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How to root Lollipop on QMobile X400 aka Gionee V4S

Today in this guide I’ll show you how you can root Android Lollipop on QMobile X400 aka Gionee V4S. Just a couple of days ago we shared Lollipop Firmware for QMobile X400 and now we’ve found root method of the same. This procedure is a bit longer and will require some files and tools to be downloaded. So, lets get started.



  1. First of all you would require all the files downloaded in your PC. This should look like this after extraction. Don’t Extract Kinguser and Lollipop Root package.root QMobile X400 lollipop
  2. Install the drivers. Most probably they are already installed if you updated to lollipop yourself.
  3. Turn off your QMobile X400.
  4. Now open SP Flash tool and click “scatter-loading”

    Root Android Lollipop Gionee V4S
    Click to enlarge
  5. Next you have to browse for the folder where you extracted the recovery package and select the scatter file. See the image given below.Root gionee v4s lollipop
  6. Now you have to click the area which is shown in red box.Lollipop for gionee v4s rooted
  7. Select the “QMobile X400 PHILZ_RECOVERY_LOLLIpOp.img” and make sure that only Recovery check box is checked. If any other box is checked, uncheck it.
  8. Click Download button and connect your phone (Turned off) with PC. The process will start and you would now have Philz recovery installed in your phone.
  9. Now move these two files to the sdcard of your phone. See image below
  10. Reboot into recovery and Flash the files 1 by 1. Make sure to flash Lollipop Root X400 (1).zip 1st and Kinguser4.0.2 lollipop flashable (1).zip after that.

Congratulations! You have successfully rooted Lollipop on your QMobile X400 aka Gionee V4S. If you have any question or query, feel free to contact us via Comments or Facebook group. Also share with others at social media, if you found it helpful.


  1. M. Adnan S for the Root method and the files.
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How to check if android phone is Refurbished or not

If you are going out to purchase a smartphone, you should make sure that you are spending your hard-earned money on a Non-refurbished phone. Checking a refurbished phone may become a little tricky at times. We’ll show you multiple methods to check if any phone is refurbished or not.

There are two main types of refurbished phones

  1. Factory refurbished phones
  2. Locally refurbished phones

What is a refurbished phone?

If a phone had a fault during manufacturing of it, Gets returned without being used, or gets replaced during warranty the company resells it in Factory refurbished batch. These phones are more keen to get faulty again and you should avoid getting them. Even the company wants to sell refurbished good as refurbished, Many of bad shopkeepers try to sell them as factory-new.

Another type of refurbished is made in local repair shops. These devices are those which are faulty and also in rough condition. So the repair workshop guys repair them and give them a new cheap housing (a.k.a casing). Some of the bad shopkeepers even convert Korean phones into International models. Yeah, You read it right.

Now coming back to the topic. How to identify them?

How to identify Factory Refurbished Android phones?

Note: This method is only for some big smartphone companies. Like Samsung, LG etc. If you have some chinese or any cheap android phone, This wouldn’t work. As these cheap chinese companies don’t even bother to produce refurbished batch.

  • Open the phone dialer app.
  • Type ##786# OR *#*#786#*#* ( No need to press Call button, it will automatically take you to the RTC screen)

Check if android is refurbished RTC RTC method of checking refurbished

  • Now scroll down and you shall see refurbished status like shown in the image below.How to check factory refurbished Android Phone

The method above may not work for every factory refurbished phone, but it may also work on many.

How to check locally refurbished Android Phones?

Now this section is gonna take a lot to describe. As you may have seen that LG, Samsung and many other multinational android OEMs make their phones differently for many markets. I will take LG G2 as an example here but you can identify any refurbished phone following similar steps.

So, LG G2 comes in more or less 8 models, F320K, F320L and F320S for korean markets, D800, D801, VS980, LS980, D802TA, D803 for American Markets and D802, the international version. So which model you think is the most valuable?

The international version, of-course. Shopkeepers out there in local markets, do import some Korean and American versions of smartphones in really bad condition then fix the faults and install a new housing a.k.a Casing. Some of them even go one step further and attach Fake box and accessories with them.

So how can you identify them?

You can identify refurbished phones with these tips given below

  1. Check for the Build-Quality of the phone, If the phone has cheap quality of casing, Leave it immediately.
  2. Check the weight of the phone, Locally refurbished smartphones tend to be lighter than Original ones.
  3. Check LTE if the phone supports LTE bands and you have LTE coverage.
  4. If the phone is in Excellent condition, Double check it because it may have changed casing.
  5. Attach a hands free to the phone and start FM Radio, This is the best way to identify Korean phones with housing of international model.
  6. You can also ask the shopkeeper to open the phone to see if there is not anything wrong going inside. Like the images given below, The backpanel is of LG D802 but the internals are of D801.Identify-refurbished-android1 Identify-refurbished-android
  7. Don’t greed for 10/10 phone, if the phone has some little scuff here and there, it is a good to go. If you will look for absolutely new conditions, Remember All that glitters is not gold

If you still find it difficult to identify refurbished smartphones, You can post your query below and we’ll get to you ASAP.

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How to Fix Disabled Wifi on iPhone 4s

Last night i was using my Apple iPhone 4s, i was using wifi from last three hours without any pause and also my iPhone was connected to charger. As i was using facebook messenger at that time and suddenly my iPhone became slow and nothing was working correctly. In my knowledge only iOS is the software which never hang up while using or even after installing many apps and by sync songs, you can say iOS never ever hangup in my life even when the memory is full but when my phone became slow and was hanging i was greatly shocked to saw this because i am using iOS from many years and from that time iPhone never hangup. Whatever i used the lockscreen button and homebutton holding them simultaneously gives the iphone hard reset and then iOS device restart again.

When my phone restarted opened the setting app to connect wifi but it was very shocking news for me that my idevice was working very slow. I wait for few minutes and then i tap the wifi after which I found that wifi was greyed out or was disabled due to some reason(s) which are given next:

Reason I Found:-

The Apple ios device is very senstive and i concluded that due to bad charger and some voltage problem or some times you are using your phone continuosly and due to this your phone is nor much heated nor its cool to use it comfortably. so there is need to makes your phone cool down with a method.

How to fix it:-

There are some easy methods for you, by trying these methods you can take back your Wifi without any tension. Let we have a look on some methods.

1-Reset Network Settings

When you are facing this problem you then open settings and go to General then scroll it down then tap Reset and then Reset Network Settings from there.

This case mostly not worked for users but if you are lucky then your wifi will be working fine for you. If not then try next method.

Use Hair-Dryer and Freezer

hahaha LOL! I know what are u thinking now, but seriously its not a joke as you are considering it a joke. Really I am not kidding its a fix that probably works for almost all users.

Now grab a hair dryer and put your phone on a wooden table then connect the hair dryer with a socket and turn it on and then from distance of 4 inches away took its face over the phone and heat your phone until your device says that phone is over temperature please cool it down to use it. Like the below picture it will show

Over temperature

Now handle your phone carefully because it has a metal ring which is now too much hot. Suggested to you to wear rubber gloves to handle your phone completely without any fear.

Now turn off your phone by sliding power it off. Next put your phone in a packet or a shopping bag then put it in freezer of your refrigerator for half an hour or for 15-20 minutes.

 Check Out the Video for further:-

When you take your iPhone back from freezer you will found it cool, turn it on  and you will found your iPhone’s wifi working fully correctly!

Yes you are done now. I know you are glad after getting back your phone in 100% condition. Mostly this problem is found in iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s.


* How to fix disable Wifi on iPhone 4s

* How to fix greyed out Wifi on iPhone 4s

* Fix disable Wifi on iPhone 4

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How to Unlock Qmobile Noir Z8 Bootloader

The all new Qmobile Noir Z8 is powered by Snapdragon 410 SoC and that is why it is difficult to root the device. The first problem in this device is that it has a locked bootloader. Bootloader has to be unlocked if you want to modify system. Even root is useless for the most part, If the bootloader is locked.

Yesterday, I tinkered a little with my Qmobile Noir Z8 and I was able to Unlock its bootloader. Yeah, You heard it right. My Qmobile Noir Z8 bootloader is now unlocked and if you also want to do the same, Keep reading.

Requirements for unlocking bootloader

  • Noir Z8 or any clone of it
  • Adb/Fastboot too by MZ_. – Download
  • Adb drivers – Download
  • A PC and A USB cable


  • Tun On usb debugging in your Qmobile Noir Z8
  • Connect your phone and install adb drivers
  • Disconnect your phone.
  • Open Tool.exe from the downloaded package.
  • Now wait for a couple of seconds and Press 1 when it prompts this screenUnlock noir z8 bootloader
  • Now connect your Noir Z8 with PC via USB Cable. and you will see a list of options in the tool.
  • Type 2 and press Enter.
  • Select “reboot into fastboot” by Entering 3.
  • Select ” Unlock/relock bootloader (SEE NOTES)” by Entering 6.
  • Now last step, Type 1 and press Enter.
  • Now you should have your bootloader unlocked.

Congratulations, You have successfully unlocked Qmobile Noir Z8’s bootloader. If you have encountered any problem, Leave us a comment or Join our Facebook group and we’ll be there for you. Don’t forget to Share with others. 🙂

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Root And Cwm Recovery For Nexus 5 Running Android 5.1 Lollipop

Nexus 5 is a brilliant smartphone and is the former flagship of Google manufactured by LG. One thing which makes these nexus smartphones edge on other smartphones is the quick availability of latest android updates. After the 5.0 and 5.0.1 updates, the Nexus 5 recently received the new 5.1 update and just few days after this phone got exploit to gain root permissions. Today we are going to guide you to root your Nexus 5 and install cwm recovery on it. This guide consists of two parts, first we will unlock the bootloader then in second we will install the cwm recovery and will root it through supersu package. So now lets move to the steps.

Note: This procedure will wipe all your data so before you start, take a complete backup of your important data. Also make sure you are ready and smart enough to do these steps as this include some risk, neither MGeeky nor myself will take any responsibility for your bricked devices so follow below tutorial on your own risk.

Unlock Bootloader

  • Make sure you have full battery charged and have a backup of your phone.
  • Download drivers from here and install them on your computer.
  • Now enable Usb debugging on your phone. For enabling just go to Settings > About Phone and here tap on build number until you see developer options enabled message on screen. Now just come one step back and go to developer options and there enable Usb debugging.
  • Now download Adb Tools from from here and extract them on desktop. Navigate to the extracted folder and press Shift and right click on empty space and select “open command window here”.
  • Again make sure Usb debugging enabled on your nexus 5 and now turn it off.
  • Press and hold power + volume down button for booting into fastboot mode.
  • Now connect your nexus 5 to computer via usb cable.
  • Now on your pc, type  “fastboot oem unlock”  in command window and now on your nexus 5 screen, you will be asked to unlock the bootloader, just scroll down by volume key and select Yes by pressing power key.
  • Once it completed all the procedure, just type  “fastboot reboot”  to reboot the device.
  • Done. Make sure you don’t disconnect your phone and Now move on to next part.

Root & Install Cwm Recovery On Nexus 5 Running Android 5.1 Lollipop

  • Now make sure you have fastboot in your Adb tools folder, if you don’t have it just download it here and place it in adb tools folder.
  • Download Cwm recovery for hammerhead from here and copy/paste it to Adb tools directory.
  • Now just turn off your nexus 5 and boot it into fastboot mode by pressing and holding power and volume down. Also make sure your nexus 5 is correctly connected to pc via usb cable.
  • Download SuperSu zip package from here and transfer it to your phone’s internal storage.
  • Now type   “fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-touch-”  in command window and hit enter key.
  • Once it done flashing recovery, use volume key to highlight and select Recovery mode and press power key to boot into it.
  • Now you will be in Cwm recovery menu, first select “Install zip” then select “Choose zip from sdcard”. Now locate to SuperSu zip file and hit power to install it.
  • Once it got completed, just select reboot to start the system.
  • Now it will take some time to boot so don’t panic and don’t do anything, just wait for a complete boot-up.
  • After the boot-up, install root checker app and verify root access. Now disconnect your nexus 5 from pc and enjoy root privileges.

If you have followed all the above steps correctly then congrats as you have successfully rooted and installed cwm recovery on your nexus 5. That’s all from our side and you are now ready to start exploring your android. You can now install custom roms, mods and all the things which are exclusive for rooted users.

If you have any query about this tutorial, feel free to comment and we will try our best to solve and answer your queries. You can subscribe to our daily newsletter for getting updates directly in your inbox.

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Android Lollipop for Rivo Rhythm RX60 – Download link

Rivo RX60 is a rebranded version of Lava iris fuel 50 which is available in India. Recently Lava Released Android 5.0 Lollipop update and we’ve ported that to Rivo Rhythm RX60 successfully. To install Android 5.0 Lollipop update in Rivo RX60 you need to download the update from any of the links given below.


Download Links:

Android 5.0 Lollipop Download link for Rivo Rhythm RX60


Note: You might face some problems with this update, as it is from another variant of Rivo RX60. We strongly recommend you to take backup first.


  1. Backup your stock ROM by following this guide.
  2. If your phone is rooted, please remember to unroot it first, otherwise tgis update wouldn’t work.
  3. Download the zip file for the any of the links. Don’t extract it.
  4. Copy the file to your phone’s Internal Memory. Remember Not to copy the file in any folder.
  5. Goto Settings -> About Phone and press Software Update.
  6. You phone will show the update package and you have to select it and tap “Continue”
  7. You phone will automatically go into recovery mode and will get updated to Android 5.0 Lollipop.
  8. You can not use your phone while it is updating.

If the above method doesn’t work.

  1. Copy the zip file in your phone’s internal storage.
  2. Reboot into recovery and select “Install from sdcard”
  3. Select the zip file and install it.

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How to customize your Android phone

One of the best features of Android is that you can customize it as per your liking. This feature allows you to install different launchers, icon packs and widgets without the need of root. Today I will discuss How to customize your Android phone. Some of the techniques require rooting but I will put Non-root techniques first. So let’s get started.


Android allows you to download and  install different launchers from Google Play Store. There are unlimited number of launchers available at Google Play store both free and paid. Below is a list of launchers that I personally like to use.

  1. Nova Launcher, Best launcher for those who want some extra gestures with complete AOSP look and feel.
  2. Go Launcher, Not recommended for phones with less RAM. This Launcher is the most “fancy” among all. I wouldn’t recommend you to use Go Launcher if you have less than 2GB of RAM.
  3. Aviate by Yahoo. This launcher has some really cool features in it and the best part is that is doesn’t slow down your phone by any means.
  4. MiUI Launcher. This is default launcher comes preloaded with all Xiaomi devices. You wouldn’t find app drawer in this launcher, Just like Apple iOS.

Live Wallpapers:

Live wallpapers are not recommended for all smart-phone users. Live wallpapers will definitely add fancy looks to your Android phone but most of them use extra CPU power resulting in slower overall experience and lesser battery backup. I personally don’t use any live wallpapers in my android phone. But you can try different live wallpapers and give your feedback in the comments below.


Widgets do add convenience, functionality and looks to your android phone. You can install different widgets for free from Google Play Store and they will sit at your home-screen with live updates. Like you can install Weather widgets and they will inform you about the weather forecast in the way you like, Clock widgets can add clocks from single or multiple timezone. There are many widgets that you can choose from.

Customize your Android phone with root

If you have your android phone rooted, you can install Xposed Framework and completely customize your phone to make it look like lollipop. If there is some good custom ROM available for your phone, you can also give that a shot but don’t forget to make backup first.

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QMobile X900 High Stock ROM with 4GB Apps Storage

Most of Qmobile X900 users are complaining about the less amount of storage available for apps. Listening to these complains our Facebook Group members Mohsin and Abrar made this version of stock ROM which has 4GB of space for apps.

This version of stock ROM is also flashable via SP Flash tools, Just like what we shared earlier. The only difference between this and earlier ROM is the internal app space.

Although Qmobile X900 High has 16GB of ROM but the space allotted to apps are very less. By installing this ROM your X900’s App storage will increase upto 4GB.


Qmobile X900 High Stock rom with 4gb apps space

Qmobile X900 High Stock rom with 4gb apps space download link

Qmobile X900 High Stock rom with 4gb apps space Download


  • SP Flash Tools – Download
  • Drivers – Download
  • A PC
  • USB Cable
  • The ROM downloaded from any of the above links


Qmobile X900 Stock ROM with 4GB internal





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How to test internet speed of Linux Server from CLI

Whether you get a VPS or a Dedicated Server, The main reason behind the buy is to run Webserver, FTP server, Database servers or simply to Download and Upload some big files to the Internet. The most important advantage of a VPS or a Dedicated Server is that it mostly had blazing faster internet than your home internet.

Today We’ll guide you how you can run a speedtest right from the Command Line Interface of your Linux Server. The process is very simple and requires only a couple of commands to be executed from SSH Client.


  1. A VPS or Dedicated Linux based server.
  2. Root access to your server
  3. SSH Client such as Putty
  4. 5 minutes of your time.

How to test internet speed of Linux Server from CLI:

  • First of all you have to login to your VPS as root using SSH Client.
  • Now we have to download a Speedtest python script from a URL. If you don’t know how to do this, Just run the following command and you would be good to go.


  • Now we have to modify the permissions of the script which we just donwloaded, by running the following command.
    chmod a+rx
  • Now we have to move the script to an executable location, Just execute the following command.
    mv /usr/local/bin/speedtest-cl
  • Now we will set the owner of that script. Currently we are running the SSH as root so we’ll execute the following command to make root user owner of that script file.
    chown root:root /usr/local/bin/speedtest-cli
  • We’ve successfully installed the script and now we just have to run the testing script by executing the following command.


How to test internet speed of Linux Server from CLI

  • If you want to share your Internet speed with your friends or with us in comments section. You have to run the following command.
    speedtest-cli --share

How to test internet speed of Linux Server from CLI

  • Simply share the link with your friends or in the comments to show your servers internet speed off. 🙂
  • If you want to run the Internet speed from a Speedtest server from any location around the globe. Run the following command and replace the “1767” with the ID of the server from the list given below.
    speedtest-cli --share --server=1767

How to test internet speed of Linux Server from CLI

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Transfer files between iOS and Android w/o root, jailbreak

Since iOS doesn’t allow File transfers over Bluetooth, Transferring files has always been a tough job for iOS users. Specially when Android is able to send/receive files via Bluetooth. Not anymore, Now you can send and receive any size of files between iOS and Android without root or Jailbreak.

Also check:

Jail-breaking is not recommended by iOS, that is why Apple is working hard to close all the doors via jailbreak is possible. Root an Android device is also not allowed by, almost, all OEM and that is why warranty is voided once you root your Android device. Recently an app has been submitted to both the iOS’ App Store as well as Android’s Play Store.

The App is called Superbeam, Built on similar idea of Samsung’s S-Beam. Superbeam is available for free on both stores. Below are some features of SuperBeam App.

  • The app uses wifi, instead of bluetooth, to transfer files. Which means that the Data transfer speeds are blazing fast.
  • If you don’t have an Wifi hotspot near you, No worries, This app can create its own WiFi zone to transfer files.
  • If both devices have NFC, you can pair them with a simple tap, and the data transfer starts instantly.
  • Don’t have NFC? The app also provides a QR Code which you can scan with rear camera to start data transfer.
  • SuperBeam needs to be installed and opened on both devices to work properly.


Transfer files between iPhone and Android wifi

Transfer files between iOS and Android wifi

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