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Benifitial uses of VPS, Buying guide.

In recent days, one of our Facebook group member requested for some details about VPS. What are beneficial uses of VPS? How to use a VPS in a beneficial way? Today we will tell you some of the uses of VPS.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. VPS is actually a Virtual Machine which runs in a datacenter. Now the datacenter could be in any country, but most of the Data Centers are deployed in USA, United Kingdom, European Countries and some of the other Developed countries around the globe.

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There are literally a lot of VPS providers now a days which are offering different Specs, Virtualization and Data center locations. There are some aspects that you should look, before buying a VPS.

Uses of VPS and Guide to buy a VPS:

First of all you should look for the Reputation of the VPS provider. There are a lot of forums where VPS users post their experiences with different VPS providers. Uptime guarantee is next this you should look for. Suppose, there is a VPS which claims 99% uptime guarantee. This means, your VPS will be offline for 3-4 days per year. Next you should look for the virtualization and What operating systems are allowed to be installed. At the end you should look for the Specs and the price.

What is virualization of a VPS?

Like I said before, VPS is a Virtual Machine. Every virtual machine in a server is called a “Container” in technical manner. The way you virtual machine is deployed with in the actual server, Is called virtualization of VPS. There are two usual types of virtualizations.

  • OpenVZ or OVZ
  • KVM


This type of vitualization has some drawbacks in performance department. The main disadvantage of OVZ is that the provider can oversell containers. In other words, The specs of this type of VPS are shared among other VPS running on same machine. This type of virtualization does not support Windows. You can only install Linux distributions.


KVM virtualization on the other hand is more dedicated as compared to OVZ. All the specs promised are provided to you and no one else can use those resources. One thing to mention here is that, the Internet is shared in KVM also, just like OVZ. This type of container can have Windows installed in them, Only if the providers allows it.

To make this concept a little more clear, Let me give you an example. Suppose there is a Dedicated Server with 96GB of RAM, 2TB HDD and 10gbps link. If the provider decides to sell OVZ containers on the said Server, He can sale as many containers as he wants, with 1GB RAM and 20gb HDD. But If the virtualization is KVM, then the provider can only sell upto 96 containers with 1GB RAM. And that 1GB RAM would be all dedicated.

Some benefits of having a VPS

  • You can host your websites.
  • You can run many services on a VPS
    – Like you can have your own Proxy server
    – Host gaming servers
    – Download huge files in seconds (but in VPS, Not in your PC)
    – Quickly Download and upload huge files
    – and The VPS is running 24/7 so you can do your tasks on VPS without even thinking about a power cut.

Buy and access your VPS in minutes

You will need your credit card handy. Search for a VPS that suites you best. Buy it using your Credit card. Next you can do what ever you want to do with your VPS. You you login credentials are sent to you by email. You must have SSH client installed in your PC to access VPS.

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