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GameGem HACK For any iOS device [Jailbreaked]

Hello, today I will present you an amazing app which is known as GameGem Hack. It is available for iOS devices. GameGem Hack is a remarkable hacking app which allows users to hack in-game progress of an app to increase the available resources of your game progress. To explain this, I will give you an example of a game Subway Surfers. Almost all of us have played this game. So we know that this game has coins and keys which everybody desires to increase. So telling about this app shortly, this app will simply hack your coins and keys in the game, and you can get your desired coins and keys. Now the question arises how it can become possible. So continue reading the post, and I will tell everything about it

GameGem Hack iOS 10

Requirement of GameGem Hack

The only required thing required for this hack is a JAILBROKEN IOS DEVICE. Your device should be jailbroken with Cydia and BigBoss repo to achieve the hack.

Compatible Phones for GameGem Hack

Currently, it requires iOS version more than 7.x. Hence following devices can achieve this hack

  • iPhone 4/iPhone 4s
  • iPhone 5/iPhone 5s
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6s/iPhone 6s Plus

Installation Method of GameGem Hack

Now Heading towards the installation of the GameGem Hack. Simply follow the steps below, and you will be good to go

  1. Open the Cydia app from the app drawer on your iPhone
  2. Cydia will load and refresh in few moments
  3. After it refreshes click on Sources button at the bottom of the screen
  4. Now you have to type GameGem in the search option
  5. When the result appears click on download button
  6. After download, it will install and may ask to reboot the device

After installation, GameGem icon will appear on home screen. Launch it and enjoy its features

How to use GameGem App

First of all, to hack any game, You need some observation. First, launch the app you want to hack let’s take an example as we took up of Subway Surfers. Our goal is to hack the coins and keys of subway surfer. We will firstly take a note of coins. Let’s say that I had 4013 coins. You will note this value and will press the home button and launch the GameGem hack app. Now you will have the following displayed image


Now type in the value you noted in the search bar. I noted 4013, so I will type 4013 in the search bar. A search result will be shown which will consist of almost four to five thousand searches. It would be quite difficult for us to find our value of interest so to get the accurate value we will again have to go back in the app and do some modification in our resource of interest.So double click the home button and go back to the Subway Surfer. Now start the game to change the coins.

Let’s take an example that I collected 5 coins so now my coins changes from 4013 to 4018. Now I have a new value of 4018 coins. Now we will have to go back to the GameGem Hack app and by double clicking home button and then open up the app. Again have to put the new value in the search bar. So now we will enter 4018 in the search bar and apply the search. This time we will get only six to eight results. Now select all the results and click the modify button. A new bar will show up. Here you have to put your desired value and click ok. Now go back to the game and make a change in coins. Now you will get the actual result.

Final Verdict

So, at last, I would like to say that this is a fantastic app to check out if you want to hack any game, especially when using an iOS device. Although it requires a jailbreak still, I think it is not a big deal. To fully enjoy an iPhone you need to jailbreak your phone and then you can explore the true potential uses and features of an iPhone. So, I would say that you should check GameGem Hack which is an almost mandatory app if you are thinking about hacking any app.

So that’s it for today’s post. Hope you like the tutorial. Show your appreciation by sharing this post and also liking and commenting and following this website. If you are facing any problem, kindly comment in the comment box. I will look forward to solving the problem. Also if you want me to post about anything you like, kindly comment in the comment box. I will look forward to it and will shortly make a quick post or tutorial for it.

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Easy method to port CTR Recovery to any MTK Device

Dear friends today I am going to show you an Easy method to port CTR Recovery to any MTK Device

NOTE:- MTK Stock ROM Backup is needed for this process so 1st make a Backup of your device from the following link

Complete Guide To Take Backup Of All Mtk Based Smartphones

But if you don’t want the above process, all you need is the Stock Recovery.img and Stock Boot.img files. If you have both files then you can continue the process. I strongly recommend you to make a backup of the device before doing any thing, otherwise its upto you and we are not responsible for any thing.

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Files you’ll need

  • Link:- MTK Pack 2015
  • WinRAR 5.2 for extraction of files Link:- Winrar 5.2 (Note: Th MTK Pack 2015 is compressed using WinRAR 5.2 and you may see file corrupted error while extracting with other tools.)
  • To make carliv touch recovery, you also need to know the screen resolution of your device. Like I have Rivo Rhythm Rx60 which has 480X854 resolution. Now you may wonder, how to check the screen resolution of device. Simply download the following app from links and check the resolution like shown in the pictures below.
  • CPU Identifier -or-  CPU-Z

CTR Recovery for any mtk phone


Once you have checked your phone’s screen resolution, you have to download Lun1 or lun2 file for your phone. Make sure that you download file with correct screen resolution. Links to both files are given below.

  • Lunfile path 1 (old): “/sys/devices/platform/mt_usb/gadget/lun%d/file” Visit this link
  • Lunfile path 2 (new): “/sys/devices/platform/mt_usb/musb-hdrc.0/gadget/lun%d/file” Visit this link

After you have all the files downloaded in your PC, You can continue to the instructions.


  1. All you have to do is download recovery file from both links according to your screen size. Like mine was 480×854 so I downloaded this resolution recoveries from both links. After downloading both files, rename them as file 1 and file 2 for making the work easy.
  2. Now open MTK Droid Tools (included in the MTK pack 2015) and click “root, backup, recovery” tab.
  3. Click “To choose the boot.img file” and then click “Recovery and boot” button.CTR Recovery for any mtk CTR Recovery for any mtk CTR Recovery for any mtk
  4. A dialogue box will appear and will ask you for boot.img. Just select the boot.img file which you created in Stock Backup Process.CTR Recovery for any mtk
  5. After selecting proper boot.img file, it will ask for recovery.img file. This time select the Carliv Touch Recovery according to your device screen resolution. As mine is 480×854 for Rivo Rhythm Rx 60.CTR Recovery for any mtk
  6. When you will select the recovery file a new dialogue box will appear asking for writing the Device name as I have written Rivo Rhythm Rx60.CTR Recovery for any mtk
  7. After this MTK Droid tools will create a file of ported recovery for your device. Which is of course Carliv Touch Recovery version 2.7.
  8. Once the process is complete. You will see the screen dialogue saying task is completed but an error message will be there, Just ignore it.CTR Recovery for any mtk
  9. The ported recovery can be found in a folder named “recovery” in mtkdroid tools folder.CTR Recovery for any mtk

Flashing the CTR Recovery

  1. Once the recovery is ported successfully, you have to copy the CTR Recovery to Stock ROM folder. and rename it as “recovery.img”.
  2. Make sure to backup the stock recovery.img from the backup folder. As the MTKDroid tools saves your stock recovery file as recovery.img. As shown below, there are 3 files, Recovery CWM, Recovery Stock and Recovery (actual carliv recovery which we renamed as recovery only).CTR Recovery for any mtk
  3. Now Open SP Flash tools and click “Scatter loading”. Select the Scatter.txt file from stock rom folder. (The folder where you copied CTR Recovery as recovery.img)CTR Recovery for any mtk
  4. All the check boxes will get selected by default. But you have to just select recovery.img. Like shown below.
  5. Click Download button.CTR Recovery for any mtk
  6. Turn off your phone and connect with PC via USB Cable.
  7. The tool will detect your phone and flash process will start automatically, and you shall see a popup with green circle.CTR Recovery for any mtk

Final verdict and important note:

Last thing which I have to discuss is very important and worthy. As I have given 2 links of LunFiles, kindly use 1st file and if it doesn’t work then use 2nd file. Done

All the drivers and Tools which you need within this process are included in MTK Pack 2015. But if you need any help kindly visit our Facebook Groups for your kind response and help. Here are the links of these Groups

MGeeky Android Environment

Kind Regards:- Muhammad Abrar Ali

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8 Ball Pool Hack Cydia | Unlimited GuideLine + Anti-Ban

Warning : Please use at your Own Risk, I am Just Writing about it for you!

8 Ball Pool created by MiniClip is very famous Pool game now a days in the whole world. From Facebook it was starting playing by users and then MiniClip created its App for Both iOS users and Android users. Now we can say it is the top 1st Pool Game trending in PlayStore and AppStore. You can Play this game online at MiniClip Site. But you can play Multiplayer game in a case when both users are playing from 8 Ball Pool App or from Miniclip site.

Now I am here for iOS users who are questioning about the 8 Ball Pool hack. You can now hack the 8 Ball Pool via Cydia or using the iFile. Its too Simple you can now may also protect your account from banning by 8 ball Pool team with using Anti-Ban Feature of this Hack.

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This Hack only includes the 2 features because other hacks also not works on device as these are rejected by MiniClip team. If you apply any hack for some Cash and Cues then there is a chance that your account might got ban.

Features of Hack :

1- Unlimited Guide Lines : By Enabling you can get Long Guide lines to pot a ball in the pocket without any hard success. It would be so simple for you like the below picture.

Guide Lines

2- Anti-Ban : By enabling this function you can protect your account to be banned by the 8 ball pool team. I Am again Saying “PLEASE USE AT YOUR OWN RISK“. There Might be any chance of  account banning.

How To Get this Hack:

8 Ball pool hack cydia

If you have Cydia then you can done it so otherwise I am sorry for this there is not any chance to apply this hack. So let me explaining the steps to get this hack. Before installing this hack make sure that 8 ball pool app is not running in multitasking.

  1. Go to Cydia
  2. add to your Cydia Sources
  3. Now Refresh your sources
  4. Search ” 8 Ball Pool Cheats “
  5. Install this by confirming from next screen
  6. Restart Your SpringBoard
  7. Go to Stock Settings App > 8 Ball Pool Cheats
  8. Enable the Both options
  9. Open 8 Ball Pool
  10. Enjoy

Again Note this please : If your account will be ban then don’t blame me or abuse me. Thanks 🙂

Join our MGeeky by giving us a like on Facebook Page. If you have any question then join our Facebook Group or comment below. Cheers!

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How to unlock bootloader of Ufone U5

Last year Ufone produced a really good phone, Ufone Smart U5, which is locked to ufone only. Many people bricked their U5 because of locked bootloader. As Ufone U5 is a snapdragon 400 powered device and has the bootloader locked, Muhammad Hamza found a working method to Unlock bootloader of Ufone U5. ( How to unlock bootloader of Ufone U5)

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To unlock bootloader of UFone U5, you need a couple of things that are listed below.

  1. Android All-in-one tool
  2. A working PC
  3. Drivers
  4. Ufone U5 and a USB cable

Instructions to unlock bootloader of Ufone U5:

Note: Your phone’s warranty will get void and you may not able to claim it.

  1. Download the tool in your PC and extract it in a folder.
  2. Down the drivers from link given above and install them in your PC. (It will require your phone to be connected.)
  3. Now launch the tool you downloaded in step 1.
  4. Select USB connection by entering 1 and it will detect your phone.
  5. Now enter 6 to select “Unlock/relock bootloader (SEE NOTES)“.How to unlock bootloader of Ufone U5
  6. Now enter 1 to select “Unlock Bootloader“.unlock bootloader of Ufone U5A
  7. Now the tool will execute some commands on its own.
  8. Your phone will now reboot and bootloader will get unlocked.
  9. Just reboot your phone, if it doesn’t restarts automatically.
  10. Enjoy benifits of unlocked bootloader.


  1. Muhammad Hamza aka MZO
  2. Ufone for importing this phone.
  3. for post
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How to root QMobile Noir Z8

As we all know QMobile is known for its mediatek powered smartphones with a very aggressive pricing strategy. But recently QMobile started to produce, or started to import to be more precise, smartphones that are powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC. QMobile Noir Z8 is also one of these devices which are powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 and has very good specs.

Enough of the talking, Today I’ll share with you how you can root QMobile Noir Z8. You will require a PC and some files to be downloaded in it. so lets get started.

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  2. Full review with pros and cons of QMobile Noir Z8
  3. Custom ROMs for QMobile
  4. Android Lollipop CWM Flashable ROM for Rivo RX60


  1. A PC with 7zip or any other archive extractor.
  2. A USB Cable.
  3. ADB Drivers – Download
  4. Root package – Download


  1. First of all you have to download and install adb drivers in your PC. Link given above.
  2. Download the root package and extract it to desktop. or anywhere you like.
  3. Now turn on USB Debugging in your QMobile Noir Z8 by going into Settings-> Developer Options-> and enable usb debugging.
  4. Connect your phone with PC via USB cable.
  5. Double-click Root wiko ridge batch file and press any key on your pc.How to root Noir Z8
  6. If you have drivers installed, your QMobile Noir Z8 will Reboot into custom recovery. This does not install the cwm recovery because the recovery image is not fully working.
  7. When your phone boots into cwm recovery, press any key on your pc to continue.
  8. Now your phone will start to show some weird colors but you don’t have to worry, its notmal. Just Press Volume down once and then press power button. Your phone will reboot and it should now be rooted.

Congratulations! You have successfully rooted your QMobile Noir Z8. You can check the root via Root checker app and this would be the output.

Root QMobile Noir Z8


  1. Chuppito for making this script and making this procedure for Wiko Ridge 4G.
  2. XDA and Wiko forums
  3. MGeeky for this post.

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Source in French

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How to root Lollipop on QMobile X400 aka Gionee V4S

Today in this guide I’ll show you how you can root Android Lollipop on QMobile X400 aka Gionee V4S. Just a couple of days ago we shared Lollipop Firmware for QMobile X400 and now we’ve found root method of the same. This procedure is a bit longer and will require some files and tools to be downloaded. So, lets get started.



  1. First of all you would require all the files downloaded in your PC. This should look like this after extraction. Don’t Extract Kinguser and Lollipop Root package.root QMobile X400 lollipop
  2. Install the drivers. Most probably they are already installed if you updated to lollipop yourself.
  3. Turn off your QMobile X400.
  4. Now open SP Flash tool and click “scatter-loading”

    Root Android Lollipop Gionee V4S
    Click to enlarge
  5. Next you have to browse for the folder where you extracted the recovery package and select the scatter file. See the image given below.Root gionee v4s lollipop
  6. Now you have to click the area which is shown in red box.Lollipop for gionee v4s rooted
  7. Select the “QMobile X400 PHILZ_RECOVERY_LOLLIpOp.img” and make sure that only Recovery check box is checked. If any other box is checked, uncheck it.
  8. Click Download button and connect your phone (Turned off) with PC. The process will start and you would now have Philz recovery installed in your phone.
  9. Now move these two files to the sdcard of your phone. See image below
  10. Reboot into recovery and Flash the files 1 by 1. Make sure to flash Lollipop Root X400 (1).zip 1st and Kinguser4.0.2 lollipop flashable (1).zip after that.

Congratulations! You have successfully rooted Lollipop on your QMobile X400 aka Gionee V4S. If you have any question or query, feel free to contact us via Comments or Facebook group. Also share with others at social media, if you found it helpful.


  1. M. Adnan S for the Root method and the files.
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How to Unlock Qmobile Noir Z8 Bootloader

The all new Qmobile Noir Z8 is powered by Snapdragon 410 SoC and that is why it is difficult to root the device. The first problem in this device is that it has a locked bootloader. Bootloader has to be unlocked if you want to modify system. Even root is useless for the most part, If the bootloader is locked.

Yesterday, I tinkered a little with my Qmobile Noir Z8 and I was able to Unlock its bootloader. Yeah, You heard it right. My Qmobile Noir Z8 bootloader is now unlocked and if you also want to do the same, Keep reading.

Requirements for unlocking bootloader

  • Noir Z8 or any clone of it
  • Adb/Fastboot too by MZ_. – Download
  • Adb drivers – Download
  • A PC and A USB cable


  • Tun On usb debugging in your Qmobile Noir Z8
  • Connect your phone and install adb drivers
  • Disconnect your phone.
  • Open Tool.exe from the downloaded package.
  • Now wait for a couple of seconds and Press 1 when it prompts this screenUnlock noir z8 bootloader
  • Now connect your Noir Z8 with PC via USB Cable. and you will see a list of options in the tool.
  • Type 2 and press Enter.
  • Select “reboot into fastboot” by Entering 3.
  • Select ” Unlock/relock bootloader (SEE NOTES)” by Entering 6.
  • Now last step, Type 1 and press Enter.
  • Now you should have your bootloader unlocked.

Congratulations, You have successfully unlocked Qmobile Noir Z8’s bootloader. If you have encountered any problem, Leave us a comment or Join our Facebook group and we’ll be there for you. Don’t forget to Share with others. 🙂

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No need to remember adb commands anymore|Use this tool

If you are really into Android ADB/Fastboot stuff, which you are that’s why you have landed here, this awesome tool will make your life a lot easier. Develoved by our friend [email protected] forums. This tool is called Powerful one-click tool. It packs a lot of features in its compact size, roughly 800kB.

Of course there isn’t any fancy “GUI” going on but your don’t really need it. Once you enable usb debugging and connect your android via USB cable. You are pretty much good to go.

You can download the tool from this link and don’t forget to hit that thanks button, to show your support and appreciation, while you are at XDA-forums. There are tons of features in this tool and we’ve talked to the developer and he is soon releasing another update to that tool. below are some of the features, Full list is available at XDA thread.

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  3. How to customize your android without root
  4. Tips to improve android’s performance


  1. Reboot
    Normal Reboot – Does a normal reboot and works on every android device.
    You can reboot into Recovery – Again works on every device and pretty straight forward.
    Download Mode – Works on Samsung devices only.
    Reboot into boot-loader mode.
  2. Backup/Restore
    You can make .ab format backup of your entire system with this tool, No commands needed to be remembered. This backup will be in .ab format is you can restore it via the same tool or adb shell any time.
  3. Pulls Nandroid Backup
    This feature can spread some confusion, by this feature you can pull the Nandroid backup of your phone which you have made using TWRP or CWM Recovery. One thing to mention here that it doesn’t create a nandroid backup, it simply copies it from your phone to your PC.
  4. Prints logs in txt file
    This feature can be really handy for all the developers and tinkerers out there. You can print logs of your android system in a .txt file. Again No Commands required to be remembered.
  5. Bootloader
    You can Unlock and Again lock your device’s bootloader with this tool. This will only work with insecure bootloader. In other words, if your device’s vendor has locked and encrypted the bootloader then you can’t unlock it with this tool.
  6. Fastboot connection check
    Check whether your android is working in fastboot mode properly.
  7. Flash Kernel or recovery
    You can also flash Kernel as well as recovery using this tool.

There are many other features of this tool, and more coming with newer versions. Just head over to the XDA thread and Don’t forget to say thanks there.

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How to customize your Android phone

One of the best features of Android is that you can customize it as per your liking. This feature allows you to install different launchers, icon packs and widgets without the need of root. Today I will discuss How to customize your Android phone. Some of the techniques require rooting but I will put Non-root techniques first. So let’s get started.


Android allows you to download and  install different launchers from Google Play Store. There are unlimited number of launchers available at Google Play store both free and paid. Below is a list of launchers that I personally like to use.

  1. Nova Launcher, Best launcher for those who want some extra gestures with complete AOSP look and feel.
  2. Go Launcher, Not recommended for phones with less RAM. This Launcher is the most “fancy” among all. I wouldn’t recommend you to use Go Launcher if you have less than 2GB of RAM.
  3. Aviate by Yahoo. This launcher has some really cool features in it and the best part is that is doesn’t slow down your phone by any means.
  4. MiUI Launcher. This is default launcher comes preloaded with all Xiaomi devices. You wouldn’t find app drawer in this launcher, Just like Apple iOS.

Live Wallpapers:

Live wallpapers are not recommended for all smart-phone users. Live wallpapers will definitely add fancy looks to your Android phone but most of them use extra CPU power resulting in slower overall experience and lesser battery backup. I personally don’t use any live wallpapers in my android phone. But you can try different live wallpapers and give your feedback in the comments below.


Widgets do add convenience, functionality and looks to your android phone. You can install different widgets for free from Google Play Store and they will sit at your home-screen with live updates. Like you can install Weather widgets and they will inform you about the weather forecast in the way you like, Clock widgets can add clocks from single or multiple timezone. There are many widgets that you can choose from.

Customize your Android phone with root

If you have your android phone rooted, you can install Xposed Framework and completely customize your phone to make it look like lollipop. If there is some good custom ROM available for your phone, you can also give that a shot but don’t forget to make backup first.

Liked it? share with other at social media. Don’t forget to give your feedback in the comments section below. If you have any question or query, you can ping us at our Facebook group 🙂

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HTC BlinkFeed With Plugins For All Android Phones

Htc sense is one of the famous moded skin which comes default in Htc android phones and many of it’s features/apps are already ported on other devices. BlinkFeed is the app which comes built-in htc sense running smartphones and is basically a feed app which shows all feeds from different platforms on your homescreen and work on your fingertips. It provides you ease in getting all your social feeds, calender fixes, events, news, music and other content on a touch of your fingers. It removes the need of opening all the related apps again and again by arranging all their data/feeds at your homescreen for viewing.

As of other sense features/apps ported on other devices which are not running sense, blinkfeed is also have been ported to all android phones running kitkat or higher and working perfectly. In addition to the blinkfeed app, it’s plugins are also been ported and found working without any bug. Below is the method of installing htc blinkfeed app correctly with all plugins.

Steps to follow:

  1. Download the all four required apps from here.
  2. Now install all four apps on your smartphone one by one as normal APK or you can also push the apps to system.
  3. After installing the apps, now its time for getting the required plugins for blinkfeed.
  4. Download all five required plugins from here.
  5. Now install them all as normal app or you can push their apk files to system.
  6. Optional step :- Reboot Once.


htc blinkfeed for all android phones

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