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How do I hide my whatsapp Status?

Above 90% of the smart handset users probably use the instant messaging application Whatsapp. This.This application was founded by Jan Koum and his partner Brian Acton after they left their work with Yahoo.which was lately inquire by Facebook in 2014 for US 19 Billion, it is quite ironic that both the founders have previously applied for a job at Facebook but their applications were rejected for unknown reasons.

As of today the application is estimated to have above 600 Million users through the world.Its is commonly used by the public for quick chats, sharing photos, in fact it has helped many couples around the world save costs and made them much closer to their loved ones by been available almost 24/7.Moreover even companies started using it by creating their specified groups to keep the rest of the team updated about their whereabouts.

Besides all these amazing feature the most commonly unwanted feature seems to be the status of a person, in terms of privacy you possibly wouldn’t want your friends to know that you are awake as you spend a great time away from your family as usually whenever a persons finds you online they keep chatting and you do not have a choice other than to reply to them or ignore them.We should be glad that the founders have addressed this privacy issue lately.Today I shall guide you to the procedure in regards to the most common question usually asked by Whatsapp user : How do I hide my whatsapp Status?

Step 1 – Click on your menu button and then chose settings.

Step 2 – Select Account and then tap on the privacy option.

Step 3 – In the privacy section click on either Last seen or status, you will be given 3 options as follows: Everybody, My Contacts & nobody.

Step 4 – Select “nobody”, this will hide your status from everyone and nobody will be able to view your status.

Why do you think people tend to hide their whatsapp status?As a messaging tool people will be sending and receiving messages as this is what this application is all about.However some people are usually offended when they notice that a member of their family, a friend or colleague at work has read their message and hasnt replied to them for an hour or two which at times creates conflicts and misunderstanding within the relations.

Are you thinking of hiding your whatsapp status, tell us why?