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iCaughtu Pro |Updated for iOS 8

iCaughtU Pro is enhanced version of iCaughtU, Pro version is now updated for iOS 8 actually. This tweak allow iOS device to take the picture with the front camera when the lock passcode is entered wrong and send it to the user on the given information (address and Phone Number) with more information like Location and a map,only in the case fornt camera is available.

iCaughtU Pro was first compatible with iOS 4, 5, 6, 7 and now it is compatible also with iOS 8 so it is now named iCaughtU Pro. It has also the functions to perform remote actions so you can use your apple id as iMessages or SMS. More than 15 functions can be done under this section.


  • It is now compatible with the AndroidLock XT
  • Send Email using Server or own Email ID
    (recommended GMail and Hotmail)
  • Take Picture with the front cam when the thief try to enter passwordor tries to turn of the device and you can receive it by Email
  • Save Picture to Library so preferred to use PhotoStream
  • Set number of attempts before taking picture
  • Send also the Location Map and Time when sending Email
  • Send SMS reporting that the Passcode was entered wrong
  • Show different alert messages  when Passcode is entered wrong or tried to turn off.

Remote Commands perform action on the device including taking pictures, reporting location, turning it off or even playing an alarm with an iMessage or SMS

FakeMode allow access to device when password is entered wrong but disable some apps. Now you can set number of attempts before starting this function. FakeMode can be configured with your own sim or any other SIM and when enable hide Charging indicator and fake battery percentage.

Configuration can be done under the Stock settings, Check out ScreenShots

icaughtupro4        icaughtupro1             icaughtupro2

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