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Flashlight Apps – Accessing Your Data Secretly

The invention of smartphone brings a lot of advantages and makes our life easy and still making it more easier as the time pass by. Smartphones are one of the most important part of human life nowadays.

We also stored our highly intensive data in our smartphones which is a danger alarm for ourselves because we think our so important personal data is only accessible by us only but it can also be accessed by others as well.

Snoopwall, a spyware and malware detector and blocker revealed that most of the flashlight apps which we are using in our smartphones are stealing personal data secretly. In below you can see which flashlight apps accessing your data.flashlight_steal_mgeeky

Its threat report further states that the top 10 searched flashlight apps perform some functions which is not relevant to their actual job. These apps are risk for users because of the permissions they asked, include the gps tracking, modifying display settings and etc etc.

Well there is a possibility that some users didn’t have any queries and feel safe to download and use these kinda apps because they are downloading it from google play, but this is not correct. The below image will tell you what these apps can do.flashlight_mgeeky

So now we will recommend you uninstall all these type of apps which asks permissions to read/write system storage. We also recommend to reset your phone to factory settings once so you can get rid of those malwares completely. Some more recommendations listed below:

  • To switched off GPS when not travelling or when not an emergency.
  • To deactivate bluetooth while not using it.
  • Stop iBeacon for Ios devices forever.
  • When not using your phone, cover its microphone.

The real aspect is to closely monitored the permissions which is asked by different apps and then scrutinized them accordingly. You can read further pdf report by Snoopwall here

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By Daniyal Sheikh

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