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How to logout from Facebook Messenger App in Android?

Facebook Messenger App got a lot of criticism since its release. Whether its for iOS or Android Operating System, Facebook Messenger App received a lot of Negative reviews on Apple App Store and Google Play Store Respectively. There are a couple of reasons of this negative feedback, such as Permissions, No Logout option etc.

Today we’re going to cover logout problem in the Messenger app. We’ve already described in detail on How to Logout from Facebook Messenger app in iOS. Android being a different OS then iOS, requires a totally different approach to logout from the App.

Coming back to the point, below is a thorough Step-by-Step guide for the Topic.

How to logout from Facebook Messenger App in Android?


  1. Android Device with Facebook Messenger App.
  2. 2 minutes of your time

We’re doing this on a AOSP, but the procedure is almost same.

Guide to logout from Facebook Messenger App:

  1. Open App drawer ( If You’re using MIUI then Skip this Step).
  2. Open Settings App.
  3. Navigate to App ( If you’re using Samsung Device then tap on Application Manager ).
  4. Swipe display¬†from Right to Left until you’re on All Apps tab.
  5. Find Facebook Messenger App, Finding app may take some time if you have a lot of Apps installed in your device.
  6. Tap on Facebook Messenger App.
  7. Tap on the button saying “Clear Data”.
  8. Now tap on “Yes”.
  9. Now Open Facebook Messenger App and you’ll land on login screen.

Congratulations, You’ve successfully Logged Out from Facebook Messenger App, Without Reinstalling it. If you’ve found yourself in a problem, where you are unable to find a way out, Just leave us a Comment below. We’ll answer All of your questions and Queries.

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