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Blackberry Devices To Run Android Os

Blackberry Devices To Run Android Os? Well you heard right, according to the reports of four different sources, Blackberry is considering to ship their upcoming devices with Android as a operating system. If you saw it from the technical side, you will not be so amaze or shock as the company is in brink and also the blackberry 10 range was not able to put out the company from this brink.

According to the article published at, these four sources request not to mention their name as they are not allowed to leak/discuss this matter publicly. They claimed that this move from blackberry Os to Android is basically a new strategy of the company to focus on the software and product development. There are some chances that this will bring the end to the blackberry 10 series but the chances are very low.

This new Android running devices lineup is expected to debut with a sliding keyboard phone. The two of above discussed sources mentioned that this introduction of android in blackberry devices will make a positive mark in managing multiple operating systems and securing them. This will be done according to the newly introduced Blackberry enterprise Service 12  (BES12).

Now regarding the future OS plans, blackberry have to make a massive turnaround if they want to make a comeback in market. Not to forget here that once this company have 17500 people working for them but now they are reduced to only 6225 at the starting of 2015. According to reports, their user base has also decreased massively from 80 million to only 37 million now. android blackberry

It will be interesting to watch a company that known for producing devices with unpopular OS competing in versatile market of Android to rescue the fallen pillars of company. According to us, its too early to predict something but still a early verdict is that this device will get the attention of peoples for sure. What are your thoughts on this move by blackberry?

Source : xda-dev portal

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