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How to get Whatsapp on your any iPod or iPad?

How to get Whatsapp on your any iPod or iPad?

 Can we use Whatsapp on iPod or iPad?

100% working method

Whatsapp a popular messaging app which is used all over the world. Made both for iOS and android apk.

Many whatsapp users want to use whatsapp on thier iPod or ipad and they consult many sites but they fail. Usually it is seems that users install whatsapp on thier idevice, however they install through any way and at the end when whatsapp installed and they open it they stuck at Phone number process. Usually whatsapp says “sorry your currently device is not supported” or “please download the latest version of whatsapp from appstore”.

So here a question arise How to install it on ipod or ipad

This is a question and its answer is totally 100% yes, you can use whatsapp on our ipod or ipad but if you want to use it you have to jailbreak your idevice on which you want to use whatsapp.

Read carefully from here now

You need a iphone and whatsapp working on it, if your other account is already activated on this iphone then delete this account from here. Now enter the number on the whatsapp you want to use on your ipod or ipad.Now follow the following steps

Steps to follow:-


1- Download iFunbox

2-Connect your iphone on which your whatsapp account is running

3-After device connected, navigate to

User applications/whatsapp/

it will show you some folders inside it (Documents and library etc)

4-Copy these two folders to your desktop and remove this iphone


1-Connect your ipod or ipad on which you want to activate your account without any difficulty

2-Install the whatsapp on your ipod or ipad now (download this version 2.11.8)

3-After installing whatsapp on your ipod or ipad again navigate to User applications/whatsapp/

4-paste those folders here (document and library) you copied already to your desk

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