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How to make US Apple iD free

Hello Friends, This article is basically about the Apple user for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Apples user are increasing in a number of way and they are facing number of problems. Some of the Apps like Spotify, they does not work in some countries they are available in US or United Kingdom. I am gonna solve that problem for you. I will tell you How to make US Apple iD free.

Yes this is the part where the mind struck that  How to make US Apple iD free because apple has number of restrictions and does not allow to make an apple iD free.

There are some simple steps that you need to follow for How to make US Apple iD free and they are easy and the best steps.

How to make US Apple iD free:

  • Logout from the App store from Settings
  • Open Appstore
  • Download any free app
  • Click on create new Account
  • Follow the terms
  • Select Region as US
  • Select None

These are the simple steps How to make US Apple iD free and i am sure that it will help you. The picture for understanding of steps are uploaded too. That can also help you.

How to make US Apple ID







I hope these will help you to understand How to make US Apple iD free. For any querries and help you are free to comment. Thank you

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