Fix iPhone using Tiny Umbrella Recovery Fix

In this article I will elaborate how to fix your iPhone and iPad problems. Now a days, many people find it difficult to find different ways when they can’t exit the recovery mode loop. Although it’s not a big problem but it is an annoying one for people. This problem can be easily fixed by using some softwares which are available online easily. One of them is Tinyumbrella software. Now In this article I will tell you How to fix iPhone using Tiny Umbrella Recovery fix

Tiny Umbrella Recovery Fix

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What is Tinyumbrella?

TinyUmbrella is a hybrid tools software which is developed by semaphore. This software helps you to save SHSH file of any iPhone so that users can easily restore an older firmware. These tools allow you to save SHSH file of any iDevice so that you can easily downgrade or restore older firmware. Along with that, a local server is used to playback the saved SHSH file during an iTunes restore.

To install this software you need java and iTunes and also the windows run computers with 32 bit java, the OS architecture doesn’t matter.

Basically TinyUmbrella allows your phone to get out from recovery mode without deleting or losing any sort of data. It works for all iOS devices. You can easily fix iPhone using Tiny Umbrella Recovery fix.

As we all know that everything have advantages and disadvantages so tinyumbrella also have both lets see some of its merits and demerits which are as follows:

Advantages of TinyUmbrella:

  • It is easy to navigate
  • It works very quickly
  • It has a friendly GUI
  • It works effectively without any problems
  • It is a high quality well coded program

Disadvantages of TinyUmbrella:

  • Sometimes it will not work because Apple managed to close its security
  • Sometimes it responds late due to security reasons.

How to use Tiny Umbrella Recovery Fix:

Now I will tell you how to fix iPhone using Tiny Umbrella Recovery fix which is very easy and the steps are given below:

  1. Download and install TinyUmbrella on your Mac or Windows PC.Recover iPhone using TinyUmbrella recovery fix
  2. Now with the help of USB cable, connect you iPhone to your computer while your iPhone is in recovery mode.
  3. Now open the program and wait for it to detect your iPhone.
  4. When it does, the program will enable the Exit Recovery button.
  5. Now Click the Exit Recovery button. Exit Recovery button will instantly get your iPhone out of the Recovery Mode loop and this allows you to fix your iPhone issues.
  6. That’s it you are done. You have fix iPhone using Tiny Umbrella

There are also many other alternative softwares available on the market like Tinyumbrella. One example is Dr-fone, which is also a very good software. It also allows you to fix you iPhone and iPad issues easily. But I personally recommend you to use the Tinyumbrella software which is the best for this specific issue.

So by following the above steps you can fix iPhone using Tiny Umbrella Recovery fix

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