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Official Android 5.0 Lollipop For Asus Zenfone 4

Asus have finally released the long awaited official android 5.0 lollipop update for Zenfone 4. Asus have released this android 5.0 based update via OTA ( over the air) but have also made the ota file available for manual installation. This update brings the updated android based software version 7.3.3 of Asus.

If you haven’t get the OTA yet make sure you are on the software version 6.3.3 to get latest update. Below are the details of the firmware and changelog.

Firmware Details

  • Model : Asus Zenfone 4
  • Model Number : T00I
  • Software Version : 7.3.3
  • Android Version : 5.0


Following listed apps will be added after the update.

  • Trip advisor
  • Gameloft
  • ClearMaster
  • Zinio
  • ASUS Auto-start Service Manager
  • Asus Support

Following listed apps will be removed after the update

  • Battery gadgets
  • Google Text-to-Speech
  • Movie studio

Below are some feature changes after the system upgrade

  • Lockscreen: remove standalone wallpaper & weather info
  • Dialler/Contacts: reduce tab count from 5 to 3; remove group tab name/photo
  • InCall screen: remove inCall animation & cover
  • Quick settings/Recent app layout change

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Screenshots:official android 5.0 lollipop update for asus zenfone 4

Now for the users who didn’t get the update yet and wanted to get it asap, we are sharing the manual installation procedure of firmware. Don’t forget to take backup of your data and before doing any step make sure your model no is T00I otherwise installing the firmware on other than this model no will result in hard brick or dead device.

  • Download the official android 5.0 lollipop update for Zenfone 4 from here.
  • Now connect your phone to pc and transfer the downloaded firmware to your phone’s internal or external memory.
  • Now disconnect your phone from pc and wait for some time.
  • Now after waiting, you should see notification at notification bar about the update.
    Note : If you didn’t get the notification, go to settings>about phone and check for system update. If this doesn’t work then just reboot the device and try the steps again.
  • Now just Apply the update. Your phone will now boot into recovery mode and will install the update.
  • After installation, phone will reboot automatically.
  • After complete boot-up, go to settings>about phone to confirm the update.
  • Done.

Note that it will take about 10-20 minutes to boot up so don’t panic and just wait for it to boot-up completely. If it takes time more than usual, just factory reset and you are done. A factory reset is recommended after the update for a clean experience.

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Convert Your Android Device Into A Linux Desktop Pc Without Rooting

Nowadays android smartphones have become very powerful devices and can perform every kind of Pc tasks in minutes, for example, data processing, photo editing etc. So why not converting it into a real time desktop pc with double advantage? Here we will today show you to convert your android device into a linux desktop pc without rooting.

We will be using linux variant, Debian here to convert android smartphone into a desktop linux pc. Debian doesn’t require root permissions to run, which makes the process very easy. So now lets move to the steps of this guide.

First you need to install “Debian noroot” app from playstore on your smartphone. Basically Debian is an linux based operating system which lets you many free open source programs which we will discuss later in this post. This Debian noroot app will install the debian 7.0 wheezy on your android device. Now when you are done with downloading Debian noroot app from playstore, open it and it will start installing all required packages so just wait for it. Once it installs all the packages, you will be able to see a cursor on the desktop type screen.convert android device into linux desktop pc

Now the next part of this guide is to update the Debian to latest stable version and install important programs. If you are familiar with linux then you will feel right here with ‘Apt-get’ command but if you are new to it then don’t be a panic person and just follow the steps below.

  • On Debian window, drag mouse on icon labelled as ‘Root Terminal’ and double tap on it. Now you will be able to see command type window.
  • If you are not using bluetooth keyboard, you have to use the onscreen keyboard to issue commands. You can bring keyboard by swiping from top or side and then taping on back navigation key. convert android into a linux desktop pc
  • Now to make sure that debian is updated, type apt-get update in the terminal and hit enter key. Now it will install crucial system & security updates.
  • Once its done, you can now start installing programs. Below are some programs which we are recommending but you can install hundreds of other programs, tools and even games also. To see the list of programs you can install, just visit Debian wheezy’s official page.
                  > To install libreoffice suit : You need to type apt-get install libreoffice and then hit enter.
    > To install Iceweasel Web browser : You need to type apt-get install iceweasel and then hit enter.
how to convert android phone into a linux desktop pc
Libreoffice suit running on debian on android phone

These programs should be installed now and ready to use. Now you can start exploring it by yourself. Furthermore you can connect mouse and keyboard for your ease. You can also connect your android phone to monitor or any hdmi supported television for a bigger view. Although the steps are quite clear and easy to execute but still if you’r having problems in dealing with Debian or stuck at any of step, you can comment below to get your problem solved. You can also join our facebook group for getting quick technical assistance anytime.

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How To Root Samsung Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge Without Tripping Knox

Samsung is no doubt a great and top level innovative smartphones vendor in the world. The popularity of south korean giant have been increased a lot over a past few years because not only the company introducing flawless flagships but ensuring the maximum security of it. The feature which is really innovative in security measures is KNOX. Basically Knox is like a security assistant to samsung, which ensures no custom modifications made to smartphone and the locked state should remain locked. So we can not simply made modifications in it or else Knox will trip and the warranty will be gone. Now the point here is that, one should take care to prevent this type of situation.

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are the two latest flagships by the company and these are getting a lot of attention because of innovative features in them. Some of the highlighted features include 5.1″ QHD super amoled display, metal & glass body, Exynos 14nm octa-core processor, 3GB Ram and 16MP rear camera. Both devices also have the KNOX protocol which means playing with them carelessly can cause you set back. If you want to root your S6 or S6 edge without tripping Knox then you are at right place.

Now coming back to the topic which is how you can root samsung galaxy s6 and s6 edge without tripping knox. Below guide is applicable on all models of S6 and S6 edge. Still you can check whether your s6/s6 edge variant is supported by PingPong Root tool used in this procedure by visiting official thread of tool here.

Note that the steps below are safe to follow but still we will not be responsible for any damage you did to your device. Follow at your own risk.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge Without Tripping Knox

  • Download PingPong Root tool from here and transfer it to your s6/s6 edge.
  • Now enable unknown sources by going to settings>lockscreen and security.
  • Now open file manager, navigate to APK file and install it.
  • Once installed, open PingPong Root app and it will ask you to install supersu, just install the app.
  • Now here tap on “Download Data” and make sure your data connection/WIFI is working and turned on.
  • After updating the data, now tap on “Get Root!” button there and if it asks for permissions, just grant it.
  • Now just reboot your device and wait for it to set up completely.
  • Now you will be able to locate SuperSu app in app drawer which means your S6/S6 edge is rooted and KNOX is still there untouched.
  • For confirming root permissions, download and install Root Checker app from playstore.

There wasn’t any type of flashing so it won’t trip KNOX and warranty will not be voided. It is easy because of the “PingPong Root” tool developed by idler1984 at Xda forums. The developer of this tool surely need appreciation which you can do hitting thanks button on official thread of this tool. User FAQ is also there on thread. That’s enough from our side and if you got some queries then you are free to comment them below, you will be answered. For instance technical assistance you can join our facebook group.

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How to unlock bootloader of Ufone U5

Last year Ufone produced a really good phone, Ufone Smart U5, which is locked to ufone only. Many people bricked their U5 because of locked bootloader. As Ufone U5 is a snapdragon 400 powered device and has the bootloader locked, Muhammad Hamza found a working method to Unlock bootloader of Ufone U5. ( How to unlock bootloader of Ufone U5)

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To unlock bootloader of UFone U5, you need a couple of things that are listed below.

  1. Android All-in-one tool
  2. A working PC
  3. Drivers
  4. Ufone U5 and a USB cable

Instructions to unlock bootloader of Ufone U5:

Note: Your phone’s warranty will get void and you may not able to claim it.

  1. Download the tool in your PC and extract it in a folder.
  2. Down the drivers from link given above and install them in your PC. (It will require your phone to be connected.)
  3. Now launch the tool you downloaded in step 1.
  4. Select USB connection by entering 1 and it will detect your phone.
  5. Now enter 6 to select “Unlock/relock bootloader (SEE NOTES)“.How to unlock bootloader of Ufone U5
  6. Now enter 1 to select “Unlock Bootloader“.unlock bootloader of Ufone U5A
  7. Now the tool will execute some commands on its own.
  8. Your phone will now reboot and bootloader will get unlocked.
  9. Just reboot your phone, if it doesn’t restarts automatically.
  10. Enjoy benifits of unlocked bootloader.


  1. Muhammad Hamza aka MZO
  2. Ufone for importing this phone.
  3. for post
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iPhone, iPad not turning on? this is what you can do to fix

As we all know that Apple iOS products are all with sealed batteries and we can not pull them out if iPhone or iPad gets stuck somewhere. Many of new iOS users might have wondered what we can do if our iPhone or iPad is not turning on? or if it is stuck at somewhere.

After all iOS powered devices are also computers and every computer gets stuck at some point in its life. Same thing goes with iPhones and iPads. If your iOS devices is stuck and not responding or not turning on, we’ve made this list of fixes that you can try.

  1. How to Share music on Whatsapp from iPhone
  2. Transfer files between iOS and Android w/o root, jailbreak
  3. Semi-Jailbreak for iOS 8.2 is Out | Download Link
  4. iCaughtu Pro |Updated for iOS 8

Charge your iPhone/iPad/iPod with original charger

As all iOS devices are coming with fixed/embedded batteries, it becomes really difficult to replace the battery. This fix works if your device’s battery is completely dead. If you iDevice has some charge left in its battery, you should be able to see low battery screen. But if your iDevice is completely drained, it will simply not respond.

The most common way to fix this is to hook your iDevice with an Apple certified charger and USB cable. Some chargers may also result in this kind of problem, that is why we always recommend you to use only original or apple certified chargers.

You should at least charge your device for 15-20 minutes, as your device’s battery is completely dead and you can not expect it to turn on immediately. After 15-20 minutes of charging, your device will boot up on its own. If it doesn’t, try next fix.

  1. iOS 9 Concept | Release Date
  2. MovieBox Updated for iOS 8
  3. Accurate Methods To Save iOS 8 Battery Life
  4. Accurate Methods To Save iOS 8 Battery Life

Perform a hard reset

This is the most common fix to any computer glitch. In most of Android devices, we can pull the battery out of the device and it will do a hard reset. Even if our computers get stuck, we used to pull its cable off and will resets the computer. As apple iOS devices don’t have that option, Apple has included a combo command that can do the same thing on Every iOS device.

That combo command is press and hold Home + Power button. This will reset your iOS device and your data will NOT get deleted. By reset here in meant a forced Restart. This will fix your iOS device and you’ll be rebooted into the OS again.

Even this didn’t work?

  1. Jailbreak for iOS 8.1.3 Users
  2. Spotify Fix (unlimited skip and no shuffle)
  3. Zapya | Share Files Between your PC/Pod/Pad/Android
  4. Clap iOS 8 tweak | Find Your Phone by Clap
  5. AirBlue sharing Enable (Bluetooth for iphone)

Restore your iDevice with iTunes

If no fix worked for you, This will definitely work. Basically you require a PC and a Internet connection to do this task. As this will restore your iDevice with new OS. All your data will get wiped and you may have to restore the iCloud backup later.

  • Open iTunes on your Computer.
  • Connect your device with computer via USB cable.
  • You iDevice will show up in the iTunes and you just need to click the restore button.
  • More details here

Nothing worked? Contact Apple and if your device is under warranty, claim that. There is definitely some hardware problem in your device.

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Do you know you can detect earthquake with your phone?

Almost all smartphone users know that all smartphones now a days are coming with a lot of sensors in them. Even the most cheap android smartphone has Accelerometer which is used for Auto-rotate. I was surfing the web news and found a really great tool which can graph the movement of your phone or tablet.

Then I read a post which says that you can use your phone as a basic seismometer. Don’t expect professional level results from your phone. So let’s get to it.

How to use your phone as earthquake detector.

Here is a web-page which is written is simple java-script and works on every modern day smartphone. Just open the link and it will start making a graph of the movement of your phone. Ofcourse you can manipulate the output by shaking your phone. Even if I open the link in my laptop, Which doesn’t have any accelerometer in it, The graph is moving a little.

Use your phone as an earthquake detector

So, If you thought that you can actually use your phone as a professional seismometer, you are a genius. This is what I am going to show you now. Just open the link given above, and place your phone on a flat surface like a table or ground.

If you see a lot of movement in the graph, either the earth is shaking or your phone’s sensor is faulty. 😀

I will again mention that you should not use it as a reliable seismometer. But there is something which is better then nothing.

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Find the right iPhone background and enjoy the benefits

When was the last time that you actually thought about the background that you are going to use for your iphone? When was the last time that you actually thought about what you are going to use as the theme of your phone? How much time has elapsed since you last changed the picture or at least thought about what options you have in this regards? The truth is that this is not something to which much attention is paid.

Why should one think about it? What is the big deal? It is not like this would be on display? Who cares if we do not change it every now and then? These are some of the responses that are often given when people are asked about the option of changing their backgrounds. Let us shed light on the importance of an iPhone wallpaper.

  1. How to install cydia tweaks without jailbreak
  2. How to get cydia tweaks for free
  3. Find your iPhone with just a shout
  4. How to share music on Whatsapp iPhone

What are you saying with your iPhone wallpaper?

You must have often heard that a picture can speak a thousand words. Every picture has a story to tell and it is up to you as to how you interpret a certain picture. There are certain pictures looking at which you would be filled with a weird sense of calm, while there would be some which would never fail to bring a smile on your face as they would have a certain memory associated with them. Then there would be some looking at which you would feel that they are a reflection of your personality, while you would come across some pictures that would inspire you to strive harder to attain the things that you love in your life.

  1. How to fix disabled wifi on iPhone 4S
  2. How to test Wi-Fi speeds on iPhone Without Internet
  3. How to share files via bluetooth on iPhone
  4. Enable Slo-mo on Unsupported iOS 8 devices

Indeed pictures can have an amazing effect on your mood and personality. So why should one not endeavor to bring this effect into his everyday life? You have the perfect way to do so. If you have an iphone, this would be easy to manage owing to the vast collection of iphone backgrounds that have been made available. With the right background you can manage to achieve the effect that you had been hoping to incorporate in your life since forever.

Your iPhone wallpaper can become your road to self-discovery

It is sometimes the little things that matter the most, which are responsible for bringing about a change. Therefore it is essential that one does not overlook any aspect deeming it to be of little importance. Think of it from a broader point of view, change your perception and you would be amazed by the effects that would be gained. This might also pave way to discover some of the hidden aspects of your personality.
While you are looking at the various options, you might be surprised by the innovative streak that is present in you, or you might discover something that is grasping your attention. A simple search could lead to a lot of things. Therefore do not undermine the importance of backgrounds that you put up for your phone. Instead think of it from a creative point of you. Use themes that would hold some meaning for you so that every time you take a look at your phone, you would be reminded of something important.

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How to add a custom domain to blogger – Blogspot

Blogger is one of the best and most used platform by many blogs around the glob. Though, some bloggers are shifting from blogger to WordPress, because of the plugins.

Here are some benefits of using blogger that can never be overlooked.

  1. Blogger is a Google’s product, so you don’t have to worry about servers. On the other hand, WordPress is a self-hosted platform which requires a web host.
  2. No matter how much traffic your site receives, your site will never go down. All because of the highest quality servers by Google.
  3. Security of your blog can never be an issue for you cause you are in safe hands of Google. The company never compromises on security as well as speed.

What is required to attach a custom domain to blogger

  1. 1 Fully Qualified Domain name which should be registered.
  2. 1 blog at, If you don’t have a blog and just getting started, you can login at with your Gmail ID and create a blog for free.
  3. 1 Cloudflare account (Optional). If your current domain registrar doesn’t allow for custom dns records, you would require a Cloudflare account.


We are going to use cloudflare because it works for any domain registrar, No matter if they allow custom dns records or not.

  1. First of all, login to account.
  2. On blogger, select the blog you want to attach a custom domain with.
  3. Click on settings and then click on basic from the menu at left side.Add a custom domain to blogger via cloudflare
  4. Now you have to click at “+ Setup a 3rd party URL for your blog” and you will see a field for a custom domain name.
  5. Enter your domain name in this field and click save. Don’t forget to check the box saying “Redirect to”
  6. Once you clicked save, you will see an error saying “We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12” Don’t panic, it is normal. Just note the dns records given here, Like shown below.add a custom domain to blogger cloudflare
  7. Now you have to login to cloudflare account and add your domain.
  8. It will ask you to setup the dns records for your domain, Here you have to add the records that are given by blogger. You also need to add A records like shown in the image below.add a custom domain to blogger
  9. In the next step you will get 2 nameservers of cloudflare, you have to add them in your domain registrar. Every domain registrar allows you at least 2 nameservers, so you should not have any problem adding them.add a custom domain to blogger cloudflare
  10. Wait for some time and let the dns records propagate, so that every dns server knows your domain’s new address. Which is blogger. 🙂

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How to root QMobile Noir Z8

As we all know QMobile is known for its mediatek powered smartphones with a very aggressive pricing strategy. But recently QMobile started to produce, or started to import to be more precise, smartphones that are powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC. QMobile Noir Z8 is also one of these devices which are powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 and has very good specs.

Enough of the talking, Today I’ll share with you how you can root QMobile Noir Z8. You will require a PC and some files to be downloaded in it. so lets get started.

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  4. Android Lollipop CWM Flashable ROM for Rivo RX60


  1. A PC with 7zip or any other archive extractor.
  2. A USB Cable.
  3. ADB Drivers – Download
  4. Root package – Download


  1. First of all you have to download and install adb drivers in your PC. Link given above.
  2. Download the root package and extract it to desktop. or anywhere you like.
  3. Now turn on USB Debugging in your QMobile Noir Z8 by going into Settings-> Developer Options-> and enable usb debugging.
  4. Connect your phone with PC via USB cable.
  5. Double-click Root wiko ridge batch file and press any key on your pc.How to root Noir Z8
  6. If you have drivers installed, your QMobile Noir Z8 will Reboot into custom recovery. This does not install the cwm recovery because the recovery image is not fully working.
  7. When your phone boots into cwm recovery, press any key on your pc to continue.
  8. Now your phone will start to show some weird colors but you don’t have to worry, its notmal. Just Press Volume down once and then press power button. Your phone will reboot and it should now be rooted.

Congratulations! You have successfully rooted your QMobile Noir Z8. You can check the root via Root checker app and this would be the output.

Root QMobile Noir Z8


  1. Chuppito for making this script and making this procedure for Wiko Ridge 4G.
  2. XDA and Wiko forums
  3. MGeeky for this post.

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Source in French

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How to Share Music on WhatsApp from iPhone | ShareMusix

Hy folks today I am here with the most popular question for iOS users who always search about the most frequent question that how to share music on WhatsApp from iPhone? This is the most famous question which is usually asked by the iOS users. As iOS users are not allowed to send any file via Bluetooth or they also cant send any music file to contact by using WhatsApp.

For those users who are in search for this they need to jailbreak their iOS device. Yes i mean Cydia is the first prority to share music with contacts just like that of android users. Further explaining about Jailbreak or Cydia for those users who have no idea about this, Jailbreak means to install Jailbreak Environment to get Cydia on their device for installing tweaks and to customize the iOS device using many tweaks Just like that of MewSeek

Now let me tell you how to share music on WhatsApp using iPhone. As i have said you must have Cydia on your iOS device to get this feature. If you dont have Cydia on your iOS device then check out the given link to install Cydia on your iOS.

Note:- iOS 8.2, 8.3 and 8.1.3 users
can’t install Cydia

How to install Cydia on iOS 8.1.2

How to install Cydia on iOS 7.x.x

Now if you have installed cydia on your device proceed next to these steps which are much pretty and easy to get the function on your idevice

  1. So At first head over to Cydia and Open it
  2. Now tap Search tab and type Sharemusix
  3. Install this tweak by confirming from next screen
  4. Restart SpringBoard
  5. Open Music App
  6. Now play any music and you will see an arrow squared button at the screen
  7. Tap the button and tap Share on Whatsapp
  8. Choose Contact with whom you wanna share it
  9. You have Done Now

Yes you have done with this. ShareMusic is a tweak which allow iOS users to share or send Music from library to favorite contact. Remember that this is only for iOS 7 and iOS 8 users. CHeck out the video link for further understanding

Thanks for reading this article. I hope you are done with this questions. Share it if you liked it. Do join us at Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Cheers :)