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How to Get Cydia tweaks Free

Cydia is a very useful and popular tool for Apple. Cydia is rising very much in the apple especially iOS. When we first jailbreak our phone and we get Cydia then there are number of apps or I say tweaks that are in our mind, We want to get amazed from them but when you search for a tweak in cydia and it comes from the official Big Boss repo and it is of blue color. We are disappointed. But not any more, there is a very simple and useful way that help us to get any tweak that we want. There is no need to be sad anymore, you will be happy. There are number of more tweaks and number of themes, games hack, music, customization etc.

Let me tell you the procedure for that: 😀

  • Open Cydia.
  • Tap sources
  • Click edit
  • Tap on “Add source”
  • Add the address and click done.
  • return to cydia
  • Search the Tweak.
  • install it.

There are number of sources for cydia, few of them are

  • sinfuliphone.repo

this is very useful and simple method you will enjoy this .

please give your suggestion and it is a working method

Thank you 🙂 (Y)

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