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How To Root Samsung Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge Without Tripping Knox

Samsung is no doubt a great and top level innovative smartphones vendor in the world. The popularity of south korean giant have been increased a lot over a past few years because not only the company introducing flawless flagships but ensuring the maximum security of it. The feature which is really innovative in security measures is KNOX. Basically Knox is like a security assistant to samsung, which ensures no custom modifications made to smartphone and the locked state should remain locked. So we can not simply made modifications in it or else Knox will trip and the warranty will be gone. Now the point here is that, one should take care to prevent this type of situation.

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are the two latest flagships by the company and these are getting a lot of attention because of innovative features in them. Some of the highlighted features include 5.1″ QHD super amoled display, metal & glass body, Exynos 14nm octa-core processor, 3GB Ram and 16MP rear camera. Both devices also have the KNOX protocol which means playing with them carelessly can cause you set back. If you want to root your S6 or S6 edge without tripping Knox then you are at right place.

Now coming back to the topic which is how you can root samsung galaxy s6 and s6 edge without tripping knox. Below guide is applicable on all models of S6 and S6 edge. Still you can check whether your s6/s6 edge variant is supported by PingPong Root tool used in this procedure by visiting official thread of tool here.

Note that the steps below are safe to follow but still we will not be responsible for any damage you did to your device. Follow at your own risk.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S6 And S6 Edge Without Tripping Knox

  • Download PingPong Root tool from here and transfer it to your s6/s6 edge.
  • Now enable unknown sources by going to settings>lockscreen and security.
  • Now open file manager, navigate to APK file and install it.
  • Once installed, open PingPong Root app and it will ask you to install supersu, just install the app.
  • Now here tap on “Download Data” and make sure your data connection/WIFI is working and turned on.
  • After updating the data, now tap on “Get Root!” button there and if it asks for permissions, just grant it.
  • Now just reboot your device and wait for it to set up completely.
  • Now you will be able to locate SuperSu app in app drawer which means your S6/S6 edge is rooted and KNOX is still there untouched.
  • For confirming root permissions, download and install Root Checker app from playstore.

There wasn’t any type of flashing so it won’t trip KNOX and warranty will not be voided. It is easy because of the “PingPong Root” tool developed by idler1984 at Xda forums. The developer of this tool surely need appreciation which you can do hitting thanks button on official thread of this tool. User FAQ is also there on thread. That’s enough from our side and if you got some queries then you are free to comment them below, you will be answered. For instance technical assistance you can join our facebook group.

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