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AppAddict for iOS 8.3 | Updated and Working

AppAddict which is one of the most popular alternative to Installous  is now updated for iOS 8.3. Now ios 8.3 user can easily install the cracked iPA files directly into their device running on iOS 8.3. After the releasing of the TaiG jailbreak for iOS 8.3, AppAddict for iOS 8.3 is now fully compatible and running smoothly.

How to install AppAddict for iOS 8.3 :

Now I am explaining the steps to get AppAddict for iOS 8.3. Here I am explaining the steps with the official AppAddict for iOS 8.3 cydia source. Follow the steps carefully which are given next, to get AppAddict on your Jailbroken iOS 8.3 :

  1. If you have cydia on your iOS 8.3 then proceed next otherwise checkout the link first
    How to Jailbreak iOS 8.3 using TaiG
  2. Head over to Cydia
  3. Go to > Sources > Click Add Source
  4. Add this one :
  5. Now go to search tab
  6. Search > AppAddict 
  7. Click install by confirming from next screen
  8. Wait for installation
  9. Tap Restart SpringBoard
  10. Now u have AppAddict for iOS 8.3 on your SpringBoard

Then you have the AppAddict available on your SpringBoard, Now go to the search tab and type the name of the App you want to install on your iOS 8.3 but must remember to install the AppSync Unified because AppSync is first needed to install Cracked Apps otherwise there will only downloading for Apps and no installation of Downloaded Apps.

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AppCake Updated for iOS 8.3 | Working 100%

AppCake is one of the most downloaded Cydia App or Tweak which is alternative to Installous. After the great success of Jailbreak of iOS 8.3 by TaiG team Cydia substrate is also compatible now with the iOS 8.3 Jailbreak. Some time is passed now and the owners of tweaks are working on tweaks to make it compatible with iOS 8.3.

AppCake updated for iOS 8.3 now which means iOS 8.3 users can enjoy also enjoy the paid apps for free. iOS 8.3  users deserves the Paid apps now without any more effort. So here i am going to show you how to install AppCake on your iOS 8.3 to get paid apps for free.

How to Get AppCake on iOS 8.3 :

  1. If you have cydia then Proceed next otherwise check out :
    How to Get Cydia on iOS 8.3 using TaiG Jailbreak
  2. Now If you have Cydia on your iOS 8.3 Open Cydia
  3. Go to > Sources
  4. Click > Add
  5. Add this one :
  6. Now Headover to > Search Tab, mention below in Cydia
  7. Search for AppCake now
  8. After installing AppCake Go to Search Tab again
  9. Now Search for AppSync Unified Beta
  10. Respring your SpringBoard Now

After installing the AppCake app from cydia there is must need to install the AppSync Unified beta. Without this you are only able to download the app from AppCake but you will not be able to install the downloaded app. So do all the steps carefully for working AppCake.

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How To Fix TaiG Jailbreak 20% Stuck Error | Here is a fix

Since the TaiG Jailbreak has been released for iOS 8.3,yet the Cydia Substrate is not compatible with the iOS 8.3 Jailbreak. Some iOS 8.3 users while Jailbreaking process are facing many errors. The most common error users are facing is that during the process the TaiG Jailbreak 20% Stuck Error . Waiting for long time there is nothing more process. So here is a complete guide to fix TaiG Jailbreak 20% Stuck Error.

Steps to Fix TaiG Jailbreak 20% Stuck Error :

After thinking about the fix, TaiG Team successfully found a fix for TaiG Jailbreak 20% Stuck Error. The only simple thing which is causing this error is that of your iTunes version. You have to change your iTunes version. Here next I am explaining the method to fix TaiG Jailbreak 20% Stuck Error. Follow these steps which are given below :

  1. Simply close the TaiG Jailbreak App
  2. Remove your phone from PC ( if you want to need )
  3. Go to control panel and head over to > uninstall a programme
  4. Remove iTunes | Include Bonjour Services etc
  5. Check out your windows bit, its 32-bit or 64-bit
  6. Download the iTunes 12.0.1 from here for your supported Windows 32- bit. Click here to download iTunes 12.0.1 for Windows 64-bit
  7. Now simply install the iTunes and dont open it
  8. Go to TaiG Jailbreak App on your PC and lets start the process again
  9. Connect your Device
  10. Click Jailbreak and you will be Done!

This method is very simple to fix TaiG Jailbreak 20% Stuck Error. Still if you are facing any error then there is a comment section below is available for you. Comment your problem below to start discussion. Sounds like pretty good!

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Get free Twitter Followers with Cydia – By MGeeky

Twitter is a most popular social networking website in which users have followers as a friend. There is now a trend that who have more followers and less followings they are followed by new users. So earning new twitter followers is not so easy. In order to get twitter followers you have to buy them. But those users who are using iOS device they are able to Get free Twitter Followers with Cydia.

First of all let me tell you that iOS 8.3 and iOS 8.2 also 8.1.3 users are only able to done with this when we have Jailbreak for iOS 8.3 or above mentioned iOS versions. So about the iOS 8.1.2 and iOS 7.1.2 users or older version users like using iOS 6 & 5 can only Get free Twitter Followers with Cydia. So have a look on the given topics if you dont have Cydia on your device :

* Jailbreak Your iOS 5
* Jailbreak Your iOS 6 on any iDevice
* Jailbreak Your iOS 7 on any iDevice
* Jailbreak Your iOS 8.0 – 8.1.2 on any iDevice

To Get free Twitter Followers with Cydia there is a need to download an App from the AppStore named TwiGrow. Here is next download button for this App:

Get free twitter followers with cydia

So what you have to do after downloading this app, Simply follow the given steps and you will be done with free twitter followers with Cydia :

  1.  After Downloading the TwiGrow Just give access of your account to this App
  2. Headover to Cydia
  3. Add
  4. Go to this source tweaks and look for TwiGrow hack
  5. Install this tweak
  6. Open TwiGrow App
  7. And wait for followers now

I am sure and I am also using this tweak to get followers. There is a less chance that the follower will unfollow you. Must note this Try this at your own responsibility, if your account will be hacked or something happens to your account i m not responsible for this.

So this is all about to Get free Twitter Followers with Cydia. I Hope you will not be disheart with this hack given in our Cydia source. If you like this hack then promote our cydia source. Also try other tweaks given in our repo.

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Top Five Cloud Storage Providers

The innovations in this world of technology are increasing with the speed a person can’t measure. Every day we heard something new and modern about the technology. A person can do a lot of stuff quite easily with the help of technology, now to understand this we need to dig a bit into the different technology stuffs happening around us. By sticking to the topic of today which is Top Five Cloud Storage Providers, we are taking ‘Cloud Storage‘ or ‘Cloud Services‘ here as an example.

Anybody can now backup all type of files on internet with security(So called) easily and can easily access them from anywhere in the world by means of these Cloud Storage services. Almost all the cloud services providers supports all types of files and these important files which can be documents, photos and videos, music files, etc are stored on the private servers of respected cloud storage providers and available to access anytime from anywhere for you.

There are many cloud storage providers present these days and still counting. So we have quite options available which we can choose on the basis of best and secure features offered by the respected cloud storage providers. The providers those offers more better services and free storage are preferred most. We have reviewed some famous and infamous cloud storage providers and compiled a list of top five cloud storage providers.

Top Five Cloud Storage Providers : Megacloud storage services

While cloud storage have become a breeze nowadays for storing all the data because of the easy access to stored data. Mega is the top name in our list of top five cloud storage providers and this is because of the 100% crystal clear security measurements taken by the company to provide the fully encrypted system of storing files. Mega is a New Zealand based cloud service provider that provides the big 50GB of free storage unlike its rivals and provide the encryption in every step of the storing system. The best part here is that the data you stored on mega is only accessible by you and not even by the company itself. Mega have dedicated desktop clients for windows, linux and OSX. It also have the separate applications for android, ios, windows and blackberry.

If the 50GB isn’t enough for you then there is also a professional account which gives you three different storage amounts on the basis of money you paid. This includes 500GB for 99 Euros/year, 2TB for 199 Euros/year and 4TB for 299 Euros/year. Due to the free account, fast and ultra secure service, Mega is the best choice for the people looking for free and secure cloud storage service.

Top Five Cloud Storage Providers : Google Drivecloud storage providers

Google Drive stands at the second spot in our list of top five cloud storage providers because of the premium service offered by it and also because this cloud storage service is provided by one of the most credible company on internet. As Google have declared that their all services are managed by the single account so for using their different services, you didn’t have to signup separately for using these services. Same in the case of the Google Drive, you didn’t have to signup for it and you can simply sign in with your Google account. But if you don’t have Google account(very rare case) then you have to signup for google account and then linking it to google drive.

The free space which Google drive provides is 15GB and this storage space is shared across all the services offered by Google which we think is not good for the normal user who want to stored a normal amount of data. It works same like other cloud storage providers and have clients on pc and mac. It also have apps for android and ios while there isn’t any client for either linux nor windows phones. Google drive also have paid plans available for users which are 100GB for 2$/month and 1TB for 10$/month.

Top Five Cloud Storage Providers : One Drivetop five cloud storage providers

One Drive formerly known as Sky drive is stands at number three in our list of top five cloud storage providers. One Drive is the service offered by microsoft, a well known-ed company on internet and as well as out side the internet. One Drive is basically works same like other cloud storage providers, it offers 15GB of free storage and additional 500MB on signup of your referred person. This referral system is limited to 5GB only. Moreover the subscribers of office 365 gets an additional 1TB storage on one drive. It also have separate clients for windows, mac, linux, android, ios and windows phones.

If the free space offered by the company isn’t enough for you, One Drive have paid plans available for you to choose from. The paid plans include 100GB for 2$/month, 200GB for 4$/month and 1TB for 7$/month. The latest addition and updates to this service of microsoft makes it a competitive option in cloud storage market.

Top Five Cloud Storage Providers : Dropboxbest cloud storage providers

Dropbox is the most liked cloud storage provider because of the its reliability, ease to setup and use. Dropbox offers the dedicated clients for windows, linux and mac os. Same like its competitors, it also have separate apps for android, ios, blackberry and windows phones. There isn’t any file size limits so you can upload the large files easily. In the start when you signup on dropbox, you get 2GB and then if you take the startup guide, you get 250MB. Now by turning on the automatic photos uploading option in your dropbox app on mobile, gives you 3GB of additional space. And if you refer dropbox to your friends and they signed-up, then you get 500MB on each signup which is limited up to 16GB total.(32 Referrals)

Because of the simple and clean user interface of dropbox, it is easy to use and sync your data online. Its clients on desktop and as well as the platform applications works seamlessly well. Its free storage isn’t that enough as compared to its competitors but its best for very slight and simple sharing stuffs.

Top Five Cloud Storage Providers : Copytop cloud storage providers

Copy cloud storage provider basically owned by a corporate IT company Barracuda Networks. Copy offers the 15GB free storage on signup and then you can earned 25GB of additional space through referral programs. Its a great and simple alternative to big names out there. The principle of accessing Copy is quite similar to all other cloud storage providers that is you can access to it via web or you can connect to it using the clients available for different operating systems. The best part of the services offered by copy is that the way it manages the shared folders. Unlike dropbox, it shared the size of folders equally.

As of all the other cloud storage providers, Copy also offers the paid plans which are quite expensive as compared to its competitors mentioned above. The paid plans are 250GB for 10$/month and the business plan for group of 10 persons is 1TB for 890$/year. Copy used the 256 bit AES encryption system for the operation which assured you the security of your data. Copy is the best for the people who want to try a new and impressive cloud storage provider instead of the mainstream cloud service providers.

That’s our list of top five cloud storage providers which we think are the better and best options if you need cloud storage services. We have personally tested all these cloud storage providers and very closely reviewed their services. All of these are best but we liked the MEGA most because of the secure nature and the 50GB free storage with fast and reliable system. If you think we missed a cloud storage provider which offers better services than these, you can tell us in comments below.

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Install Paid Apps without Jailbreak | Using Tongbu Assistant

Today I will guide you how you can install paid apps in iOS for free without jailbreak. There is no jailbreak available for iOS 8.1 or later version of iOS. Some people also consider jailbreaking a headache as there are numerous stability issues have been reported, because of jailbreak. So here is the solution to it. To Install Paid Apps without Jailbreak in iOS device, usually we need appsync which comes with jailbreak only. Which means that if there is no jailbreak, you are not allowed to install paid apps for free in your iOS Device.

Here we have a software launched by Chinese developers named Tongbu. This is created by developers in China, abd the developers have found a workaround which does not need any Jailbreak. So that means now you can Install Paid Apps for free without Jailbreak. Actually its an Appstore in Chinese Language and there is not any Tongbu English version available. To install paid apps for free without jailbreak, you have to use this app in chinese. Don’t worry the app is very easy to use and should not have any issue in use.

Here is a video review to Install Paid Apps without Jailbreak using Tongbu :

iOS 8 is also compatible with Tongbu latest version. You can install the tongbu on your PC to Install Paid Apps without Jailbreak. The app is a very powerful app manager and you can use it free forever. Download button is available below:

Install Paid Apps without jailbreak

As it is a Chinese App and there may be difficulty while installing paid apps with tongbu. For this purpose i have uploaded the video above. Sorry for inconvenience from me.

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Install iOS 9 Beta 1 Without UDID Errors | Easiest Way to install iOS 9 Beta 1 – MGeeky

At the Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference ( WWDC 2015 ) the developers of Apple shows the iOS 9 Features and the related content about the iOS 9. iOS 9 is not officially available right now as it is under testing by developers and not available as OTA ( Over The Air ) update. So for your question about the release date check out more in detail :

iOS 9 Features and Release Date

Dont worry even without any OTA update you can Install iOS 9 Beta 1 Without UDID Errors , update via iTunes. As it is only for Developers so you may face activation error after installing iOS 9. No problem here I am here for your guidance to Install iOS 9 Beta 1 Without UDID Errors. Follow the steps to Install iOS 9 Beta 1 Without UDID Errors :

  1. You must have iTunes updated to latest version , You have it? Proceed to next step
  2. Go to
  3. Search for your compatible device
  4. Download the file as a .zip format
  5. Extract the file to IPSW format
  6. Open iTunes
  7. Head over to i-Device tab on the above bar near to Music, Apps etc
  8. Hold shift key ( for windows users ) and Click restore button
    Mac users Hold Command key + Click restore
  9. Browse to the extracted IPSW file
  10. Now your iDevice is preparing for restore
  11. Wait and see at the top above of iTunes
  12. Now you are updated

Check out video review created by EveryThingApplePro

If you download the iOS 9 from the mentioned above website then you will not face any kind of error while updating or after update.

Pre Cautions Before Updating :

If you are a jailbroken user then will prefer to stay on iOS 8.1.2 because there is not any jailbreak is available for iOS 9 or the iOS 8.3. Moreover as it is a beta version and is under testing there are many bugs in this version. There may be a battery drainage problem or etc. So please note this : Update at your own risk , for educational purposes only


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Apple Featured iOS 9

iOS 9 Release Date | Features of iOS 9 [ Expected ]

On the WWDC 2015 Apple has just announced about the coming iOS 9 Features and also about iOS 9 Release Date. Even some users said the WWDC was not full of content. Well leave what they said. Here I am for you to tell about the iOS 9 Features and iOS 9 release date. So about what types of new features you are expecting from Apple? I am of view something new. Yes there are some changes in iOS 9. It is improved for new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus also improved for iPad’s.

Let me tell you first about the iOS 9 compatible devices. There is a shocking news for iPhone 4s users, i know what you are thinking now. Yes you are thinking right. Here are some devices with which the iOS 9 is compatible.

iOS 9 Compatible Devices:

The coming iOS 9 is compatible with the devices that are listed below. Check out them next :

  • iPhone 4s
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • Almost with all of the iPad series

So if you are using iPod 5 and thinking about its compability then here is a good news for iPod touch 5th generation users also. iOS 9 is also compatible with iPod Touch 5th Generation too.

iOS 9 Coming Features :

Now head over to new iOS 9 coming features. Its interference is upgraded as well as Multitasking is also updated with new look. One of the video playingg feature that android users have this features 3 years ago is added to iOS 9 ,which is watch videos in a small pannel over app.  The one of the best new feature that is added to iOS 9 is that of Battery saver, it is added so because some users are facing grey-dim Wi-fi which is because when phone is over use to save battery it disabled the wifi. So now with this feature there will be no such shit. Check out these all features in screenshots given below.

iOS 9 features
iOS 9 Multitasking


ios 9 features
iOS 9 Low Power Mode


iOS supported device list
iOS 9 iCloud Drive


ios 9 devices list
iOS 9 Siri

There is also a change in the battery indicator that is converted from green color to yellow while charging. So  these all pictures are given by developer. As it is beta version there are many bugs in this beta concluded by the developers.

iOS 9 Release Date :

According to the rumors and developers after checking and fixing the bugs, Apple will publish the iOS 9 for the iOS users as Public use in the September of 2015. So we have to wait for the this more biggest release.

More About Jailbreak Users :

The Jailbreak of iOS 8.3, 8.4 and also Jailbreak of iOS 9 will be available at the same time. We hope for the jailbreak for our new coming iOS 9. Thanks to Pangu team and Taig team they will create jailbreak as iOnic Jailbreak.


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How to use two Whatsapp accounts in 1 android device

Whatsapp has got alot of attention since its release. Proof of which is that recently Facebook Inc. acquired Whatsapp services for about  US Dollars 19 Billion. Yeah, That’s huge. Now coming back to the point. Whatsapp is available on almost all phone’s now a days. The phone is not required to be a “smartphone”, whatsapp also works on feature phones.

There is a new, sort of, trend of Dual-Sim Android Smartphones from different OEMs, like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Qmobile and some other Manufacturers. Whatsapp only supports 1 number and that may be a trouble for most of people looking for a Dual-Sim Whatsapp. Not Anymore, Now you can use 2 Whatsapp accounts on one single android device at the same time.

There is a simple workaround that you need to follow. We have made a simple step by step guide to make our readers understand better.

How to use two whatsapp accounts.

  1. First of all, you have to install Whatsapp from Google PlayStore. If you already have whatsapp installed, then you can skip to next step.
  2. Now open whatsapp, tap on menu button and select settings from menu.
  3. Now tap on Chat Settings and Select Backup conversations.use-two-whatsapp
  4. Goto Settings->Applications and select Whatsapp from the list of apps, then tap on Clear Data.OGWhatsApp-Installation
  5. After clearing data of Whatsapp, You have to navigate to your SD card and Rename Whatsapp folder as OGWhatsapp.OGWhatsApp-Installation
  6. Now Go back to Settings and Unisntall Whatsapp from Settings-> Apps.
  7. Next you have to install OGWhatsapp from this link
  8. After installing OGWhatsapp, Open it, Verify your number and click Restore.OG Verification
  9. All of your previous chats will be restored in OGWhatsapp.
  10. Next, Install the official Whatsapp from Google PlayStore and use 2nd Number this time.
  11. Congratulations, You have successfully installed two whatsapps on one android Device. Cheers. 🙂

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Here Are Some Best And Lightest Launchers For Your Android Phones

Android is no doubt have edge on it’s biggest rivals (IOS and Windows) when it comes to the flexibility and user customization. Both rivals doesn’t even stand in this race and android is the only competitor and winner of this race. Almost every big android smartphone vendors use their own customized user interfaces in their smartphones which are based on android. The three famous custom UIs of all the time are Samsung’s-Touchwiz, Htc’s-Sense and Xiaomi’s MIUI. Although user doesn’t like all the custom features of them and then try different launchers and then icon packs, themes and wallpapers for them to customize their android.

When users with 1GB Ram smartphones installed third party launchers, themes, icon packs and wallpapers, they find their smartphones glitching or lil bit heavier than normal and if the users with low end smartphones that is with 512MB or less Ram smartphones installed the same above mentioned things, they are about to broke their smartphones because of so much lag. Ever you wonder why this thing happened ? well if you still wondering then come back to reality because the only reason behind this is the heavier sized launcher which not only took a bit more space on memory but also taking the massive MBs of Ram.

Now what to do to tackle this thing and enjoy customizability without having glitches and lags. Here we are with a list of some best and lightest launchers available right now in android market.

Lollipop Launcherlightest launchers for android

Lollipop launcher is a brilliant launcher by mobint softwares which is amazingly designed like give a look of stock launcher which comes pre-built in android lollipop. It is small in size that is 1MB and took very few amount of Ram. This launcher is available at playstore and can downloaded for free.

Cheetah Launcherbest android launchers

Cheetah launcher is another cool home screen replacement by CC launcher and can be customized to next level. It supports various themes and icon packs. It’s total size is 3.2MB and took less Ram. You can simply head over to playstore to download this launcher for free.

Apus Launcherbest light weight launchers for android phones

Apus launcher is yet another fastest, lightest and simplest launcher available in android market and offers some great features for users to customize it. It also supports various themes and icons. Get it for free at playstore.

Hola Launcherlightest launchers for android

Hola launcher is a simple home screen launcher app which offers simple home screen and no app drawer, it resembles Mi launcher but is very smaller in size that is 1.8MB only and doesn’t take too much Ram thus user experience gets smooth and fast. It is a free app and can be downloaded via playstore.

CM Launchercm

CM launcher is developed by the same developing group of Clean Master app which is mostly famous for cleaning phones app caches and also Ram to boost the android performance. In CM launcher’s description, it’s already mentioned that it will boost 100% startup time and bring smoothness in experience. It have a sleek user interface and supports various themes. It also comes in only 1MB size and took very small amount of Ram. You can install it on your smartphone simply by going to google playstore.

So that was our collection of top and best launchers which are lighter in size and don’t take so much Ram and thus results in a glitch-less user experience. If we have missed any other launcher which is lesser in size than these launchers, you can tell us in comments below.

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