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Install iOS 9 Beta 1 Without UDID Errors | Easiest Way to install iOS 9 Beta 1 – MGeeky

At the Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference ( WWDC 2015 ) the developers of Apple shows the iOS 9 Features and the related content about the iOS 9. iOS 9 is not officially available right now as it is under testing by developers and not available as OTA ( Over The Air ) update. So for your question about the release date check out more in detail :

iOS 9 Features and Release Date

Dont worry even without any OTA update you can Install iOS 9 Beta 1 Without UDID Errors , update via iTunes. As it is only for Developers so you may face activation error after installing iOS 9. No problem here I am here for your guidance to Install iOS 9 Beta 1 Without UDID Errors. Follow the steps to Install iOS 9 Beta 1 Without UDID Errors :

  1. You must have iTunes updated to latest version , You have it? Proceed to next step
  2. Go to
  3. Search for your compatible device
  4. Download the file as a .zip format
  5. Extract the file to IPSW format
  6. Open iTunes
  7. Head over to i-Device tab on the above bar near to Music, Apps etc
  8. Hold shift key ( for windows users ) and Click restore button
    Mac users Hold Command key + Click restore
  9. Browse to the extracted IPSW file
  10. Now your iDevice is preparing for restore
  11. Wait and see at the top above of iTunes
  12. Now you are updated

Check out video review created by EveryThingApplePro

If you download the iOS 9 from the mentioned above website then you will not face any kind of error while updating or after update.

Pre Cautions Before Updating :

If you are a jailbroken user then will prefer to stay on iOS 8.1.2 because there is not any jailbreak is available for iOS 9 or the iOS 8.3. Moreover as it is a beta version and is under testing there are many bugs in this version. There may be a battery drainage problem or etc. So please note this : Update at your own risk , for educational purposes only


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Apple Featured iOS 9

iOS 9 Release Date | Features of iOS 9 [ Expected ]

On the WWDC 2015 Apple has just announced about the coming iOS 9 Features and also about iOS 9 Release Date. Even some users said the WWDC was not full of content. Well leave what they said. Here I am for you to tell about the iOS 9 Features and iOS 9 release date. So about what types of new features you are expecting from Apple? I am of view something new. Yes there are some changes in iOS 9. It is improved for new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus also improved for iPad’s.

Let me tell you first about the iOS 9 compatible devices. There is a shocking news for iPhone 4s users, i know what you are thinking now. Yes you are thinking right. Here are some devices with which the iOS 9 is compatible.

iOS 9 Compatible Devices:

The coming iOS 9 is compatible with the devices that are listed below. Check out them next :

  • iPhone 4s
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • Almost with all of the iPad series

So if you are using iPod 5 and thinking about its compability then here is a good news for iPod touch 5th generation users also. iOS 9 is also compatible with iPod Touch 5th Generation too.

iOS 9 Coming Features :

Now head over to new iOS 9 coming features. Its interference is upgraded as well as Multitasking is also updated with new look. One of the video playingg feature that android users have this features 3 years ago is added to iOS 9 ,which is watch videos in a small pannel over app.  The one of the best new feature that is added to iOS 9 is that of Battery saver, it is added so because some users are facing grey-dim Wi-fi which is because when phone is over use to save battery it disabled the wifi. So now with this feature there will be no such shit. Check out these all features in screenshots given below.

iOS 9 features
iOS 9 Multitasking


ios 9 features
iOS 9 Low Power Mode


iOS supported device list
iOS 9 iCloud Drive


ios 9 devices list
iOS 9 Siri

There is also a change in the battery indicator that is converted from green color to yellow while charging. So  these all pictures are given by developer. As it is beta version there are many bugs in this beta concluded by the developers.

iOS 9 Release Date :

According to the rumors and developers after checking and fixing the bugs, Apple will publish the iOS 9 for the iOS users as Public use in the September of 2015. So we have to wait for the this more biggest release.

More About Jailbreak Users :

The Jailbreak of iOS 8.3, 8.4 and also Jailbreak of iOS 9 will be available at the same time. We hope for the jailbreak for our new coming iOS 9. Thanks to Pangu team and Taig team they will create jailbreak as iOnic Jailbreak.


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