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Here’s A Complete Guide To Fix Your Battery Backup Problems

Battery draining like hell? Having problems with battery backup? Try Our Useful Guide Below

Battery backup is always been a problem for almost 9 out of 10 smartphone users and they always searching for solutions of battery backup problems. Here is a complete guide to fix your battery backup problems.

Make Some Simple Adjustments

1- Turnoff Your wifi And Data on your smartphone:

Everybody knows that when wifi is on, it consumes more power. When you are using wifi, its fine but when it is not in use, don’t let it On because in background all data apps are using this wifi even when it is in sleep so just turn it off when you are not using it. Same thing is with mobile data connection, it also consumes battery so when not using it, turnoff it to save some battery.

2- Stop Syncing Unused Or Extra Services:

On the start, when add your google account on your smartphone, it automatically put all things in sync which can be a killer to battery life. The most battery killer sync services includes photos syncing, playstore purchases and google keep. You can simply stop these syncing services to make a impact, to do that you just head over to settings > accounts and tap on your email address twice to get access to sync settings. Now un-check the services which you didn’t want to use.

3- Disable Google Cards:

Google now is doubt great personal assistant but it comes with a service which is a nightmare for battery backups and this service is “Cards”. Lets take a example of “Nearby Places”card, which shows you the nearby specials when Google recognizes that you are on the place which is out of your routine. It’s cool but not necessary so its better to keep these things OFF until or unless you have a phone with more than 3000 mAh battery. To disable cards, open Google now, scroll down and tap on the “majic wand”. Now just disable the cards which you didn’t want to shorten your battery life. It is recommended that disable all the GPS relevant cards because GPS take 2x times battery power.

4- Disable Location Reporting/History:

As we said above that GPS is really a battery killer thing and is a big battery hog as it takes data from gps chip, towers and WIFIs to determine your location. Location reporting/history is the GPS based service which keeps scanning your current location to co-ordinate with other apps which required your location to provide better user experience. If you can live without it then just disable it by going to settings > locations and then disabling Google Location Reporting.

5- Avoid Using Battery Killer Apps:

Well we have already written a article on it so didn’t want to explain all those things here again. To get aware of certified battery killer apps, just head over to this article.

Guide To Fix Battery Backup Problems

Calibrate Your Battery:

The first step in our guide is to calibrate the battery of your smartphone and optimize it to the factory conditions. To do this, follow below steps.

  • Drain your battery until it gets switch off by its own and now connect it with charger. Let it be fully charged.
  • After it gets fully charged, unplug the charger and switch it off. Now again plugin the charger until the notification light indicates that phone is fully charged.
  • Now again turnon your phone and drain its battery to 1%, now just charge it via your laptop or pc. After it get fully charged, you can now use it normally and ready for next step.

Note that if you are rooted user, you can simply use Battery Calibration app to calibrate your battery.

Use Dark Colored Wallpaper And Adjust brightness level:

Wallpapers play an important role in battery backup and if you are using live wallpapers, immediately stop using them as they took a lot of battery. For making an impact on battery life, use dark colored wallpapers (black is recommended) and adjust the brightness to comfortable level that is not very low and not very high.

Download And Use Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) App:

The final step of our complete guide for fixing battery backup problems is to download and use the effective battery saver app from google play store. The most effective battery saver app according to us is Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) app. Some of its excellent features includes the auto optimization ability to clear all unused background apps, diagnosing phone and find the culprits draining your battery fast. One of the best feature of it that it under clocks the CPU frequency when phone is in sleep. Thus results in a huge battery saving when in idle. You can simply head over to play store for installing this app.

If you have followed our guide then we are damn sure you should have now no problems with battery backup and happy with battery life of your smartphone. And don’t forget to tell us about your experience after following this guide. If you find this article helpful and informative, consider sharing it with others on social media because sharing is caring.

By Daniyal Sheikh

I am an experienced android developer and technology lover who loves to write about any topic related to technology. In short em a technology freak!

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