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Backup and Sync apps without Root – Hilium

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a situation in which you want to backup or sync your apps data with cloud storage or with sdcard and you can’t use Titanium backup pro becaus you don’t have root acces.

Now Hilium app allows you to take backup of your apps directly to cloud storage, you can also take backup of your apps to SDcard or internal storage.

This app doesn’t require root access and that is why it is a bit limited in app support. Hilium app doesn’t support backing up of every app. You may find some of your app that are not supported by the app.

Hilium app is available on Google Play Store for free and a pro version is also available in the store which removes ad allows some of the extended features like Sharing backups with other android devices, sync backups to dropbox, box and Google Drive.

Features of Hilium App

  • Backup Wi-Fi networks
  • Backup Contact
  • Backup User Dictionary
  • Backup Games progress
  • Share app backups with other android devices.
  • Sync apps backup to Google Drive
  • Sync apps backup to Dropbox
  • Sync apps backup to Box


Download and install Hilium app from google play store. Link given below. Next you simply have to allow access to your Google Drive and select the apps you want to backup. Then you can either sync the apps with Google Drive or other supported cloud services or you can select the backups to save to the internal ot external storage.

You can also restore the apps from thr Restore tab.


Backup apps wthout root to google drive

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