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Automate Your Instagram Tasks

Have you ever though how to Automate your Instagram Tasks?

Lately I have been really tired to play the follow, unfollow games followed by the likes, dislikes and commenting Having done a lot of research on the internet I landed on this online Application which seemed quite handy, not only thus it claims to automate these tasks however it provides you a Free trial for 3 days to test and have a feel of the services offered.

Why would i recommend this application compare to the rest?

1) You do not need to download this application, it is an online application that can be used anywhere in the world with an internet connection via all types of browsers.There is no need to download or Install the application on your device.

2) This application enables you to automate various tasks such as likes, dislikes, comments, follows, unfollows based on your own preferences of hashtags and geolocations.

3) The Free 3 days trials is very handy , it gives you a feel of the service before you have to pay for it.

4) You can setup up to 100 account and manage them through one dashboard after validating the use of these account via your own Instagram Account.

5) This online web application is mobile friendly, thus you can access your dashboard anywhere via any mobile handset.

6) You may contol and schedule your instagram posts to at any day or hour you would like, although it is advised to change the timings on your posts.

7) This application can be used for  personal or business usage.

8) Its quite easy to create an account in Instagress it all begins by Signing up, Adding your Instagram Accounts, Adjusting your Automated settings, Enjoy and relax by automating the routine tasks.

Lately Instagress has rolled out its latest feature to blacklist where the user can blacklist a tag which ensure that you do not get in touch with media listed under the specific hastag.A similar blacklist feature has been created for users which you do not want to interact with.

We have lately been using the application on several of our accounts and are quite happy with the results we have achieved and personally recommend you to test this online web application via the Free 3 days trial.



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