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How to use two Whatsapp accounts in 1 android device

Whatsapp has got alot of attention since its release. Proof of which is that recently Facebook Inc. acquired Whatsapp services for about  US Dollars 19 Billion. Yeah, That’s huge. Now coming back to the point. Whatsapp is available on almost all phone’s now a days. The phone is not required to be a “smartphone”, whatsapp also works on feature phones.

There is a new, sort of, trend of Dual-Sim Android Smartphones from different OEMs, like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Qmobile and some other Manufacturers. Whatsapp only supports 1 number and that may be a trouble for most of people looking for a Dual-Sim Whatsapp. Not Anymore, Now you can use 2 Whatsapp accounts on one single android device at the same time.

There is a simple workaround that you need to follow. We have made a simple step by step guide to make our readers understand better.

How to use two whatsapp accounts.

  1. First of all, you have to install Whatsapp from Google PlayStore. If you already have whatsapp installed, then you can skip to next step.
  2. Now open whatsapp, tap on menu button and select settings from menu.
  3. Now tap on Chat Settings and Select Backup conversations.use-two-whatsapp
  4. Goto Settings->Applications and select Whatsapp from the list of apps, then tap on Clear Data.OGWhatsApp-Installation
  5. After clearing data of Whatsapp, You have to navigate to your SD card and Rename Whatsapp folder as OGWhatsapp.OGWhatsApp-Installation
  6. Now Go back to Settings and Unisntall Whatsapp from Settings-> Apps.
  7. Next you have to install OGWhatsapp from this link
  8. After installing OGWhatsapp, Open it, Verify your number and click Restore.OG Verification
  9. All of your previous chats will be restored in OGWhatsapp.
  10. Next, Install the official Whatsapp from Google PlayStore and use 2nd Number this time.
  11. Congratulations, You have successfully installed two whatsapps on one android Device. Cheers. 🙂

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How to test WiFi Speeds locally on Android and iPhone

Recently I got an iPhone 5 for my brother. As I am an Android user, this was the first time I was using iOS for a couple of days. I was just checking the phone out and found that the Internet on iPhone was slow over WiFi. I searched how to test wifi speeds and didn’t find anything helpful.

At first, I thought it was a faulty WiFi module, as the iPhone was used one.

Then I dig a little deep and found a really cool app that allows iOS as well as Android users to test WiFi Speeds to its max potential. This app helps in a situation where you just want to check the maximum speed your WiFi router is able to give or the maximum WiFi speed your smartphone can fetch from the access point.

How to test wifi speeds

The app is called “WiFi Sweetspot” and the main purpose of this app is to check the sweet-spot of your wifi coverage, Where you are able to get the maximum speed possible (Without compromising your comfort). Otherwise everyone knows, that wi-fi access points offer best speeds if the distance is the minimum.

WiFi Sweetspot is available at Apple’s App Store and Google Play store for free. You just have to download and install the app. Run the test by hitting start button. The app will start updating you with the current maximum wifi speed. You can check how fast your WiFi can go from a certain distance.

The maximum I was able to squeeze out of a Fiberhome b/g/n 150mbps router, was about 55mbps on an iPhone 5. I don’t know if it is good or not. Do tell me about your fastest wifi speed below.

how to test wifi android


how to test wifi ios


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Root And Cwm Recovery For QMobile A900i

QMobile A900i is a upgraded version of QMobile A900 which is one of the best smartphone till now by the company. QMobile A900i comes with 1.3Ghz Quadcore processor, 2GB Ram, 8GB internal storage and 8MP camera. It also features a 4.7″ qHD display and 3G connectivity. It comes with 4.2 jellybean but it can be officially upgraded to kitkat via visiting service centers of the company. This upgraded model of A900 doesn’t get so much attention of users and as well as developers. But right after this mobile phone comes in our development group, A900i users should now take a long breathe because they have now gonna be noticed and the custom roms are on road.

Before the custom roms for QMobile A900i, we are first today going to provide you the easiest and best method to roo0 your device and install cwm recovery on it. So now come to the things which are required to root and install cwm recovery on QMobile A900i.


  • Vroot One click root software – Download from here
  • CWM Recovery for QMobile A900i – Download it from here
  • A Pc for rooting via Vroot
  • Mtk Mobile uncle tools | Get it on playstore
  • A working brain

 Disclaimer :

We are clearing you here that this method is checked and verified for QMobile A900i Kitkat firmware but still it can be done on jellybean firmware too. Follow all the steps mentioned below correctly and remember that we will not be responsible for any damage you did to your device so follow this on your own risk.

How to root QMobile A900i :

  1. Download Vroot software from above requirements section and install it on your pc.
  2. Now on your phone enable USB Debugging option by going to Settings > Developer Options. (If you are unable to locate developer options then just simply go to about phone menu and tap on build number 3 times)
  3. Now connect your phone to pc with the help of USB cable.
  4. Now open the Vroot software on your pc and let it detect your phone.
  5. Now just click on the Root button at the bottom of the Vroot window on pc and let it be complete the procedure.
  6. After the procedure, your phone will automatically reboot and after the boot up, you may now able to locate superuser app in app drawer.

How to install Cwm recovery on QMobile A900i :

  1. Download the cwm recovery from above given link in requirements section and transfer it to your phone’s sdcard.
  2. Now on your phone download and install Mtk Mobile Uncle tools from play store.
  3. After this, locate the cwm recovery file on your phone by simply opening your file manager and rename it to “recovery.img” from “recovery_a900i_MGeeky”.
  4. Now open Mtk mobile uncle tools app and go to Recovery update option, there you will see the “recovery.img” file which you have just copied and renamed, just select it and after that tap on Ok.
  5. After it completes flashing, it will prompt you asking reboot to recovery, just choose it and it will take you to the newly installed Cwm recovery.
  6. Enjoy.

Now you are free to do some experiments on your A900i but be sure to take nandroid backup before trying anything. You can also follow our ultimate guide to completely theme any rooted android phone to look like Android lollipop here and can follow some tips to improve your android experience here. If you having any difficulties following the steps you can comment them below, we will try our best to solve them.

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Completely Theme Any Rooted Android Like Lollipop With Xposed

We was searching and was working on our MTK based phone to theme it completely like android lollipop. There was some posts available at different forums but that was only guiding to install lollipop launcher, gravitybox, xstana and flat Ui module. When we talk about completely, it means completely and the term completely means from status bar icons to recent apps bar and from material themed apps to notification panel. So we started looking out the themes for HK themer module and Xtheme engine module. We searched a lot and haven’t find any effective theme which can turn our phone into same like lollipop. Then we get one theme which was labelled for CM10 but we tried it and voila it works for us.

So here is the quick and simple tutorial to convert your rooted android phone into android lollipop.


  • Download and install the latest xposed framework from here (If you have already have xposed installed then leave this)
  • Download Xtheme Engine from here OR you can also download HK themer instead of Xtheme engine. (Xtheme Engine Recommended)
  • Download Android Lollipop Theme from here

Now you are well enough to proceed to next steps.


Step#1 : Download all the require apps on your smartphone and install them.

Step#2 : Now activate Xtheme Engine module by going to xposed framework menu and reboot your phone once.

Step#3 : Now go to Xtheme Engine menu and apply the android lollipop theme simply.

Step#4 : Now just reboot once and enjoy.

Step# 5 : Install any lollipop themed launcher from play store – Optional Step

Below we are sharing some screenshots after applying the theme. Special thanks to our buddy syed shahmeer ali for providing screenshots.

lollipop theme for kitkat completely theme any rooted android like lollipop

completely theme any rooted androidlollipop theme for jellybean

lollipop theme for rooted androidhow to theme any android like lollipophow to make any android lookalike lollipoplthemeguide7how to theme complete android like lollipopcomplete android lollipop theme for aosphow to convert rooted android into lollipoptheme jellybean like lollipop

So that’s all from our side and now are free to try this. Don’t forget to leave your feedback if you followed this guide. If you having trouble in any step, leave your query below for us to answer it. You can subscribe to our newsletter for getting all our latest articles right in your inbox.

Visit our how to guides section here for more useful and exclusive guides.

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GravityBox For Android Lollipop Now Available

Well few days back we give you the news of availability of Xposed framework for android lollipop and also provided you the method for getting it worked, you can simply visit this if you haven’t installed the lollipop compatible xposed on your armv7+ devices.

GravityBox is a single most popular all in one tweak box available for xposed users and everyone with xposed installed on their smartphones already aware of it. GravityBox offers great user customization and different new functionality. This includes sound settings, extreme theming options and various power tweaks as well. It was one of the reason behind many downgrades to kitkat and many refuses for upgrading to lollipop as android 5.0 was in released newly and there was no xposed available for it and thus GravityBox can’t be installed on lollipop.

But as the xposed framework arrived for android lollipop armv7+ devices, many start waiting for the compatibility of GravityBox for android lollipop and now we are with a good news that GravityBox is now available for android lollipop and just hits the xda forums.

It is now ready for download but still it is a alpha stage release so it will be complex and some of functions create troubles and might not work but it is better than not having. The noteable features includes CM Pie Controls, Extended Desktop, Quick Settings tile management, statusbar brightness control and various theming options for it, navigation bar tweaks, notification drawer theming, screen recording, per-app notification controls, LED settings, advanced power menu, additional volume key functionality, clear-all button in recents, lockscreen mods and few others too.

As it is alpha release, it also missing some functions which are quick settings (not tiles) management, lockscreen wallpaper changing, volume panel features (extensions and linking), and some others that are obsolete in Lollipop.

Now to download and installation instructions, headover to official GravityBox LP thread and enjoy the best customization on your android phone running android lollipop. Happy theming !

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Tips to improve Android Performance

Android is everywhere. As Android is an Open-source Platform, Most of the smartphone vendors provide Android in their smartphones. The nature of android is a bit different as compared to iOS and Windows phone. Both Android and iOS are based on Linux, but the working of both are different. iOS pauses previously working apps with in a few seconds of hitting the home button where as Android tried to keep as much running apps as its RAM allows it.

Still with me? Cool! Enough of the technical talking. Coming back to the topic, Today we’ll show you how to make your android device run faster. There are a couple of things you can do, in order to improve android’s performance.

Know the limits of your device

This is the most important tip to android users. Suppose you have and android phone with 512 MB RAM, and you try to run the heaviest games on your phone, say NOVA 3. Then this is obvious that your device is not capable of running that game. If you still want to run the heaviest apps, then you have to upgrade your device.

Keep your device Up-to-Date

The latest android version is 5.0 at this time. It is recommended to upgrade your android device to the latest OS available for their Device. Most of android devices are running Android KitKat now a days. We also recommend you to upgrade your device to, at-least, Android KitKat.

Remove or disable unwanted apps

Yeah, Almost all android device vendors Modify the UI of Android and to do that, they install apps which are pre-installed. If you don’t use some off the apps, we recommend to remove or at-least disable them. This will stop them from executing code. Disabling unwanted apps will increase the battery backup and performance as well.

To uninstall/disable these pre-installed apps, you have to navigate to Settings -> Apps -> and swipe towards left untill you are at “All” tab. Next you have to find and disable the apps that you don’t use.

Keep your apps updated

Android depends on the apps available for it. The first thing anyone does, after purchasing a device, is to install the App according to their liking. If you keep these apps up-to-date, doing this will keep the apps to run as their developer wants them to work.

Use High speed SD Card

Most of you may disagree but the speed of SD Card can change the working speed of your device by a big margin. The higher speed card you use, The faster your device would be able to write and read data from it. Most of SD Cards have their speed/class written on them, in a small circle.

We recommend Class 10 SD Card.

Clearing Cache

This is more of a troubleshooting tip than Improving performance. Some times Android apps refuse to respond or crash unexpectedly. The problem, most of the times, is in the data cached by the app. To fix these crashes, you have to Navigate to Settings -> Apps -> (The app you are having problems with) and then you have to tap on “Clear Cache”

If the problem persists, You can tap on “Clear Data”. Doing this will wipe all your progress in the app, and also removes your login details from the app.

Avoid Live Wallpapers

One of the most cool features of android is that you can put a live wallpaper. Live wallpapers are animated and change according to Time, weather or any other variable. Avoiding live wallpapers can make your device run faster and provide you some extra charge at the end of day.

Reducing the number of widgets also increase Speed and battery backup.

Root and Install a light weight custom ROM

Doing this will increase your device’s speed for sure, There are benefits as well as drawbacks of rooting. But light weight android ROMs, like CyanogenMod, will almost double the speed of your android phone. This step is not for everyone, If you have significant exposure to Rooting and Custom ROMs then you can go ahead. Otherwise, stay away.

If you liked it, share with others and become a helping hand. If you have any suggestion, correction or any query, just drop us a comment below and we’ll get to you ASAP.

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Material Twrp Recovery For QMobile i9, MMX A120 And Myphone Rio

Recently QMobile i9 and Micromax A120 got official kitkat update and many of the users updated their handsets to kitkat. After that both phones got root and a philz recovery as well in mean time. There several normal TWRP recoveries available for QMobile i9/A120/MP Rio and other clones but today we are going to share one of our latest work for these devices. We have also earlier provided you different custom roms for i9, A120, myphone rio and other clones which you can check out by visiting our custom roms collection here.

The custom recovery which we are going to share today is the latest TWRP recovery, wait if you are thinking that what’s new in this and it’s already available at other site and forums then you are thinking wrong because this recovery ain’t like normal TWRP recoveries as this having material themed and rich of exclusive features.

The TWRP recovery is fully themed like material and having the navigation bar keys as in lollipop. More features are listed below.


  • Material themed
  • Latest TWRP version i.e,
  • Fully customized options
  • User friendly UI and options
  • Easy Flashing and making backups
  • Rest all the features are same of latest TWRP recovery


twrp recovery for qmobile i9


  1. Download the TWRP recovery file from above downloads section.
  2. Transfer the downloaded file to your phone’s sdcard or if you have downloaded the recovery on your phone then no need to do this step.
  3. Now on your phone download and install “Flashify” app from google play store.
  4. Now open the flashify app and allow root permissions.
  5. Now choose “Flash Recovery” option there and after that tap on “Choose a file” option.
  6. Now browse the location where the TWRP recovery is stored, mostly it is the main root of sdcard or in downloads. After locating the recovery file, just tap on it and then choose “Yup!” option.
  7. That’s it, you have now the new material themed twrp installed on your phone.


Well that’s enough for now and we will be back soon with some more work on this device. If you liked our effort and installed the twrp recovery on your phone consider sharing this post on social media platforms and comment below your feedback or if you have any queries related to this twrp recovery, feel free to comment them below we will try our best to solve them. You can also join our facebook group for discussions and getting technical assistance. Furthermore subscribe to our daily newsletter for getting our latest articles in your inbox.



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Xposed Framework For Android Lollipop Finally

Xposed framework doesn’t need any extra intro as the people who root their android and do different modifications are pretty much aware of it but still for the new readers, xposed framework is a great contribution to android modding community by xda’s senior recognized developer rovo89 and basically it enable users to customize their android stock roms or custom sometimes to next level and by their own taste. Since the launch of android 5.0 lollipop everybody was asking questions regarding the release of xposed framework for android lollipop and just now rovo89 has finally announced the availability of xposed framework for android lollipop.

Now the enthusiasts in android modding community can modify their lollipop firmwares as they want. However, this version is in alpha stage and is not a stable build. This new xposed framework build is only for the ARMv7+ devices which are running on android lollipop and according to rovo89, try this only if you are kind enough to handle the bootloops but he also mentioned that this new build is working perfectly for him on nexus 5 and nexus 9.

The developer of xposed framework has also created a FAQ for users on this new build which can be read below.

Why did it take so long? ART has been published more than a year ago!

First of all – many people keep asking for ART support. Lollipop has far more changes than that, such as even stricter SELinux policies, 64-bit ROMs and architecture changes that you would expect from a major release. And of course ART itself is constantly being improved; there are big differences between ART for KitKat and ART for Lollipop.

So one reason is the big complexity, which required many, many hours of work for research, development and testing.

Another reason is that there are other things in my life than Xposed, so there have been weeks or even months in which I have hardly even looked at the code at all.

Do we need to rewrite all the modules?

No, the Xposed API is pretty much unchanged. Xposed abstracts all the details, so modules don’t need to care whether they’re running on Dalvik or ART. Many modules will actually work without any changes, especially those which modify the behavior of user apps. Modules targeting the system behavior might need to be adjusted to the new Android framework code, which isn’t caused by ART, but simply by architecture and code changes that happen between any two Android releases. The most significant one is that the code for system services has been moved to a separate file. For most of the affected modules, this can be solved by a little refactoring (moving code to a different place).

Is it actually working?

Yes! At least for me, it’s working fine on my daily device (Nexus 5 on CM12) and also on my Nexus 9 (paid by XDA – thanks!). The phone is stable as usual and apps are working fine. And obviously, the modules and their hooks/resource replacements are working fine as well, otherwise there would be no point in releasing something.

But then why is it an alpha version?

Because there have been huge changes since the last stable release that need to be tested by people who know how to use a recovery, escape from boot loops and report bugs properly. I strongly advise newbies to wait until Xposed has been tested by enough experienced people.

There are also some edge-cases which haven’t been tested yet, such as hooking JNI (native) methods and methods that are being executed at the time of hooking them.

I want to install it. Now! What do I have to do?

Make sure that you’ve read my words above and you’re familiar with your phone’s internals. Obviously, you need to be on a Lollipop ROM and have a good backup of your data. For now, I will only publish the ARMv7+ version. 64-bit is more complex, so let’s try the “easy” variant first.

For reading the more FAQ click here

For installing the new xposed framework, you also need a custom recovery for flashing the necessary files needed to run xposed on lollipop, so if you don’t have custom recovery then first install it and then try it. Here’s the steps for installing xposed framework on android lollipop.

Step 01 : First make sure you have ARMV7+ device running on android 5.0 lollipop.

Step 02 : Download xposed arm zip file from the official thread here.

Step 03 : Flash the file via custom recovery which you have downloaded in above step.

Step 04 : Download XposedInstaller_3.0-alpha1.apk from here.

Step 05 : Now install the xposed installer apk file downloaded in above step.

Step 06 : Now download and install xposed modules and do customization as you want.

Well this version is strictly for ARMV7+ devices which are on lollipop. If you try this and worked for you, leave the experience in comments below. You can visit the official thread here. Furthermore you can also subscribe to our daily newsletter for getting all our latest articles in your inbox.

Via XDA-Portal

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Dark R Color Theme For CM 12

In the starting unofficial builds of CM12 there was no theme engine included in them and this feature was really a drawback. But recently as the cyanogenmod 12 goes official and releases nightly builds for some devices, theme engine also integrated in the nightly builds. In the mean short time, some really skillful themers started creating and releasing the themes for CM12.

As we are thinking of indexing all the available themes for cyanogenmod 12 in our next article so we was going through XDA-Forums which is the best place where we can get the themes for CM12. As we was gathering the themes for CM12, we found this wonderful theme for CM12 which we thought to share asap for you people. As we are just sharing the theme here at our site which means this theme is not by our team and we are just appreciating and sharing the effort of the original themer whose XDA nick is Leo_elstin. So now lets know about the features, this theme offers.


  • Dark Material UI
  • New CM12 Boot-animation
  • Font
  • Wallpaper
  • Lockscreen wallpaper

Below are the system apps which are themed.

  • SystemUi
  • Settings
  • Dialer
  • Phone
  • Contacts
  • Theme Chooser

Method to install and activate the theme:

  • Download the theme’s APK file from attatchments of the official thread here.
  • Install the theme.apk as normal APK file.
  • Go to settings and open theme engine.
  • Now choose the newly installed theme and tap on apply.
  • Reboot.
  • Done.


themes for cm12 cm12 themes cm12 material theme

Dark R Color Theme For CM 12








theme for cm12 material dark theme for cm12









You can visit the official thread of this beautiful theme to get more information about and must hit the thanks bar if you download this theme. We have tried this theme and found this attractive so shared for you. Stay tuned to our site for our upcoming article on all in one index of all themes available right now for CM12. You can subscribed to our daily newsletter for getting all our latest articles right in your inbox.

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Finally A Facebook App For Low End Phones

Facebook is a social networking site and people around the world use this web to interact with each other. Facebook didn’t only limited to web browser, it have official apps on different platforms as well. Facebook for Android updated many times in the past year and brings new features all the time with its update but as it get updated, it’s size in MBs get increases and becomes heavier with every single update. Users who got legacy and less ram smartphones can not handle this and started lagging all the time. As I also have a 512mb ram smartphone so I can tell you more better that the facebook app unfortunately doesn’t work good with it and I have to use the browser instead.

Thanks to facebook developer team that they have realized the problems of the low end smartphone users and just released the all new official Facebook Lite application which size is really jaw dropping, its just 252Kb. This app surely gonna help the users of smartphones with less ram to use facebook on app without freezing other apps.

facebook lite apk

This is a great move by Facebook Inc. to regather the audience who stopped using the main application of facebook for android because of it’s size and sometimes useless updates.

Currently Facebook Lite is only available in Nepal, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Sudan, Nigeria, Vietnam, Zimbabwe and Bangladesh. It is currently not available in the the regions which are not in the list above. For the regions which it is available for can install this app from google play store.

facebook app for low end smartphones

And the users which are not based in these regions can wait for its availability or if they are very excited and impatient then they can simply visit this link to download facebook lite apk.