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Gestures For iPhone, iPad and iPod [with Gesturizer, Cydia Tweak]

Gesture tweak unable You to launch any app with you finger, you just draw the symbol of your own choice on the screen and your desired app is opened. This tweak launched numerous number of function, u can control your music using this tweak. You can make a gesture of your own choice.

Gesture is the most used and very handy tweak for the ios. This tweak is nearly Introduced in android. many people uses this tweak when they are busy. You can use this tweak when u are feeling boring and doesn’t want to use your phone, in fact you are dead tired. many people are coming across this tweak. This tweak is very suitable for me.

It the super shortcut setting app for the ios and it follows just two steps, just set a pattern and draw.

Suppose that you have number of apps and they are shuffle and it sometimes become very difficult for you to find your desired app then this tweaks becomes very useful in that case. Gesture runs the app very quickly.



This tweak is paid at the cydia and you cannot find this tweak easily but i can help you to find out this tweak very easily. Its cost nearly 2.99 dollar on the store on cydia.  You can find this app in the cydia by following these simple steps:

  •  Open Cydia
  • Click on the sources
  • Click on the add source
  • Add the source
  • Go the search and type the gesturizer and this tweak will be shown on the search menu
  • Choose the Gesturizer
  • Install the tweak and wait
  • Open your settings and go to to the gesturizer and enable it
  • Respring your device and come back to the Gesturizer.

For the draw of the pattern or Glyph for your tweak you first have to active it. You can active it by simple pressing the volume up button or double tap with your finger on the clock on the lockscreen or when you open the screen with the slide to unlock then the gesture is active or triple press the home button. It doesn’t matter this depends upon your own choice.

Move to the gesture in the Gesturizer and u see youtube and spotlight that are already set gestures. You can add a gesture of your own choice. click on add gesture and type the name of the gesture and set its action to activation and then click on configure and search for your desired app and choose it.

Then click on the record glyph and draw it of your own choice and it will be their be their.

IMG_1804        IMG_1803

Go to your home and press the volume up button as you set it for the activation of the gesture and just draw the glyph and it will open the app for you.

It is a very cheering and joyful app u can also open any “url” using gesture. You can type “W” for the WhatsApp, “O” for the camera, ” a glyph of play for the music and “V” for the viber. it depend upon you. All you have to remember is that u first have to active it.

It will 100% works and enjoy 🙂

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♦Concept and written by Hamza Iqbal.


By Shaeel Iqbal

Love to write about Apple but i like iPhone more than all Apple devices. Sharing with you all the best i know about iOS.

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