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How to get iRec on iOS 8 without Jailbreak [100% works]

Cydia is the most useful store which is gifted to iOS users, Very thanks to Saurik who has created such an awesome store for useful paid or free Apps and tweaks. In history Cydia was difficult to get in comparison of these days. Pangu has created a simple and very easy Jailbreak as well as Evasions , Redsn0w was hard to use for everyone. As we know jailbreak is useful but as well as effective , as it stores many useful tweaks and apps for us. Let us an example of Cydia most useful app that is Applocker created by  Cjori  (author of this app)  . There are also many apps and tweaks which user wants after jailbreak.


In this topic some people want some tweaks or apps without doing jailbreak there iOS device. iRec is also one of the most downloaded and top rated app by the Cydia users. Here is a tutorial to get this tweak and some other cydia apps without doing a jailbreak. Lets Start:-


How to get iRec on iOS 8 without Jailbreak [100% works]

iRec is the tweak/app which allow iOS users to record there iOS display screen. It also allow to use microphone. This app is mostly used by the users who deals with sharing some personal chat , photos or etc with their close friends or others. Here are some steps to get this tweak/app without doing a jailbreak.

Steps  to follow:-

  1. Open Safari browser and go to this URL given below

2. After this install the emu4ios official store

3. Now open the store and search the app iRec

4. emu4ios ask you with pop-up to install the app

  How to get iRec on iOS 8 without Jailbreak [100% works]

                 5. Tap install and wait for the app

Cheers, you have downloaded your required app iRec without having a jailbreak, No cydia. If you have any question comment below , have fun with this article then share this link

By Shaeel Iqbal

Love to write about Apple but i like iPhone more than all Apple devices. Sharing with you all the best i know about iOS.

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