.

How to make US Apple iD free:

  • Logout from the App store from Settings
  • Open Appstore
  • Download any free app
  • Click on create new Account
  • Follow the terms
  • Select Region as US
  • Select None

These are the simple steps How to make US Apple iD free and i am sure that it will help you. The picture for understanding of steps are uploaded too. That can also help you.

How to make US Apple ID







I hope these will help you to understand How to make US Apple iD free. For any querries and help you are free to comment. Thank you


How to activate video calling in Whatsapp

Hello friends, in this Tutorial I will tell you how to activate Whatsapp Video Calling in your android phone. So WhatsApp has added the calling feature in their latest update, which is currently not available on the play store.

How to activate whatsapp video calling in Android phone

  1. So for WhatsApp Video Calling feature, you have to install the Apk manually.
  2. So just click on the link given below.How to activate whatsapp video calling
  3. It will take you to a webpage. So download the WhatsApp’s latest apk, then install it.
  4. If you are installing an apk for the first time, you may get an unknown source error.
  5. So just go to settings, then Security and then enable Unknown sources.
  6. Then install the apk, it will get installed. Don’t worry, it’s a 100% authorized Apk.
  7. Now open the Whatsapp and open any chat conversation.
  8. Click on the call button, you will get two options. Audio Call and Video Call. Video call is a new feature, click on that.
  9. If Video Call is working, then it’s good. But if now, then you will see this error.How-to-Activate-WhatsApp-Video-Calling-in-Android
  10. Currently, they have added the calling feature in WhatsApp but it is not activated from the server site.
  11. It will take some time to activate. We have already waited for this feature for a long time, so why don’t a little more.
  12. Share this tutorial as much as you can and tell people to update their WhatsApp with this Apk.
  13. As soon as video calling feature is activated from the server side, you will be able to make video calls.

If you like this tutorial, then don’t forget to share.For more such tutorials, follow us on twitter and Google+. If you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below and i will surely respond you. I will meet you in the next one. Thank you.

Android Android Tips Tutorials

Run Two or Three whatsapp accounts on same android

I will show you how to set up two or more whatsapp account in a single android phone for free.So i will show you two different methods of doing this.Both these methods are free, easy to use and safe.So before starting I assume that you already have official WhatsApp installed on your phone & it is set up with your 1st sim .So let’s get started.

First Method To use Two Or more Whatsapp accounts

use 2 whatsapp on android no root

  1. 1st of all, go to your phone setting,then sercurity and turn on unknown sources. It will be turned off by default.So just turn it on and click on OK.
  2. After that, we have to download the GBWhatsApp application. click here to download After it’s downloaded, open the APK file and install the application.
  3. Now open the GBWhatsapp application, click on agree and continue.Now enter on your 2nd sim number here and just register as you normally do. And one more thing WhatsApp is free for life now And Boom Shaka Laka now you have successfully setup the second WhatsApp account. GBWhatsapp is a modern version of WhatsApp. You can say, it’s the new Whatsapp Plus and now if you go into your app drawer, you will see 2 WhatsApp icons.One is the GBWhatsApp and second one is the official WhatsApp. So if you open GBWhatsapp and if you go to GB settings, there is a lot that you can customize.Like you can apply a theme, change the launcher icon, change the tick style.I will change the launcher icon so that i can differentiate between the GBWhatsApp and Official WhatsApp.

            now i will show you the second method.

  1.  So download an app called Disa from the play store.It’s available for free.
  2. download it, open it up, click on next, next, next.So just agree to the terms of service and privacy and click on next.
  3. Now click on add service and click on the WhatsApp icon.It will download the WhatsApp plugin and install it.
  4. Now click on restart and it will restart the Disa application.
  5. Now on the top you will see WhatsApp settings needed.Just click on that, click on skip. Now enter your name, your phone number with country code and click on next.
  6. Now it will say, how would you like to verify your WhatsApp account.So just click on via SMS or via phone method.So I will recommend you to use via SMS method first,so just click on that and you will receive a notification code via sms.So just enter that code here and click on submit.The only downside or you can say con of the Disa app is you can’t make or receive WhatsApp Calls.Apart from that, everything is working fine.So if you use both the methods you can use 3 WhatsApp accounts in a single android phone without root access for free.So that’s it for this video, click the like button if you like the video.Share this video with your friends and tell them – Yes, now it’s possible to install three Whatsapp account in a single android phone.



What Is USB OTG? 10 Cool Ways to Use It on Android

today i will tell you  what you can do with a OTG Cable So we all know that we can connect a Pen Drive with a OTG Cable to your Android Phone and access the content But Whats’ more whats’ next lets explore.

Things required are mentioned below

  3. DSLR
  4. Hard drive
  5. LAN to usb
  6. Usb Light
  7. Usb Gamepad
  8. Memory card reader
  9. Usb Fan
  10. Usb Mouse
  11.  OTG CABLE
  1. So the first one on the list is the Keyboard.Yes you can connect a keyboard to your Android phone with a OTG Cable, so just connect the OTG cable and connect the keyboard.This will come handy when you have to type long word document or write a long email.
  2. The next on the list is a USB mouse, yes you can connect a USB mouse in your Android phone and do whatever you want to do.
  3. The third one on the list is a USB fan, yes they cost like 50 rupees or 100 rupees, i.e US 1$ or 2$ and if you want a good quality one, Xiaomi produces this for ₹300,the air from the fan is pretty good and if your phone is heating too much you can use this fan to cool your phone also.
  4. The next on the list is a card reader Yes you can connect a memory card reader to your Android Phone and copy paste delete the content.
  5. The next on the list is a Game Controller,you can buy this game controller for roughly 200 rupees or US 4 to 5 dollar and you can play any game that supports game controller with this
  6. The next on the list is a USB light. Yes you can connect a USB based lamp to your Android Phone and this will come handy when you don’t have electricity And this is way more stronger than your phone’s flashlight.
  7. The next on the list is a LAN cable Yes you can connect a LAN cable to your Android Phone. So for example lets say you don’t have WiFi in your home, but you have a broadband connection, you have to buy this controller called LAN to USB.It will cost you like 5 to 6 dollars.300 to 400 rupees, so once you do this,connect it to the OTG cable and connect the LAN cable and as you can see the Net is working But the WiFi and data connection is turned off.What Is USB OTG? 10 Cool Ways to Use It on Android
  8. The next on the list is a Hard Drive.Yes if you have a Hard Drive like 500 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB You can connect it to your phone and read the conten tcopy it paste it do whatever you want to do
  9.  The next on the list is a DSLR, and yes you can connect your DSLR with a Android phone and control it.There is a app called DSLR dashboard that you have to install on your phone. and then you can control your DSLR
  10. the next one is a USB Sound card, you can buy this for like rupees 100 to 150. So if your 3.5mm jack is not working you can plug this USB sound card to OTG and listen to the music



How to get 3D touch in any Android phone

Hey guys, in this post i will show you how you can get 3D touch in any Android phone which is a feature of iPhone. Your Android phone needs to be rooted and it should have the Xposed Framework installed. For Rooting follow this guide mentioned below

How to Root any Android Device without Computer

So by following this post you will be able to Root any android device running on any android version Jellybean, Kitkat, Lollipop. First of all we have to download an apk file.

  • To do this open your browser.
  • Click on the address bar and type or click here.
  • Click on the Download button it will start to root any android phone without PC
  • Once the apk is downloaded.
  • Tap on it, to install.

How to Install Xposed On android lollipop

  1. So if you are running on Lollipop ROM or if you are running stock lollipop, you will be missing the Xposed Framework and it’s modules also. A good news for you is that Xposed now officially supports lollipop. If you want to install Xposed Framework in lollipop and don’t know how then this is the perfect tutorial for you. So without further due, let’s get started.
  2. The first thing that you have to do is to just download two files. One is the Xposed ARM zip and 2nd one is the Xposed Installer Apk. Just download 2 files,
    How To get 3d touch on android phone like iPhone
    Xposed Installer zip

    how to get 3D touch in android like iPhone 6S
    xposed installer apk
  3. Transfer it to your internal memory of your phone in the root. Don’t put in any folder, just open your internal memory and paste it.
  4. So after you have pasted the files, click on Xposed Installer Apk and install it and don’t open it. Click on done.
  5. Now boot into custom recovery, whatever it is if it is CWM or TWRP or Philz recovery. You need a custom recovery to flash this. So boot into custom recovery, i have installed TWRP.
  6. In TWRP, select install zip. So just click on install zip. Now locate the file where you downloaded.
  7. Just select the file, now swipe to flash. Within 5-10 sec, the zip will be successfully flashed.
  8. Now we have to clear Dalvik and cache files. So, to clear Dalvik and cache files in TWRP, click on Wipe and then advance wipe and then select delvik cache. how to install xposed on lollipop
  9. It will take around 1 min to clear all the cache and the Dalvik cache files. Once it’s cleared, click on reboot system now. Xposed is now successfully installed.
  10. To check if this is working or not, launch the Xposed App on your phone which you have installed.
  11.  Launch it and go to framework and if you see XposedBridge.jar active and in the active tab, if you see 61 then it’s properly installed.How to install xposed on lollipop
  12. There is an error in this app, which doesn’t show app_process. So just ignore it, now you can install your favorite modules.

How to install Xposed on Android 6.0 Marshmallow??

  1. So you need to download 3 files from the description down below.
  2. First one is Xposed ARM zip.
  3. xposed arm zip
  4. Second one is Xposed ARM64 zip
  5. xposed arm64 zip
  6. How to get 3d touch in any android like iphone 6s
  7. So you need a custom recovery like CWM, TWRP to flash this
  8. .So once you are in TWRP, click on install.
  9. Now first select the Xposed ARM zip. and swipe to flash it, if it says successful then click on reboot system now
  10. .If you get the failed message, then go back, click on install, select the ARM64 zip and swipe to flash it
  11. .It should work for you. After that click on reboot system now. Your phone will take 5-10 minutes to boot.This will not work in Samsung phones running touchwiz ROM.
  12. Now install the Xposed APK, go to the file manager and tap on the Xposed APK and install it.And open it up.
  13. In framework, you will see active. now go to the download section and download any module and install it.all modules are not compatible with Android marshmallow.But they will be compatible soon

Finally now you can get 3d touch In any android

  1. so once you have Xposed installed, open the Xposed app, go to the download section and search for force touch detector.
  2. Just download it and install it up. After that go to modules,tick on force touch detector and reboot your phone.
  3. Go to force touch detector and click on force touch. Now click on master switch and it will turn it on. Now click on threshold and you will see Tap this 5 times or more”.
  4. You have to tap it normally. And below that you will see ” Force touch this”. So just put some pressure and press with the flat thumb. And you will get a value. get 3d touch in any android
  5. So enter the value in the threshold. If your single click and force touch values are same, that means that your phone is not supported.
  6. My Yuphoria was not compatible with this as the value was same. But in the one plus two, the values were different and it was working.
  7. So after that just click on the back button and you will see saved.
  8. Now you have to assign a action, on force touching the screen what action will be taken. Like i want to take screenshot everything I force touch.
  9. I will just force touch and  it is taking a screenshot.

So there you have it guys, Now you can Install Xposed Framework in Android Lollipop and get 3D touch in any android phone just like in Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Make sure to share this tutorial with others and I will see you soon.


How to update OnePlus 2 to marshmallow OxygenOS 3.0 manually

So oneplus has officially released their android marshmallow update for the one plus 2.  And in this quick tutorial, I will show you how to apply it manually.  No, this update is not available as OTA, you have to manually dirty flash it.

How to update Oneplus 2 to Oxygen OS 3.0 Marshmallow

  1. So in order to update your phone, first of all download the 1.1 GB zip file Download link is given below.
    How to update OnePlus 2 to Oxygen OS 3.0 marshmallow
  2. After that power off your phone.
  3. Once it’s powered off, press vol down + power button at the same time.
  4. Once you see the Oneplus logo, release the keys and you will be booted into the recovery mode.
  5. So now from there tap on install from SD, select the zip file that you downloaded.
  6. As soon as you select the zip file, the phone will automatically start to update.
  7. The update process will take 10-15 minutes to complete, so please be patient.
  8. Once the update is done, you will be asked to reboot the phone. So just tap on yes and your phone will reboot.

Some quicks questions about OxygenOS 3.0 on OnePlus 2

Till the time phone reboots, let me answer some FAQs.

  1. “I have rooted my one plus 2, so how do i update it???”
    The process is exactly the same  Download the 1.1GB zip file, boot into TWRP recovery, tap on install, select the zip file and then reboot the phone.
  2. “I have i have installed a custom ROM CM13, so how do i update it to the official Oxygen OS???”
    The process is same like flashing a ROM. Just go into TWRP, go into wipe and swipe to factory reset, then go to install and select the zip file.

So, if you want to learn more about what’s new in this update, Let me know in the comments section below and I will make a separate post just on features on OxygenOS 3.0.

That’s it for now, Share this Quick tutorial with your Oneplus 2 friends and i will see you soon.


How to bypass Android’s lock screen pattern, PIN or password ROOT

, in this Post  i am going to show you how you can bypass android lock screen pin, pattern or password. without data loss

So just imagine a situation, where you have forgotten your lock screen pin, pattern or password.

So what you will do in that case.

So if your phone has forget password option. You will click on that. You will enter you Gmail ID and password and reset it.

So what if you also forgot the Gmail ID and password.

What you will do in that situation. So if your phone is not rooted. Then there is only 1 solution.

i.e. to factory reset your phone but if your phone is rooted and you have custom recovery like TWRP installed,

then there is a method to unlock your phone w/o losing the data. So let me tell you how to do that.
Project Recover Zip

So first of all you need to download this file. The link will be in the

Then you have to transfer this zip file to your Android phone. So how to do it, when your phone is locked.

So just take out the memory card of your phone and insert that into a memory card reader

and connect that memory card reader to your PC. Then transfer the file. Take out the memory card.
Insert it to your phone and then just switch off your phone.

If your phone doesn’t have Memory card option. then connect your phone to pc.Boot into twrp. Click on mount then mount MTP. Copy the file then flash it

Press vol up + power button or vol down + power button to boot into recovery.

Once you see the TWRP logo, release the keys and tap on install. Now select that zip file and swipe to install it.

Once it installed tap on reboot system now. So that’s it.

Once your phone reboots, your lock screen pin, pattern or password will be gone.

So i have tested this trick with all of my phones and the success rate is 100%. This trick works each and every time.