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Official Lollipop Firmware For Xperia Z2

Xperia Z2 is one of the excellent flagship from Sony and have all the components which a user expect in flagship devices. Some of it’s noticeable features includes a 2.3 Ghz Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB Ram and a 20.7 MP rear camera. It comes with sony’s own customized Timescap UI based on android 4.4.2 kitkat and recently it started getting the 5.0 lollipop updates in Nordic region. For the people of regions who still not able to receive this latest update, they can get the official lollipop firmware for xperia z2 right now by manually flashing the official FTF file of Z2’s lollipop firmware.

We have compiled a step by step procedure for the users of xperia z2 who want to taste the latest android on their phone as soon as possible. The steps are pretty clear just you need to follow them with concentration so you can not get into any trouble.

Requirements :

  •  Download the flashtool from here and install it on your pc.
  •  Download official lollipop firmware ftf file from here.

Steps To Flash :

  1. Open Flashtool and click on thunder/lightening symbol at top.
  2. Now Select Flashmode and click on “…” button, browse to downloaded ftf file and select it.
  3. Now click on Flash button. And wait for window to popup. (It can take some seconds/minutes so be patient)
  4. Now immediately turn off your phone and press and hold the volume down key and connect it to pc via usb cable.
  5. Once the flashing get starts, release the volume down key and wait for it to complete flashing.
  6. After the flashing gets complete, just disconnect your phone from pc and turn it on.
  7. Done. You are now running latest android.

If you have followed all the instructions correctly, you should be running official android lollipop on your xperia z2. If you’r having any confusion related to flashing steps or any queries related to the official firmware, just ask it in comments. Join our facebook group for getting technical assistance anytime.

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Here’s A Complete Guide To Fix Your Battery Backup Problems

Battery draining like hell? Having problems with battery backup? Try Our Useful Guide Below

Battery backup is always been a problem for almost 9 out of 10 smartphone users and they always searching for solutions of battery backup problems. Here is a complete guide to fix your battery backup problems.

Make Some Simple Adjustments

1- Turnoff Your wifi And Data on your smartphone:

Everybody knows that when wifi is on, it consumes more power. When you are using wifi, its fine but when it is not in use, don’t let it On because in background all data apps are using this wifi even when it is in sleep so just turn it off when you are not using it. Same thing is with mobile data connection, it also consumes battery so when not using it, turnoff it to save some battery.

2- Stop Syncing Unused Or Extra Services:

On the start, when add your google account on your smartphone, it automatically put all things in sync which can be a killer to battery life. The most battery killer sync services includes photos syncing, playstore purchases and google keep. You can simply stop these syncing services to make a impact, to do that you just head over to settings > accounts and tap on your email address twice to get access to sync settings. Now un-check the services which you didn’t want to use.

3- Disable Google Cards:

Google now is doubt great personal assistant but it comes with a service which is a nightmare for battery backups and this service is “Cards”. Lets take a example of “Nearby Places”card, which shows you the nearby specials when Google recognizes that you are on the place which is out of your routine. It’s cool but not necessary so its better to keep these things OFF until or unless you have a phone with more than 3000 mAh battery. To disable cards, open Google now, scroll down and tap on the “majic wand”. Now just disable the cards which you didn’t want to shorten your battery life. It is recommended that disable all the GPS relevant cards because GPS take 2x times battery power.

4- Disable Location Reporting/History:

As we said above that GPS is really a battery killer thing and is a big battery hog as it takes data from gps chip, towers and WIFIs to determine your location. Location reporting/history is the GPS based service which keeps scanning your current location to co-ordinate with other apps which required your location to provide better user experience. If you can live without it then just disable it by going to settings > locations and then disabling Google Location Reporting.

5- Avoid Using Battery Killer Apps:

Well we have already written a article on it so didn’t want to explain all those things here again. To get aware of certified battery killer apps, just head over to this article.

Guide To Fix Battery Backup Problems

Calibrate Your Battery:

The first step in our guide is to calibrate the battery of your smartphone and optimize it to the factory conditions. To do this, follow below steps.

  • Drain your battery until it gets switch off by its own and now connect it with charger. Let it be fully charged.
  • After it gets fully charged, unplug the charger and switch it off. Now again plugin the charger until the notification light indicates that phone is fully charged.
  • Now again turnon your phone and drain its battery to 1%, now just charge it via your laptop or pc. After it get fully charged, you can now use it normally and ready for next step.

Note that if you are rooted user, you can simply use Battery Calibration app to calibrate your battery.

Use Dark Colored Wallpaper And Adjust brightness level:

Wallpapers play an important role in battery backup and if you are using live wallpapers, immediately stop using them as they took a lot of battery. For making an impact on battery life, use dark colored wallpapers (black is recommended) and adjust the brightness to comfortable level that is not very low and not very high.

Download And Use Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) App:

The final step of our complete guide for fixing battery backup problems is to download and use the effective battery saver app from google play store. The most effective battery saver app according to us is Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) app. Some of its excellent features includes the auto optimization ability to clear all unused background apps, diagnosing phone and find the culprits draining your battery fast. One of the best feature of it that it under clocks the CPU frequency when phone is in sleep. Thus results in a huge battery saving when in idle. You can simply head over to play store for installing this app.

If you have followed our guide then we are damn sure you should have now no problems with battery backup and happy with battery life of your smartphone. And don’t forget to tell us about your experience after following this guide. If you find this article helpful and informative, consider sharing it with others on social media because sharing is caring.

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EMUI 3 Rom For Huawei Honor 3c

Due to immense response and record breaking downloads of our two custom roms which we released earlier for huawei honor 3c, we are now coming back with another great custom rom for huawei honor 3c which is based on the latest released emui 3 for huawei honor 3c. It is the original EMUI 3.0 by huawei and just few optimizations are made for making it fast and stable. This Rom is for H30-u10 version of honor 3c and more features of EMUI 3 Rom For Huawei For Honor 3c are listed below.


  • Original 4.4.2 Kitkat based EMUI 3.0
  • Rooted and zipaligned
  • Clean and beautiful user interface
  • No third party apps included
  • Gapps included
  • Build.prop tweaks
  • All bloatwares removed
  • Faster database processing
  • Smoother user experience
  • Rest you all know the gestures, features of EMUI 3.0

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custom rom for huawei honor 3c h30-u10

h30 u10 rom


Installation Steps:

  1. Download Rom from above downloads section and place in root of Memory Card.
  2. Wipe data/factory reset and wipe dalvik cache.
  3. Now flash the Rom and wait for it to get completed.
  4. Once the flashing got completed, just reboot to start the Rom.
  5. Done.


  • custom rom for huawei honor 3c

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Now just wait for it to completely boot-up, it may take up to 5 minutes so don’t panic and keep calm. After the boot-up, you can now start using the Rom. Must give feedback about this Rom and if you’r having any confusion while flashing, ask us in comments below, we will try our best to answer it. You can also subscribe to our daily newsletter for getting our articles right in your inbox.

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Oppo ColorOs Kitkat Rom For QMobile A900i|Gionee Ctrl V5

QMobile A900i and Gionee ctrl v5 didn’t get much attention of developers and that is why there is no custom roms or any any development stuff available for these phones. But as we recently got this phone in our lineup for development so today we are going to share the first custom rom for qmobile a900i and Gionee ctrl v5. The custom rom which we are going to share with you guys is the Oppo Color Os which is based on kitkat. This custom rom is kitkat based and have all goodies of ColorOs. More of it’s features are mentioned below.


  • 4.4.2 kitkat based
  • All features of Oppo ColorOS
  • 100% Bugless Rom
  • Gestures
  • All APKs are deodexed and optimized
  • Nice and ulta-smooth user experience
  • Amazing battery backup
  • More free Ram
  • Rooted and zipaligned
  • All bloatwares removed
  • More clearer camera result than stock
  • Many more features waiting inside Rom


custom rom for qmobile a900i

custom rom for gionee ctrl v5



  • Root and cwm recovery installed on a900i, if you haven’t installed yet, follow this link
  • QMobile A900i should be on kitkat firmware so don’t flash it on JB firmware. (Visit Q center for upgrading it)

Disclaimer : Note that we will not be responsible for any damage you did to your device so follow this on your own risk.


  1. Download Rom from any of above given link.
  2. Transfer Rom to your phone’s sdcard and poweroff your phone.
  3. Now boot into cwm recovery and take a nandroid backup first for the safer side.
  4. Select “Choose zip from sdcard” and flash the Rom.
  5. Now just reboot to start the system.

Now that it will take about 5-10 minutes to boot-up completely so be patient and wait for it.


  • qmobile a900i custom roms

So that’s enough from our side and you are now free to start experiencing the first custom rom on your a900i/ctrl v5. Don’t forget to give your feedback and if you have any problem, just ask it in below comments, we will help you to solve it. Spread us and do share our articles on social media platforms and for getting all our articles in your inbox, just subscribe to our daily newsletter from sidebar.

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Unofficial Android 5.1 Build For Nexus 4

Well recently Google has officially took the wraps off of android 5.1 and rolled out the factory images for some selected nexus devices. The LG nexus 4 is again left behind in getting the factory images early. To be very honest, android lollipop update for nexus 4 users wasn’t good enough to use it as a daily driver and that is why many users downgraded to android kitkat. But many of them also stick with it including me because of hope of getting the bug fixes updates and haven’t got it until now. Hopefully we will get 5.1 factory image and OTA soon for nexus 4 in coming weeks. In the mean time, why not experiencing the 5.1 taste early ? well you can experience android 5.1 early by installing the unofficial build of android 5.1 on your nexus 4.

This unofficial android 5.1 build has been compiled by eagleeyetom at xda-forums for mako aka nexus 4. As this is unofficial build so there will be some bugs/problems while running but still better than having nothing. So here is a small step by step guide for installing unofficial android 5.1 build on nexus 4.

Step 01 : Make sure you have cwm or twrp recovery installed on your mako.

Step 02 : Download Rom from here and Gapps package from here and now transfer both to your phone.

Step 03 : Now turnoff your phone completely and boot into cwm/twrp recovery.

Step 04 : Install the Rom by selecting “Choose zip from sdcard” option.

Step 05 : Once the update get installed, perform a full wipe by choosing “Wipe data/factory reset” and under advanced “Wipe dalvik cache”.

Step 06 : Now flash Gapps package by selecting “Choose zip from sdcard” option again.

Step 07 : Reboot.

Note that it will take some to boot up completely so hold your horses and wait for it. Once the homescreen appears, you can now start experiencing android 5.1 on your nexus 4.

Original XDA-Developers forums thread


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HTC BlinkFeed With Plugins For All Android Phones

Htc sense is one of the famous moded skin which comes default in Htc android phones and many of it’s features/apps are already ported on other devices. BlinkFeed is the app which comes built-in htc sense running smartphones and is basically a feed app which shows all feeds from different platforms on your homescreen and work on your fingertips. It provides you ease in getting all your social feeds, calender fixes, events, news, music and other content on a touch of your fingers. It removes the need of opening all the related apps again and again by arranging all their data/feeds at your homescreen for viewing.

As of other sense features/apps ported on other devices which are not running sense, blinkfeed is also have been ported to all android phones running kitkat or higher and working perfectly. In addition to the blinkfeed app, it’s plugins are also been ported and found working without any bug. Below is the method of installing htc blinkfeed app correctly with all plugins.

Steps to follow:

  1. Download the all four required apps from here.
  2. Now install all four apps on your smartphone one by one as normal APK or you can also push the apps to system.
  3. After installing the apps, now its time for getting the required plugins for blinkfeed.
  4. Download all five required plugins from here.
  5. Now install them all as normal app or you can push their apk files to system.
  6. Optional step :- Reboot Once.


htc blinkfeed for all android phones

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FunTouch Os For QMobile A20

QMobile A20 was released back in 2013 and was a hit of it’s time as it was the second Quadcore phone by the company and in that days it was trending but as days passed by, it get discontinued by the QMobile and becomes a old school smartphone. However people still bought this phone in used condition and in cheap range. It was mainly famous from it’s camera result which was slightly best among the all 8MP camera phones by QMobile.

As of other smartphones, A20 also got custom development and there are bulk of custom Roms present at xda and other platforms. One of our friend and expert abrar ali send us the Funtouch Os which he ported to his A20 and ask us to remove bugs and make it smooth and stable so we did it and now we are sharing it for all of you who still having QMobile A20 and wanted to keep their device alive. This Rom can also be installed on all clones of QMobile A20 which are Fly IQ446, Xolo Q800, AllView P5 QUAD, Symphony w125, Polytron W7450 and other clones. 


  • Real FunTouch Os
  • Clean and beautiful user interface
  • Smooth and fluid animations
  • Better battery backup with battery tweaks
  • Better Ram management
  • Heavily tweaked
  • Build,prop tweaks
  • 3G turbo charger script
  • Rooted and zipaligned
  • Deodexed all APKs
  • Added all updated binaries
  • Much more waiting inside Rom


custom rom for qmobile a20

new custom rom for qmobile a20



  • Download file from any of above link and copy/paste it into your phone’s sdcard.
  • Switch off your phone and boot into cwm or twrp or any custom recovery.
  • Take a nandroid backup first and then select “Wipe data/factory reset”.
  • Now select “Wipe cache” and in advanced select “Wipe dalvik cache”.
  • Now select “Choose zip from sdcard” and select the file to flash it.
  • After flashing, just select “Reboot now”.
  • Done.



  • Muhammad Abrar Ali
  • Muhammad Adnan
  • Team MGeeky
  • 4pda forums

Hope you will like our work and must give feedback if you tried this Rom. Somehow if you get into any trouble, do comment your problem below and you will be answered or you can join our facebook group for getting technical help anytime.

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MIUI v6 Rom For QMobile A900 And Elife E3

Before we start listing the features and other things about this Rom, first we have to credit amazing peoples at pittech forums as they are always provide the exceptional and rare things for General Mobile Discovery which is a clone of A900 and E3. The MIUI V6 which we are going to share with you today is also ported by them from redmi 1s. But unfortunately it got bugs like slow user experience with a lot of lags, can’t create custom APNs, compass doesn’t works, memory bug and only flashable via TWRP recovery which means if you don’t have twrp installed on your a900/e3, it will not get flashed with cwm or any other custom recovery.

But we have done a bit work and re-engineering on this Rom to make it more awesome and we succeeded but only custom APN bug can’t be resolved otherwise it is all okay and ready to flash via any kitkat compatible custom recovery. More things which we have re-engineered and also ROM’s features are mentioned below.


  • 4.4.2 kitkat based
  • Original MIUI v6 from xiaomi redmi 1s
  • GApps included so need to flash them manually
  • Lagging UI is ripped by Ram manager script with strict minfree values
  • Clearer and more bright camera result as compared to stock and ColorOs rom
  • Memory bug resolved with re-partitions
  • Build.prop tweaks and init.d tweaks to make it daily driver
  • Beautiful user interface
  • Great user customization and features
  • Bravia engine and funtouch sound
  • Removed extra bloatware from the Rom
  • Rest of the features are same like MIUI tradition and can be further discovered by installing this Rom


Older Version 5.3.4

miui 6 rom for qmobile

miui 6 rom for elife e3

PATCH FOR QMobile A900

blu life play rom

Note : On requests I have updated the Rom to the most latest and stable version available at Pittech. Below are respective download links.

Stable Version 5.4.10

custom rom for qmobile x900


Elife E3 Patch




  • Download file from any of link given in downloads section above. (A900 users must download the patch also)
  • Transfer the downloaded Rom zip file to your phone’s sdcard.
  • Switch off your phone and boot into cwm or twrp or any custom recovery.
  • Make sure you have nandroid backup of your current Rom present in sdcard, if don’t make a one.
  • Select “wipe data/factory reset” and under advanced, select “wipe dalvik cache”.
  • Now select “choose zip from sdcard” and flash file. (A900 users have to flash patch also)
  • After flashing gets complete, just reboot and wait for atleast 5 minutes to boot the Rom completely.
  • Done.

Special thanks to Aditya Joshi for testing the Rom and providing the screenshots.


  • miui v6 custom rom for elife e3

You have now converted your a900/e3 into redmi 1s running MIUI 6 (Cheap Joke). Well that’s enough from our side and want you people to try this Rom and do let us know about it so other visitors can get aware of user experience or review.

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Gionee Elife S7 Short Review

Gionee is no doubt the pioneer in making the slimmest smartphones and it’s elife s5.5 holds the world’s slimmest smartphone title for months which was later taken by Oppo R5. There was many rumors about elife s7 and many of them got correct as the company launched their first slim smartphone of 2015 at MWC 2015 which is named as Gionee Elife S7, the new entry in slim series.

The Elife s7 is not the world’s slimmest smartphone but still it is quite slim that is 5.5mm and has been build with premium material. The S7 doesn’t have so much difference in design as compared to its predecessors but Gionee claimed it to be U-shaped design that is it’s aluminium magnesium alloy infused frame around it will help it to keep the structure of the body in U-shaped.

Despite of it’s slimness, it is quite strong which feels good while holding it. Gionee elife s7 is fully protected by the corning gorilla glass and features a big 5.2″ FHD display which is quite good and bright as well. On the other hand, the S7 have quite good hardware as well, it features a 1.7Ghz MT6572 octa-core processor with 2GB Ram to maintain decent performance. gionee elife s7 review

The elife s7 have 16GB internal memory which is not expandable. It is powered by a 2750 mAh battery to keep it running and have the dual sim functionality. The most amazing change in S7 is that it is coming with a whole new Amigo UI 3.0 which is based on latest android version that is 5.0 lollipop. The Amigo 3.0 skin is clean and beautiful which is packed up with great customization and features.

The elife s7 comes with a 13MP rear camera with led flash, auto-focus, HDR, OIS and etc. On the front, it have a 8MP camera which is excellent for taking selfies and video calling. Rest the other noticeable features of S7 are 4G LTE connectivity, DTS sound and active noise cancellation with dedicated mic.

Gionee Elife S7 will launch in india on 4th April and the expected price is around EUR 399 which is approx 24000 INR. We have to wait for the release to see it more closely, so till it’s impossible to give any final verdict. Keep visiting us for more updates and subscribe to our daily newsletter for getting all our latest articles in your inbox.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 , S6 Edge MWC 2015

At MWC 2015, Samsung unveiled their latest Galaxy Smartphone, Galaxy S6. The phone received a lot of criticism because of it’s similar to iPhone 6 chases. The Company this time dumped Plastic completely and went for Glass and metal, Compromising some of features Samsung Galaxy is known for.

The all new Samsung galaxy S6 has 2 variants, Flat one and Edge version. The edge version makes the phone feel alot more slim in hand, than actually it is. Both the front and back have Gorilla Glass 4. To make the first look more easy for our readers, we have made lists of both, Improvements and Drawbacks of Galaxy S6.

Improvements in Galaxy S6

  1. Samsung has made the phone entirely from Metal and Glass which makes the phone give you a premium feel in hand.
  2. 3GB of Ram which is increased by an entire GB from previous version of Galaxy Smartphone.
  3. Back side of the phone has a Mirror finish which is going to be an addition for Females to check on their make-up. 😛
  4. The display is bumped and now it has a 5.1-inch QuadHD Display which makes it the most dens display at the time of writing this post. 577 Pixels per inch.
  5. Rear facing camera is now a 16megaPixels f1.9 aperture lens which makes the low light performance too good.
  6. Front facing camera is also a 5megaPixels f1.9 aperture lens which will make low light selfies come better.
  7. Samsung Galaxy S6 also comes in 128GB version which is not available in Galaxy S5.
  8. Quick Charging, which allows you to charge the device for upto 4 hours of use in just 10 minutes.

Drawbacks of Galaxy S6

  1. The mirror feel at the back makes the phone a REAL Finger-print magnet, and you have to wipe the phone more than often.
  2. You no more have access to the embedded battery and there is not MicroSD expansion for External storage.
  3. The Heart-Rate and Blood Oxygen level Sensors are now moved towards the side of Rear camera which makes them a little hard to reach.
  4.  Samsung has made their own Exynos octaCore chipsets for S6 and S6-edge. These chipsets run at 2ghz for S6 and 2.5GHz for S6-edge. according to previous repute of Exynos chips, We’ve welcomed Snapdragon 810 more warmly than Exynos.
  5. The Battery is of a 2550 Mah capacity, which is not a good point considering an octaCore SoC and QuadHD display under the hood.
  6. Dual Edged display makes it look like the phone from future. But the edges are more easy to mistake touches.
  7. The camera at the back is more outer than what you expect. This stops the phone to lye flat on table.

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