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How to unlock bootloader of Ufone U5

Last year Ufone produced a really good phone, Ufone Smart U5, which is locked to ufone only. Many people bricked their U5 because of locked bootloader. As Ufone U5 is a snapdragon 400 powered device and has the bootloader locked, Muhammad Hamza found a working method to Unlock bootloader of Ufone U5. ( How to unlock bootloader of Ufone U5)

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To unlock bootloader of UFone U5, you need a couple of things that are listed below.

  1. Android All-in-one tool
  2. A working PC
  3. Drivers
  4. Ufone U5 and a USB cable

Instructions to unlock bootloader of Ufone U5:

Note: Your phone’s warranty will get void and you may not able to claim it.

  1. Download the tool in your PC and extract it in a folder.
  2. Down the drivers from link given above and install them in your PC. (It will require your phone to be connected.)
  3. Now launch the tool you downloaded in step 1.
  4. Select USB connection by entering 1 and it will detect your phone.
  5. Now enter 6 to select “Unlock/relock bootloader (SEE NOTES)“.How to unlock bootloader of Ufone U5
  6. Now enter 1 to select “Unlock Bootloader“.unlock bootloader of Ufone U5A
  7. Now the tool will execute some commands on its own.
  8. Your phone will now reboot and bootloader will get unlocked.
  9. Just reboot your phone, if it doesn’t restarts automatically.
  10. Enjoy benifits of unlocked bootloader.


  1. Muhammad Hamza aka MZO
  2. Ufone for importing this phone.
  3. for post

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