[Guide] How to Dual Boot Remix OS with Windows And Install Remix OS On HardDisk

Hey guys, i will show you how to install Remix OS on a hard drive partition. As you know that Remix OS can only be installed on a pendrive but there is an unofficial way that you can use to install it on your hard drive. So there are many advantages of installing Remix OS on hard drive instead of a pen drive.

  1. Now You dont need usb drive or pen drive To boot remix os from this way, now you can easily boot remix os from your pc.
  2. This method will not harm your any file or your windows so don’t worry.
  3. Now you can select which one you wanted to boot your Windows or Remix os.
  4. No need to change your bios mode from UFEI to Legency. This method works for all 64 bit computers

How to dual boot windows and Remix OS from Hard Drive

First check Your Bios mode and then download the eligible Remix OS for your bios. W/o wasting anymore time let’s jump straight right into the installing instructions.

  1. So first of all go to your start menu and type “partition” and you will get a option called create and format harddisk partition. So just click on that.
  2. Now right click on your D or E drive and click on shrink volume. Now type 16384 in the enter the amount to shrink field and click on shrink.
  3. Now after 2 or 3 min, the process will be completed. Now right click on the 16GB unallocated partition and click on new simple volume and click on next, next, next. Now click on format this volume with the following settings.
  4. Select the file system as FAT32. Now enter the volume label as Remix OS. Now just click on next and click on finish.

It will create a new partition. So once it’s done. Now you have to download 2 files.

We have to download this EASYBCD program and the Remix OS zip. So download it. Now extract the Remix OS zip. I’m using WinRar, you can use any software

install remix os on hard drive and dual boot with windows
Easy BCD
how to dual boot remix os and windows from hard drive
Remix OS Official Link
  1. Extract it, open that extracted folder and you will find 3 files. Now we have to extract the disk image file.
  2. Just right click on the disk image file. Click on extract to.
  3. Now it will create a new folder and extract all the files of this ISO. Now go to that folder, copy all the files and paste it in the Remix OS partition that we created.
  4. Now install the EasyBCD program now. Just double click on the exe file and just click on next, next, next it will be installed and just click on finish, it will run EasyBCD.
  5. In EasyBCD program, click on add new entry. Now click on the ISO button.
  6. Now name this Remix OS and click on this button. Now select the ISO file that we extracted from the zip and click on open
  7. In the end click on add entry. A command window will open and it will run some commands.

After it’s done, you will see a message. Successfully created the entry. Once it’s done, just reboot your system and you will see the magic.

Now every time you start your computer, you’ll get two options. The 1st one will be your Windows OS, the 2nd one will be the Remix OS. So just click on Remix OS, your PC will reboot once and you will get the option of choosing guest mode or Resident mode.

So I strongly-strongly recommend to use resident mode. Because your apps and data will be saved if you use the resident mode. If you choose the guest mode. Your apps and data will be lost after each reboot. So if you want to store data, store some apps. Select resident mode.

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