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Huawei To Enter In US Markets With Ascend P8 Release

Huawei is a chinese tech giant and is one of the top 5 smartphone vendors around the globe. Huawei’s honor series take the company to the place where it is standing right now and is ready to hit the next phase of topping in the top smartphone vendors chart by entering to US market again with a big bang. In the past, huawei although was present in US market but it was minimal presence but now the company has decided to rock the US markets by releasing their upcoming flagship Huawei Ascend P8 in US markets with a boost.

In Shanghai, during an media event huawei’s VP of handsets commented on the plans of the company to re-enter in US markets with boost. Mr Jie Jinjin said that ”huawei will enter in US markets because this is inevitable”. He further said that they need to do a lot things and have to do workaround strategies to enter in US markets.

According to AndroidPit, when they reached huawei to comment on this then the VP of huawei’s external affairs said that huawei is already in US markets and it has been four years but moving forward will bring the array of devices across carries and channels including high-end smart devices.

There were no specific device or any date mentioned in statements but huawei can launch their upcoming flagship device Ascend P8 in US markets after the official launch at london on 15 april 2015, but other devices like ascend p7 and honor series can fill the product range. For the full confirmed news we have to wait until the official launch of Ascend P8 and we will keep our eyes on the official launch event and will let you know all the news related to it.

Do you really think huawei will be able to dominate US markets ?

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