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Material Twrp Recovery For QMobile i9, MMX A120 And Myphone Rio

Recently QMobile i9 and Micromax A120 got official kitkat update and many of the users updated their handsets to kitkat. After that both phones got root and a philz recovery as well in mean time. There several normal TWRP recoveries available for QMobile i9/A120/MP Rio and other clones but today we are going to share one of our latest work for these devices. We have also earlier provided you different custom roms for i9, A120, myphone rio and other clones which you can check out by visiting our custom roms collection here.

The custom recovery which we are going to share today is the latest TWRP recovery, wait if you are thinking that what’s new in this and it’s already available at other site and forums then you are thinking wrong because this recovery ain’t like normal TWRP recoveries as this having material themed and rich of exclusive features.

The TWRP recovery is fully themed like material and having the navigation bar keys as in lollipop. More features are listed below.


  • Material themed
  • Latest TWRP version i.e,
  • Fully customized options
  • User friendly UI and options
  • Easy Flashing and making backups
  • Rest all the features are same of latest TWRP recovery


twrp recovery for qmobile i9


  1. Download the TWRP recovery file from above downloads section.
  2. Transfer the downloaded file to your phone’s sdcard or if you have downloaded the recovery on your phone then no need to do this step.
  3. Now on your phone download and install “Flashify” app from google play store.
  4. Now open the flashify app and allow root permissions.
  5. Now choose “Flash Recovery” option there and after that tap on “Choose a file” option.
  6. Now browse the location where the TWRP recovery is stored, mostly it is the main root of sdcard or in downloads. After locating the recovery file, just tap on it and then choose “Yup!” option.
  7. That’s it, you have now the new material themed twrp installed on your phone.


Well that’s enough for now and we will be back soon with some more work on this device. If you liked our effort and installed the twrp recovery on your phone consider sharing this post on social media platforms and comment below your feedback or if you have any queries related to this twrp recovery, feel free to comment them below we will try our best to solve them. You can also join our facebook group for discussions and getting technical assistance. Furthermore subscribe to our daily newsletter for getting our latest articles in your inbox.



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How To Remove Annoying Sounds From Facebook App

Facebook have added new sounds on actions in their latest updates of app for smartphones and these sounds are like Bleep – Bloop – Blop on different actions you did on app like if you like any post, it produce the annoying sound and similarly if you did comment or refresh the news feed, it produces the same annoying sounds.

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These annoying sounds are really teasing for the people who are using the app and also the ones who are sitting with with you. Now come to the topic that how to remove these annoying sounds from facebook app, well it’s pretty easy and the best thing is that you didn’t have to keep your whole phone silent. Here’s how you can do it.

Head over to right column or drawer just after the notifications icon. Now scroll down and select the app settings and after that you will be able to see the sounds option, just hit that annoying sounds option and it will now turnoff those bloody annoying to remove sounds from facebook app

That’s it and as you are now in the deepest settings then just make sure the other settings as you want them. You can read our other useful and exclusive how to guides here and rest you can also join our facebook group for getting technical assistance anytime you want. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for getting all our latest articles on different topics of android, IOS and server management.

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Neat Lollipop Rom For QMobile A900, Elife E3 And Fly IQ4410

We are working hard to provide you the best and we are again back with a new best ever custom rom for QMobile A900, Elife E3, Fly IQ4410 and other clones. Few months back we provided you the Neat™ ROM for QMobile A900, Elife E3 and other clones which got so much hits that insists me to make it’s next build. Due to the so much overwhelming response and downloads of Neat™ ROM, I am now coming with the new build of it which is a self proclaimed “Mother Of All Roms” and the best ROM ever made for QMobile A900, Elife E3, GMD and all other clones.

This new build is named as “Neat Lollipop” because it has been themed same to same like android lollipop. It includes a lot of hard work and dedication to optimized and make this best ever custom ROM. OTA updates are also a key part in this ROM which will arrive as I provide the new updates. Here’s some more features of Neat Lollipop Rom.


  • 4.4.2 kikat based with updated libraries
  • Pure Android Lollipop themed UI
  • Bloatwares free and light weight
  • Rooted and deodexed
  • Zipaligned and optimized APKs
  • Init.d scripts to provide lag free experience
  • Extreme Build.prop tweaks by Rama
  • Decent battery timing
  • Material themed apps
  • OTA Updates every week
  • Xposed framework
  • Viper4Android
  • Lollipop Easteregg
  • Lollipop Animations
  • Higher stability
  • 400+ MB Ram always free whatsoever apps opened in background
  • Many other features are waiting inside ROM


lollipop rom for qmobile a900

custom rom for qmobile a900

E3 Patch

custom rom for elife e3


  1. Download file from any of above link. Elife E3 users also have to download the E3 Patch zip file.
  2. Transfer both and files to your phone’s sdcard.
  3. Switch off your phone and boot into cwm or twrp or any custom recovery.
  4. It is recommended to take nandroid backup before trying ROM.
  5. Select “wipe data/factory reset” and under advanced, select “wipe dalvik cache”.
  6. Now select “choose zip from sdcard” and flash file. If you are an Elife E3 user then you have to flash E3 patch zip file also with the Rom.
  7. Now wait for it to complete and on completion, just select “reboot system now” option to reboot.
  8. Now after the complete boot-up, update xposed framework and activate the Flat UI bar module in xposed menu.
  9. Now again reboot and after the boot-up, you are free to experience the best ever ROM made for A900/E3/IQ4410/GMD/LIFE PLAY


If you have installed the 1.4.xx OTA and from that time you are having “ROM Not supported” errors in Ota updater app then sorry for this inconvenience and you can simply install/flash OTA Re-enabler package via any custom recovery to remove this error and keep getting the ota updates. Download the OTA Re-enabler package from here.

OTA UPDATES : All the ota’s zip files will be updated here so if any user didn’t get the old ota’s, he will get them from here.

Neat Ota v1.1.1c – Shuttle + player replaced by Google Music, More stability



  • Daniyal Shiekh – For developing Neat Rom
  • SystemUi.apk From nexus 6 rom at pittech forums
  • Ramakrishnan Jayapalan – For beta testing
  • Khizar – For beta testing
  • Team MGeeky
  • Xda-Forum’s guides

If you download the ROM and likes it please share your feedback in comments below and if you having any trouble or any feature request comment those below, we will answer them and try our best to solve them. You can connect to us socially by liking us on facebook and you can also join our group on facebook for getting technical assistance anytime.

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Xposed Framework For Android Lollipop Finally

Xposed framework doesn’t need any extra intro as the people who root their android and do different modifications are pretty much aware of it but still for the new readers, xposed framework is a great contribution to android modding community by xda’s senior recognized developer rovo89 and basically it enable users to customize their android stock roms or custom sometimes to next level and by their own taste. Since the launch of android 5.0 lollipop everybody was asking questions regarding the release of xposed framework for android lollipop and just now rovo89 has finally announced the availability of xposed framework for android lollipop.

Now the enthusiasts in android modding community can modify their lollipop firmwares as they want. However, this version is in alpha stage and is not a stable build. This new xposed framework build is only for the ARMv7+ devices which are running on android lollipop and according to rovo89, try this only if you are kind enough to handle the bootloops but he also mentioned that this new build is working perfectly for him on nexus 5 and nexus 9.

The developer of xposed framework has also created a FAQ for users on this new build which can be read below.

Why did it take so long? ART has been published more than a year ago!

First of all – many people keep asking for ART support. Lollipop has far more changes than that, such as even stricter SELinux policies, 64-bit ROMs and architecture changes that you would expect from a major release. And of course ART itself is constantly being improved; there are big differences between ART for KitKat and ART for Lollipop.

So one reason is the big complexity, which required many, many hours of work for research, development and testing.

Another reason is that there are other things in my life than Xposed, so there have been weeks or even months in which I have hardly even looked at the code at all.

Do we need to rewrite all the modules?

No, the Xposed API is pretty much unchanged. Xposed abstracts all the details, so modules don’t need to care whether they’re running on Dalvik or ART. Many modules will actually work without any changes, especially those which modify the behavior of user apps. Modules targeting the system behavior might need to be adjusted to the new Android framework code, which isn’t caused by ART, but simply by architecture and code changes that happen between any two Android releases. The most significant one is that the code for system services has been moved to a separate file. For most of the affected modules, this can be solved by a little refactoring (moving code to a different place).

Is it actually working?

Yes! At least for me, it’s working fine on my daily device (Nexus 5 on CM12) and also on my Nexus 9 (paid by XDA – thanks!). The phone is stable as usual and apps are working fine. And obviously, the modules and their hooks/resource replacements are working fine as well, otherwise there would be no point in releasing something.

But then why is it an alpha version?

Because there have been huge changes since the last stable release that need to be tested by people who know how to use a recovery, escape from boot loops and report bugs properly. I strongly advise newbies to wait until Xposed has been tested by enough experienced people.

There are also some edge-cases which haven’t been tested yet, such as hooking JNI (native) methods and methods that are being executed at the time of hooking them.

I want to install it. Now! What do I have to do?

Make sure that you’ve read my words above and you’re familiar with your phone’s internals. Obviously, you need to be on a Lollipop ROM and have a good backup of your data. For now, I will only publish the ARMv7+ version. 64-bit is more complex, so let’s try the “easy” variant first.

For reading the more FAQ click here

For installing the new xposed framework, you also need a custom recovery for flashing the necessary files needed to run xposed on lollipop, so if you don’t have custom recovery then first install it and then try it. Here’s the steps for installing xposed framework on android lollipop.

Step 01 : First make sure you have ARMV7+ device running on android 5.0 lollipop.

Step 02 : Download xposed arm zip file from the official thread here.

Step 03 : Flash the file via custom recovery which you have downloaded in above step.

Step 04 : Download XposedInstaller_3.0-alpha1.apk from here.

Step 05 : Now install the xposed installer apk file downloaded in above step.

Step 06 : Now download and install xposed modules and do customization as you want.

Well this version is strictly for ARMV7+ devices which are on lollipop. If you try this and worked for you, leave the experience in comments below. You can visit the official thread here. Furthermore you can also subscribe to our daily newsletter for getting all our latest articles in your inbox.

Via XDA-Portal

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White AOSP Custom Rom For QMobile i9 And MMX A120

Here we are back with yet another new custom rom for qmobile i9 which is based on the latest 4.4.2 kitkat update from QMobile. This ROM is labelled as “White AOSP ROM” because it has been slightly themed as holo white. The user interface is beautiful and clean. Some more features of this ROM are mentioned below.


  • Based on latest 4.4.2 kitkat
  • Rooted And Optimized APKs
  • Amazing user experience
  • Beautiful Holo Themed UI
  • 100% Bloatware free
  • Pure Build.prop tweaks
  • More stability and free RAM
  • Better battery backup
  • Clear graphics
  • And much more waiting inside the ROM

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new custom rom for qmobile i9

custom rom for qmobile i9



  • Download from any of above link and transfer it to your phone’s sdcard.
  • Now power off your phone and boot into cwm or twrp or philz recovery.
  • Select “wipe data/factory reset” then in advanced select “wipe dalvik cache”.
  • Now select “choose zip from sdcard” and now select the which you have earlier copied to sdcard and choose “yes” option to flash it.
  • After the procedure is completed, just reboot.
  • Done.
    Note that it can take 3-5 minutes or more for complete boot-up so don’t panic and be patient.

Now enjoy the new ROM and comment your feedback below or if you have any queries related to this ROM, feel free to ask us by commenting below, we will try our best to solve them. Furthermore you can join our facebook group for getting technical assistance anytime and you can also connect to us socially by liking our facebook page and by adding us in your Google+ circles.

To see more custom roms for QMobile i9 and MMX A120, checkout our custom roms collection here

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Lenovo P70 With A Big 4000mAh Battery

Lenovo has one again released a new smartphone in china to keep in the chinese markets and to give tough time to strong competitors like Xiaomi, Meizu etc. Today lenovo announced the new mid ranged smartphone Lenovo P70 with a big 4000mAh battery. Lenovo claims it to be lasts long up to 34 days on standby when using it 2G network and on 4G it’s standby time is 30 days.

Aside from 4000mAh battery, the P70 comes with 5 inches HD IPS display at resolution of 720×1280. Inside it, a Mediatek 64 bit MT6752 octa core processor is running it which is clocked at 1.7Ghz. The processor is coupled with a 700 MHz MaliT760-MP2 GPU and to create a good performance balance, 2 GB Ram is also there. It have 16 GB of internal memory which is expandable via micro sdcard.

The lenovo P70 features a 13MP rear camera with led flash and auto focus. It also have a 5MP front camera for selfies. On the software side, it comes with stock android 4.4 kitkat and is not so thick as it is of only 142 x 71.8 x 8.9 mm and weighs only 149 gm. The rest key features are the dual sim compatibility, 4G LTE connectivity, Bluetooth 4.0, Wifi 802.11 b/g/n, radio and GPS.lenovo phone with 4000 mah battery

Lenovo P70 is available in chinese markets and it costs only CNY 1,399 which is around $224 or €198. Whereas there are no words on when this device will launch outside the region.

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QMobile’s First LTE Smartphone, QMobile LT-250

QMobile is the top smartphone vendor in Pakistan according to the market stats. Almost 50% of the market is shared by QMobile and rest of the by other brands like samsung, voice etc. It was rumored back in december 2014 that QMobile to come with another market tactic by introducing new smartphone range which will be better than other available QMobile smartphones and will focused the needs of the young users, and yes it was also rumored that priyanka chopra will endorse the new LINQ series. But up till now there is no official word available on this rumor.

In between these rumors, on the starting of 2015 our source confirmed us that QMobile is all set to release their new smartphone which will feature 4G LTE technology and will be cheaper than other 4G LTE smartphones available in market. Today at WhatMobile, a new QMobile appeared with the label as ‘QMobile LT-250‘, at first we think that it will be a normal entry by QMobile but when we opened the link and read it’s specs, we got amazed to see that QMobile have finally released their first lte smartphone which is cheap as compared to it’s competitors.

Later we visit the official facebook page of digicom and their we get confirmation that the company is really introduced this new smartphone. The more confirmation with official images is still missing in this scene and is expected to be revealed officially tomorrow. Here’s some key specifications of the QMobile LT 250.qmobile lte phone

Unlike other most QMobile’s, the all new QMobile LT-250 is rocking a powerful Nvidia Tegra 4i Quadcore processor which is clocked at 1.7Ghz and the chipset is coupled with tegra 4 GPU. The LT-250 have 1 GB of Ram to provide a decent support to processor to maintain the performance high. Furthermore it have 4 GB of internal storage which can be expandable up to 32 GB. It will be running on android 4.4 KitKat.

QMobile LT-250 comes with 4.7 inches HD IPS display with corning gorilla glass 2 protection. The battery department is fulfill by a 2000 mAh lithium battery. The LT-250 features a 8MP back camera with auto-focus, led flash and can record full HD videos. A 5MP front camera is also there for clearer selfies. The most amazing feature about the phone is that it offers 4G LTE connectivity and 3G connectivity as well. It is the cheapest new 4G LTE smartphone available right now in market as it costs only 16,600 PKR. According to Digicom facebook page, QMobile LT-250 will be available from tomorrow. So we have to just wait untill the full official details and availability in local market.

Keep visiting us for more updates and like us on facebook for getting socially connect to us or you can also join our official facebook group for getting the technical assistance any time.

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Huawei To Enter In US Markets With Ascend P8 Release

Huawei is a chinese tech giant and is one of the top 5 smartphone vendors around the globe. Huawei’s honor series take the company to the place where it is standing right now and is ready to hit the next phase of topping in the top smartphone vendors chart by entering to US market again with a big bang. In the past, huawei although was present in US market but it was minimal presence but now the company has decided to rock the US markets by releasing their upcoming flagship Huawei Ascend P8 in US markets with a boost.

In Shanghai, during an media event huawei’s VP of handsets commented on the plans of the company to re-enter in US markets with boost. Mr Jie Jinjin said that ”huawei will enter in US markets because this is inevitable”. He further said that they need to do a lot things and have to do workaround strategies to enter in US markets.

According to AndroidPit, when they reached huawei to comment on this then the VP of huawei’s external affairs said that huawei is already in US markets and it has been four years but moving forward will bring the array of devices across carries and channels including high-end smart devices.

There were no specific device or any date mentioned in statements but huawei can launch their upcoming flagship device Ascend P8 in US markets after the official launch at london on 15 april 2015, but other devices like ascend p7 and honor series can fill the product range. For the full confirmed news we have to wait until the official launch of Ascend P8 and we will keep our eyes on the official launch event and will let you know all the news related to it.

Do you really think huawei will be able to dominate US markets ?

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Lava Iris X8 Review

Lava is one of the fastest growing smartphone brand in India and Lava, Xolo both are operated under parent company. Lava recently launched it’s new device Lava Iris X8 with some tremendous features. Today we are reviewing this smartphone for you so if you are willing to buy it then you will get know of it’s pros and cons.

Lava Iris X8 Review

Display, Look and Feel : lava iris x8 review

Lava Iris x8 comes with a 5.0 inches HD IPS display at a resolution of 720×1280 pixels and have ASAHI glass protection technology to keep mobile scratch free. It is just 8.57mm thick and weighs only 160gm. Its pretty squared smartphone and can be gripped easily. The iris x8 looks tough and beautiful.

Hardware :lava iris x8

Lava taglines the iris x8 as “Do More With 8 Cores” as it featured a powerful 1.4Ghz Octa Core Arm Cortex-A7 processor which is accompanied by a 2GB Ram. This combination guaranteed the maximum decent multitasking and excellent performance. If we talk about the storage then lava iris x8 is packed up with 16 GB memory which can be expandable up to 32 GB via micro sdcard. The user available storage is 13.09 GB. The iris x8 have 2500 mAh Li-Pol battery.

Camera :iris x8 review

Lava iris x8 features a 8MP back camera with technologies like led-flash, auto-focus and BSI-3 sensor. The back camera supports full HD 1080p video recording and have features like panaroma, smile shot, face detection, HDR and voice capture options. On the front, it have a 3MP secondary camera for selfies and video calling.

Other Key Features :

Lava iris x8 is a great smartphone and some of it’s other noticeable features includes the dual sim connectivity with smart swap technology. It comes with the stock android kitkat and lava promised to update this to latest android lollipop in near future which makes this device more awesome. It also have 3g connectivity and have the accelerometer, ambient light sensor, magnetometer, and proximity sensor.

Final Verdict :

The lava iris x8 comes in two colors black and white and company is also providing a flip cover with it. Airtel offering it with 500 MB free 3G data for first two months. Lava iris x8 costs about 8,999 INR and it will be available from today in all retail stores.

We have tried our best to review this smartphone without getting biased. Below are the concluded pros and cons of lava iris x8. 

Attention: The internal data of table “16” is corrupted!

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Official CM12 Nightlies For Nexus 9

The latest tablet by Google, Nexus 9 is one of the best tablets available right now in markets. It is manufactured by Htc and comes with the stock android lollipop experience and now it is running on 5.0.2 update. Since it’s launch, it get much attention from consumers and many people bought this tablet, many rooted it and installed custom recoveries for experiencing different custom ROMs like CyanogenMod, Paranoid etc. There are different 5.0.2 based custom roms available for it and also the unofficial builds of CM12 can be installed on it but nexus 9 was missing in the official builds of CM12 by cyanogen Inc.

CyanogenMod is basically a series of custom roms officially available for many high-end smartphones and it is the most famous after market firmware among the android community.cm12 nightlies for nexus 9

Today cyanogen Inc releases the official CM12 nightlies for nexus 9. It is a warm welcome addition to the custom roms available and still in beta stage as the stable official builds of cyanogenmod 12 isn’t available right now. You will experience some glitches but it will give fair performance. Remember that you will need an unlocked bootloader and a custom recovery installed your nexus 9 and if something went wrong, flash back to stock factory image.

You can grab the cm12 nightlies for nexus 9 here and the GApps package can be downloaded from here. To flash these cm12 nightlies on nexus 9, just download the latest cm12 build and gapps package and transfer them to sdcard, boot into custom recovery and flash the both zip files one by one and then reboot to start the system.

If you try these builds, do comment about the bugs and other feedback for other fellows who are willing to flash these nightlies.

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