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GravityBox For Android Lollipop Now Available

Well few days back we give you the news of availability of Xposed framework for android lollipop and also provided you the method for getting it worked, you can simply visit this if you haven’t installed the lollipop compatible xposed on your armv7+ devices.

GravityBox is a single most popular all in one tweak box available for xposed users and everyone with xposed installed on their smartphones already aware of it. GravityBox offers great user customization and different new functionality. This includes sound settings, extreme theming options and various power tweaks as well. It was one of the reason behind many downgrades to kitkat and many refuses for upgrading to lollipop as android 5.0 was in released newly and there was no xposed available for it and thus GravityBox can’t be installed on lollipop.

But as the xposed framework arrived for android lollipop armv7+ devices, many start waiting for the compatibility of GravityBox for android lollipop and now we are with a good news that GravityBox is now available for android lollipop and just hits the xda forums.

It is now ready for download but still it is a alpha stage release so it will be complex and some of functions create troubles and might not work but it is better than not having. The noteable features includes CM Pie Controls, Extended Desktop, Quick Settings tile management, statusbar brightness control and various theming options for it, navigation bar tweaks, notification drawer theming, screen recording, per-app notification controls, LED settings, advanced power menu, additional volume key functionality, clear-all button in recents, lockscreen mods and few others too.

As it is alpha release, it also missing some functions which are quick settings (not tiles) management, lockscreen wallpaper changing, volume panel features (extensions and linking), and some others that are obsolete in Lollipop.

Now to download and installation instructions, headover to official GravityBox LP thread and enjoy the best customization on your android phone running android lollipop. Happy theming !

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Lenovo Vibe Shot With 16MP Camera Spotted On Thai Website

Lenovo is a chinese multinational computer technology company and have the headquarters in two cities which are beijing and Morrisville, north carolina. Lenovo is one the top smartphone vendors in world and their smartphones are well appreciated among masses specially their flagship devices. Lenovo get the more attention of android community when they launched their flagship phone Lenovo Vibe Z2 which was amazingly designed and possess some great specs.

Since there were some rumors about the company that they are manufacturing their new entry in lenovo’s flagship vibe series lineup and going to released it soon. In addition to these rumors, the upcoming vibe series top-end smartphone by lenovo just got spotted on a thai website.

The main feature which is highlighting is it’s 16 MP back camera having triple-tone flash which is for providing consistent light in different scenes or environments. It’s camera also features a Sony BSI sensor and OIS technology. The vibe shot have a brilliant metal body with curve edges and offers a special dedicated hardware key at side for capturing images.lenovo new flagship 2015

This same smartphone was earlier leaked in china last month with the tag as Lenovo Vibe Z3 Pro. Some other specs are also mentioned there which includes a 5 inches Full HD IPS display at resolution of 1920×1080 and having a powerful Snapdragon 615 Octa Core processor. It is also having 3GB Ram and 32GB of internal memory which can be expandable. Rest the other key features include the LTE connectivity and it will run on latest android version that is android 5.0 lollipop. Whereas there are no details mentioned about it’s battery, front camera and the hybrid sim connectivity.

Lenovo vibe shot is likely expected to be announced at MCW 2015 next month in barcelona. We will keep our eyes closely on this and whenever we got more details about vibe shot, we will update you. To get updated with all our latest articles just subscribe to our daily newsletter at sidebar. You can also connect us socially via liking our facebook page and adding us in your circles on google plus.

Source :

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Xposed Framework For Android Lollipop Finally

Xposed framework doesn’t need any extra intro as the people who root their android and do different modifications are pretty much aware of it but still for the new readers, xposed framework is a great contribution to android modding community by xda’s senior recognized developer rovo89 and basically it enable users to customize their android stock roms or custom sometimes to next level and by their own taste. Since the launch of android 5.0 lollipop everybody was asking questions regarding the release of xposed framework for android lollipop and just now rovo89 has finally announced the availability of xposed framework for android lollipop.

Now the enthusiasts in android modding community can modify their lollipop firmwares as they want. However, this version is in alpha stage and is not a stable build. This new xposed framework build is only for the ARMv7+ devices which are running on android lollipop and according to rovo89, try this only if you are kind enough to handle the bootloops but he also mentioned that this new build is working perfectly for him on nexus 5 and nexus 9.

The developer of xposed framework has also created a FAQ for users on this new build which can be read below.

Why did it take so long? ART has been published more than a year ago!

First of all – many people keep asking for ART support. Lollipop has far more changes than that, such as even stricter SELinux policies, 64-bit ROMs and architecture changes that you would expect from a major release. And of course ART itself is constantly being improved; there are big differences between ART for KitKat and ART for Lollipop.

So one reason is the big complexity, which required many, many hours of work for research, development and testing.

Another reason is that there are other things in my life than Xposed, so there have been weeks or even months in which I have hardly even looked at the code at all.

Do we need to rewrite all the modules?

No, the Xposed API is pretty much unchanged. Xposed abstracts all the details, so modules don’t need to care whether they’re running on Dalvik or ART. Many modules will actually work without any changes, especially those which modify the behavior of user apps. Modules targeting the system behavior might need to be adjusted to the new Android framework code, which isn’t caused by ART, but simply by architecture and code changes that happen between any two Android releases. The most significant one is that the code for system services has been moved to a separate file. For most of the affected modules, this can be solved by a little refactoring (moving code to a different place).

Is it actually working?

Yes! At least for me, it’s working fine on my daily device (Nexus 5 on CM12) and also on my Nexus 9 (paid by XDA – thanks!). The phone is stable as usual and apps are working fine. And obviously, the modules and their hooks/resource replacements are working fine as well, otherwise there would be no point in releasing something.

But then why is it an alpha version?

Because there have been huge changes since the last stable release that need to be tested by people who know how to use a recovery, escape from boot loops and report bugs properly. I strongly advise newbies to wait until Xposed has been tested by enough experienced people.

There are also some edge-cases which haven’t been tested yet, such as hooking JNI (native) methods and methods that are being executed at the time of hooking them.

I want to install it. Now! What do I have to do?

Make sure that you’ve read my words above and you’re familiar with your phone’s internals. Obviously, you need to be on a Lollipop ROM and have a good backup of your data. For now, I will only publish the ARMv7+ version. 64-bit is more complex, so let’s try the “easy” variant first.

For reading the more FAQ click here

For installing the new xposed framework, you also need a custom recovery for flashing the necessary files needed to run xposed on lollipop, so if you don’t have custom recovery then first install it and then try it. Here’s the steps for installing xposed framework on android lollipop.

Step 01 : First make sure you have ARMV7+ device running on android 5.0 lollipop.

Step 02 : Download xposed arm zip file from the official thread here.

Step 03 : Flash the file via custom recovery which you have downloaded in above step.

Step 04 : Download XposedInstaller_3.0-alpha1.apk from here.

Step 05 : Now install the xposed installer apk file downloaded in above step.

Step 06 : Now download and install xposed modules and do customization as you want.

Well this version is strictly for ARMV7+ devices which are on lollipop. If you try this and worked for you, leave the experience in comments below. You can visit the official thread here. Furthermore you can also subscribe to our daily newsletter for getting all our latest articles in your inbox.

Via XDA-Portal

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QMobile’s First LTE Smartphone, QMobile LT-250

QMobile is the top smartphone vendor in Pakistan according to the market stats. Almost 50% of the market is shared by QMobile and rest of the by other brands like samsung, voice etc. It was rumored back in december 2014 that QMobile to come with another market tactic by introducing new smartphone range which will be better than other available QMobile smartphones and will focused the needs of the young users, and yes it was also rumored that priyanka chopra will endorse the new LINQ series. But up till now there is no official word available on this rumor.

In between these rumors, on the starting of 2015 our source confirmed us that QMobile is all set to release their new smartphone which will feature 4G LTE technology and will be cheaper than other 4G LTE smartphones available in market. Today at WhatMobile, a new QMobile appeared with the label as ‘QMobile LT-250‘, at first we think that it will be a normal entry by QMobile but when we opened the link and read it’s specs, we got amazed to see that QMobile have finally released their first lte smartphone which is cheap as compared to it’s competitors.

Later we visit the official facebook page of digicom and their we get confirmation that the company is really introduced this new smartphone. The more confirmation with official images is still missing in this scene and is expected to be revealed officially tomorrow. Here’s some key specifications of the QMobile LT 250.qmobile lte phone

Unlike other most QMobile’s, the all new QMobile LT-250 is rocking a powerful Nvidia Tegra 4i Quadcore processor which is clocked at 1.7Ghz and the chipset is coupled with tegra 4 GPU. The LT-250 have 1 GB of Ram to provide a decent support to processor to maintain the performance high. Furthermore it have 4 GB of internal storage which can be expandable up to 32 GB. It will be running on android 4.4 KitKat.

QMobile LT-250 comes with 4.7 inches HD IPS display with corning gorilla glass 2 protection. The battery department is fulfill by a 2000 mAh lithium battery. The LT-250 features a 8MP back camera with auto-focus, led flash and can record full HD videos. A 5MP front camera is also there for clearer selfies. The most amazing feature about the phone is that it offers 4G LTE connectivity and 3G connectivity as well. It is the cheapest new 4G LTE smartphone available right now in market as it costs only 16,600 PKR. According to Digicom facebook page, QMobile LT-250 will be available from tomorrow. So we have to just wait untill the full official details and availability in local market.

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Huawei To Enter In US Markets With Ascend P8 Release

Huawei is a chinese tech giant and is one of the top 5 smartphone vendors around the globe. Huawei’s honor series take the company to the place where it is standing right now and is ready to hit the next phase of topping in the top smartphone vendors chart by entering to US market again with a big bang. In the past, huawei although was present in US market but it was minimal presence but now the company has decided to rock the US markets by releasing their upcoming flagship Huawei Ascend P8 in US markets with a boost.

In Shanghai, during an media event huawei’s VP of handsets commented on the plans of the company to re-enter in US markets with boost. Mr Jie Jinjin said that ”huawei will enter in US markets because this is inevitable”. He further said that they need to do a lot things and have to do workaround strategies to enter in US markets.

According to AndroidPit, when they reached huawei to comment on this then the VP of huawei’s external affairs said that huawei is already in US markets and it has been four years but moving forward will bring the array of devices across carries and channels including high-end smart devices.

There were no specific device or any date mentioned in statements but huawei can launch their upcoming flagship device Ascend P8 in US markets after the official launch at london on 15 april 2015, but other devices like ascend p7 and honor series can fill the product range. For the full confirmed news we have to wait until the official launch of Ascend P8 and we will keep our eyes on the official launch event and will let you know all the news related to it.

Do you really think huawei will be able to dominate US markets ?

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How To Download Songs From SoundCloud App On Android

SoundCloud is the German based audio playback and distribution service which allows the users to upload, stream, promote and share their created music. Moreover you can also like the songs and leave your comments on them. It is generally a website containing sounds from all over the world. SoundCloud has released its official app for different popular platforms including Android, IOS and Firefox Os.

The best part of soundcloud is that you can listen any song anytime you want to. It is really a cloud of songs in which you can get almost any song whether it is local based or the songs from famous international artists. SoundCloud android app have crossed over 50 million downloads and still counting. All the things are good but the only thing or service which this app misses is the download feature. You can stream the music online and then add it to favorites to stream that offline but you can’t download that song to have its mp3 file.

As we have earlier provided you the only 100% working and exclusive method to download Facebook videos without using any third-party Facebook video downloader apps and now we are coming up with yet another working and exclusive guide on how to download songs from SoundCloud app on android. Here’s how to do download songs from soundcloud android app.

How To Download Songs From SoundCloud App On Android

Step#1 : Open SoundCloud app on your phone and open the song which you want to download and stream it full. (Note that if you have already streamed the songs which you want to download then no need to follow this step)

Step#2 : Now close the app and open the file manager on your song from soundcloud app android

Step#3 : Now locate to Android>data>>files>stream> songs from soundcloud app on android screenshots

Step#4 : Now there will be files depending on the number of songs you have streamed, just long press each file and select to rename the file. List of songs downloaded from Soundcloud Android App

Step#5 : Now just add “.mp3” extension in the end and tap on Save, now just copy the new mp3 file and paste in the folder where you want to store the songs.Rename Downloaded mp3 song from SoundCloud

Step#6 : You will now able to see the new song in your music player app on your smartphone. Enjoy!

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HTC Desire A55 – A Desire Flagship

As we are listening many rumors about the upcoming htc m9 code-named HIMA and this device is trending nowadays on almost all active android blogs out there. But today we got to know about another flagship device which is all set to release. This time the reliable source of HTC leaks @upleaks at twitter published the info about the upcoming flagship of HTC’s desire series which is named as HTC desire A55.

This specs leak confirmed us that this A55 (or what is going to be in the end when marketed) is not the company’s bigger flagship like HIMA but it is going to be the representative of the desire series.

Now starting from the display side, the leak state that A55 is going to be a large screen phone with a 5.5″ Quad HD display at a resolution of 1440×2560 pixels. HTC Desire A55 - A Desire Flagship

Under the front panel, it will feature the latest announced 64 bit MT6795 8 core processor clocked at 2.0GHz and a 3GB Ram will be there for support to the processor. Furthermore, A55 will come with a 20MP shooter with auto-focus and LED flash. About the front camera it is stated there that it can be a 13MP or a 4MP Ultra Pixel.

The desire A55 will offer 32GB internal memory and will be powered by a battery which will be equal or less than 3000 mAh. Allegedly, A55 will be running on latest android lollipop based Desire Sense 7 UI.

@upleaks claims that the htc desire a55 will be available within this month and there are going to be two variants of this device, one will be labelled as A55#UL which will be single sim and will be introduced in europe and middle east. The other dual sim A55#DTUL variant will only be on sale in Asia.

The @upleaks also did a subsequent tweet and state that the expected Htc Hima Ace is now replaced by the desire A55.

Well if we talk about the @upleaks than the information which has been leaked up till now is reliable and trust worthy whereas the official word is still missing in this scenario so the above specs are not final and confirmed, for the final specs we have to wait for the official announcement until then keep visiting us for more updates.

Source: @upleaks

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Official 5.0 Lollipop Firmware For Galaxy Note 3 N900

Recently the official OTA update of 5.0 lollipop hits the samsung galaxy note 3 SM-N900 in Russia. Just right after the ota updates, SamMobile updated their website’s firmware downloads section with the latest 5.0 lollipop firmware.

This official firmware build is labelled as XXUEBOA6 and it is not a leak or any unofficial build. Although the build is only available in Russia but the users who owned N900 in different regions can also flashed this firmware to update their N900 to official lollipop touchwiz firmware.

The XXUEBOA6 official lollipop firmware is more stable and improved. The major changes are the whole new lollipop based touchwiz UI, faster task processing and much more better battery life. The firmware is available at Samsung KIES and you can also use it to update your N900 manually. The people who want to update their N900 can follow our detailed tutorial to update galaxy note 3 n900 to lollipop. Before we start our tutorial, have a look at some of the details of the firmware.

Model: SM-N900
Model name: GALAXY Note 3
Country: Russia
Version: Android 5.0
Changelist: 3779962
Build date: Tue, 13 Jan 2015 16:11:27 +0000
Product Code: SER

Before you start please make sure you have complete backup of your current ROM so in case if you stuck somewhere in process and want to revert back then you can use that backup to restore your device in working condition.

Disclaimer: The firmware and tools which are shared in this tutorial belongs to their respective developers and we or they will not be responsible for any damage so follow the below guide on your own risk. Note that the you must have SM-N900 to follow this guide and do not try the below steps on any other variant of galaxy note 3.

How To Update Galaxy Note 3 N900 To Official 5.0 Lollipop Firmware:

We have gathered up this step by step guide on how to update note 3 to lollipop with official firmware. Please read and execute every step carefully so you can install it with ease.

  1. Download Official 5.0 Lollipop Firmware For Galaxy Note 3 N900 and extract the zip file on your desktop.
  2. Download Odin v3.09 on your pc, we will be using this to flash the firmware.
  3. Power off your phone and now go to the download mode by pressing and holding volume down and home button together and then press power button until the samsung logo or red text or yellow text appeared on your screen.
  4. Be sure you have installed all the usb drivers for SM-N900 on your pc.
  5. Now on your computer, open Odin and connect your phone to pc while it is in download mode.
  6. If the phone is connected correctly and all the usb drivers are installed on your computer then on Odin screen, one of the ID:COM boxes will turn yellow with the COM port number. This step will take some time.
  7. Now select the respective files in ODIN, these files can be found in the firmware folder which you have earlier extracted on desktop.
  8. Click on ‘PDA’ and select file with ‘CODE’ in its name.
  9. Click on ‘Phone’ and select file with ‘MODEM’ in its name. Ignore this step if there is no such file.
  10. Click on ‘CSC’ and select file with CSC’ in its name. Ignore this step if there is no such file.
  11. Click on ‘PIT’ and select the .pit file. NOTE: This only applies if you have a 32GB internal storage phone otherwise, skip this step.
  12. Now check Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time options in ODIN and if you have selected the PIT file in above step then check Re-Partition option also and if you haven’t selected the PIT file then just leave it unchecked.
  13. Now just click on the start button in ODIN and now the installation will start so just wait for it to complete.
  14. After the completion of installation process, your N900 will restart and when it boots up completely then just unplug the phone from pc.
  15. The process is now finished and you have now successfully installed official lollipop firmware on your SM-N900.

If somehow you done anything wrong or you are not getting any step, feel free to comment below, we will get to you and will try our best to help you out.

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How To Setup Moto Voice On Motorola Droid Turbo

Motorola droid turbo was released back in october 2014 and it was one of the highly appreciated moto device but still some views were offensive. Moto droid turbo packed with a powerful Snapdragon 805 Quadcore Krait 450 processor clocked at 2.7Ghz. To backup the processor, it features a 3GB Ram and a Adreno 420 Gpu. The most amazing feature we like about this device is it’s battery which is a non-removable Li-Po 3900 mAh battery.

The droid turbo also have some excellent pro features, Moto Voice is one of them. Moto voice is actually a feature in Moto app which comes built-in with droid turbo stock firmware and it enables users to say any thing and then let the turbo done that thing. You can say anything you want to this app and it will perform it, just you have to add one more phrase with it which is ‘Ok Droid Turbo’. For example, you can say a phrase ‘OK Droid Turbo, take a selfie’ and it will take your selfie. Or you can simply say ‘Ok Droid Turbo, what’s up’ and it will now read your all notifications and also show and speak the time for you.

To enable or setup moto voice on motorola droid turbo, you can simply go to the app drawer and launch the Moto app. Now tap on the gear icon in the top right corner and you will be now in app settings. In lower left corner, you will now see Moto voice, just tap on it. Now it will present you prompts to set up this feature. First thing it will ask you to have your own custom phrase and then it will record your voice to configure the app with only your voice so that it only responds to you. Now setup it and add your all custom phrases.

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First Lollipop Sense 6 ROM For Htc M8

After the official android lollipop update of htc one m8, we witnessed some custom roms based on official update rolls out but still they were the stock android experience, the sense ui and feel was missing but thanks to xda forum’s recognized contributor dragonesdenano for his efforts to bring the first ever sense 6 custom for htc one m8 which is based on android lollipop. This is the team effort as ‘Team Skydragon’ which is led by dragonesdenano.

Now coming to features of this excellent ROM as mentioned on it’s official thread.

*First M8 lollipop Sense 6 Rom
Android 5.0.1
HTC Sense 6.0
*Variants Support: GSM
*NO Verizon
*No Sprint
*Made From Scratch
*Rooted with SuperSu powered by Chainfire
*Added Full Language System Support
*Deleted HTC Spywares
*SkyDragon Bootanimation
*Updated Sense Apps
*SD Kernel 3.0.7
*FULL Laypota ModPack Compatibility
*Project Era v22 (Thanks ZeroInfinity!)
*Init.d Built-in and Tweaks Added
*BusyBox Built-in
*Added Power Amp
*Added Quickboot App
*Added Dropbox
*Added Latest Titanium App
*Speed Optimizations
*Battery Optimizations
*Removed and/or disabled all Logging apps & Files
*External SD-Card write support
*Google Apps Updated to Latest
–pre-unchecked Tibu/poweramp/quickboot for removal
–Added GPE Contacts/Dialer(Will replace/remove Sense contacts/dialer)
–Added Hacked Exchange Mail apk option(No pin/password required)
*Added a few more scripts to build.prop
*Aroma by HolyAngel

Installation Instructions:

  • Download the latest ROM build from the official thread.
  • Now copy/paste the downloaded to your internal sdcard.
  • Power off your phone and boot into CWM or Recovery depending which is suggested at official thread with specific rom build.
  • Make a nandroid backup of your current ROM.
  • wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache and wipe dalvik cache.
  • Now choose zip from sdcard and flash the and now you will be in aroma installer.
  • Make your selections and let it to finished the installation.

Note that we are just sharing this ROM of Skydragon team at xda and we or the skydragon team will not be responsible for any damage you did to your device.

Visit the official thread of ROM for more info and must hit thanks if you download it. You can also subscribed to our daily newsletter for getting all our latest articles right in your inbox.