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iOS 9 have its impacts and it runs on the devices that has some new features in it. iOS 9 was released an year ago and it has its uniqueness though every time Apple releases its iOS it has its own new features and effects. Now That Apple has released the iOS 10 that is spreading like a fire in the users and people want to check the iOS 10 not by the night goes. Apple has releases the information about the Phones that will be valid or eligible for the iOS 10 that are iPhone 5 series , iPhone 6 series , iPod touch 5 and 6, etc. The only phone that is knocked out from the iOS 10 is 4s. However it is good that this is being kicked out because it may lag.

iOS 10 is the biggest release of this year and that have some variety of features in it. The people are burning the midnight oil to get the iOS 10. The problem that the users are facing for the iOS 10 beta is the developer iD, not everybody has the developer iD and i am here to fix this problem i am telling you about the iOS 10 Beta Download Link and its free. You can easily get the the iOS 10 Beta Download Link, you just have to follow the steps. It is safest and fast method.

Steps for the iOS 10 Beta Download Link:

  • Click the Link or Link 2 to get the the iOS 10 Beta. (Note: This link should be opened in the Safari Browser) 
  • After click on the link agreed to the terms and your device will be reboot.
  • After reboot go to > Settings > General > Software Update.
  • Here you see the Update for the iOS 10 Beta 
  • Download and install it.
  • Wait for the Device to Reboot.

This is the simple and the best method for iOS 10 Beta Download Link. You make sure that your device is connected to the Wifi or the Cellular data during the download. You can pause or resume the download at any time.

iOS 10 is big and it brings more and more. If you have any question then you are free to comment. I have also tried this method and it is working fine on my device.

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How to make US Apple iD free

Hello Friends, This article is basically about the Apple user for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Apples user are increasing in a number of way and they are facing number of problems. Some of the Apps like Spotify, they does not work in some countries they are available in US or United Kingdom. I am gonna solve that problem for you. I will tell you How to make US Apple iD free.

Yes this is the part where the mind struck that  How to make US Apple iD free because apple has number of restrictions and does not allow to make an apple iD free.

There are some simple steps that you need to follow for How to make US Apple iD free and they are easy and the best steps.

How to make US Apple iD free:

  • Logout from the App store from Settings
  • Open Appstore
  • Download any free app
  • Click on create new Account
  • Follow the terms
  • Select Region as US
  • Select None

These are the simple steps How to make US Apple iD free and i am sure that it will help you. The picture for understanding of steps are uploaded too. That can also help you.

How to make US Apple ID







I hope these will help you to understand How to make US Apple iD free. For any querries and help you are free to comment. Thank you