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How to fix Not Found error on WordPress?

Not found 404 error is very common among wordpress users. Today I will discuss about the reasons and solution of this issue. As a wordpress user I understand how frustrating this can become if you don’t know how to fix this.

Reasons behind 404 Not Found error.

WordPress has a builtin permalink maker. Basically this error pops up when you change permalinks settings from Settings -> Permalinks. If you recently migrated your wordpress installation from 1 host to another, That can also be another reason of 404 not found error.

How to fix 404 not found error in wordpress

  • Login to your site’s wordpress dashboard.
  • Click on Settings -> Permalink and simply Click Save Settings. ( If change in permalink settings is the reason behind 404 not found error, You have to change it back to what it was before 404 )
  • This will Fix the error.

If the error still comes, Follow this guide.

  • Download and install Filezilla in your PC and Login using FTP details of your hosting.
  • Go to “public_html” folder.
  • Look for a file named “.htaccess” if it is not there, create one.
  • Set the permissions of .htaccess file as 755
  • Now you have to login to the dashboard and repeat the steps given above.

If you still have the same error, then you may need to contact your hosting provider. They can help you the best.

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