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How to Share Music on WhatsApp from iPhone | ShareMusix

Hy folks today I am here with the most popular question for iOS users who always search about the most frequent question that how to share music on WhatsApp from iPhone? This is the most famous question which is usually asked by the iOS users. As iOS users are not allowed to send any file via Bluetooth or they also cant send any music file to contact by using WhatsApp.

For those users who are in search for this they need to jailbreak their iOS device. Yes i mean Cydia is the first prority to share music with contacts just like that of android users. Further explaining about Jailbreak or Cydia for those users who have no idea about this, Jailbreak means to install Jailbreak Environment to get Cydia on their device for installing tweaks and to customize the iOS device using many tweaks Just like that of MewSeek

Now let me tell you how to share music on WhatsApp using iPhone. As i have said you must have Cydia on your iOS device to get this feature. If you dont have Cydia on your iOS device then check out the given link to install Cydia on your iOS.

Note:- iOS 8.2, 8.3 and 8.1.3 users
can’t install Cydia

How to install Cydia on iOS 8.1.2

How to install Cydia on iOS 7.x.x

Now if you have installed cydia on your device proceed next to these steps which are much pretty and easy to get the function on your idevice

  1. So At first head over to Cydia and Open it
  2. Now tap Search tab and type Sharemusix
  3. Install this tweak by confirming from next screen
  4. Restart SpringBoard
  5. Open Music App
  6. Now play any music and you will see an arrow squared button at the screen
  7. Tap the button and tap Share on Whatsapp
  8. Choose Contact with whom you wanna share it
  9. You have Done Now

Yes you have done with this. ShareMusic is a tweak which allow iOS users to share or send Music from library to favorite contact. Remember that this is only for iOS 7 and iOS 8 users. CHeck out the video link for further understanding

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By Shaeel Iqbal

Love to write about Apple but i like iPhone more than all Apple devices. Sharing with you all the best i know about iOS.

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