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A hidden feature of Facebook you never knew.

Facebook is world’s number first social Network connecting more than a billion people around the world. Everyday we visit our facebook timeline, News Feeds, Groups, Pages to check for latest happenings around us but some features of Facebook are still hidden from our eyes and doesn’t show up. Today I’ll tell you about one of those features.

Every Facebook user know about News Feeds, Timeline (Previously known as Wall), Messages, Notifications, Friend Requests, status and other well known features such as Like, Comment etc

The feature that is not well know is the Others Inbox. This feature works similar to the Spam/Junk folder in your Email account. This inbox can be accessed by clicking on messages button and then by clicking on other.


This feature blocks almost all the Messages from Facebook users that are not in your friends list or that don’t have any connection with you. Sometimes you’re expecting very important message from 1 of person that is not in your friends list and you miss that Important message just because this feature filters out that message from you inbox.

Why there is other folder in your inbox?

This filter is necessary as there are many spammers on Facebook that are only there to make annoying ads and other hacking stuff which should be avoided for your accounts safety. But, on the other hand this feature also blocks some of the very important messages from other facebook users. We recommend you see whether there is any new message in the other filter but you should be careful while checking as there may be a link to a malicious site which may hack your account.

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