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How To Zoom Into Photos In Instagram

Instagram is a popular social network that basically focus on photo sharing unlike other social networks. It is a very addictive application and quite entertaining at the same time. You got famous by instagraming your photos and getting followers. Instagram’s app is good but definitely missing a big feature i.e, zooming into photos on tapping or pinching. It is because the company wants the experience as fast as possible. Now coming back to the topic that How To Zoom Into Photos In Instagram? Well yes, we have got a working and simple work around for it.

Most people with android devices didn’t uses the accessibility settings but the truth is that these settings becomes pretty much awesome some times. There’s a lot of cool functions to check out there but the option which we are going to utilize today is “Magnification gestures” to zoom the photos in instagram. This option usually didn’t comes in most android phones running earlier android versions. If you are running on 5.0 lollipop, you will be able to locate this option in Accessibility settings. If you are running earlier android versions higher than ICS than you can download OGInsta+ client to zoom instagram photoshow to zoom into photos in instagram

Now to enable itgo to Settings>Accessibility and tap on “Magnification gestures” option. Now just flip the switch to ON this service. Once enabling it, you will be able to use these magnification gestures anywhere in any app. Now you are well enough to zoom photos in instagram. Just triple tap on any photo you want to zoom in instagram and orange borders will indicate you that you are now ready to zoom the photo.

Video Tutorial:

You can also quickly zoom into photos by triple tapping and holding, if you didn’t want full magnification. Now you can start playing with these zooming gestures and if you got some other instagram tips, you can share them below for our visitors.

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