How to install Google Play Store in Remix OS on PC

I will show you how to install Play store and other Google services on Remix OS.  I don’t know why but the latest version of Remix OS is not coming up with play store.  So here is a detailed step by step guide on how to install it.

How to install Play store in Remix OS on PC

Install Google Play store on Remix OS

  1. So first of all go into the start menu and click on browser.
  2. Now Click here to Download Google services. Now once the apk is downloaded,  open it up, you will see a error that the apk installation is blocked.
  3. So just click on settings,  then turn on unknown sources and then minimize this window and install the apk again, it will be installed.
  4. Once it’s installed, click on open. Now click on the button called One click to install Google Services. It will take 2-3 min depending upon your internet connection speed.
  5. Till that time, go to your start menu,  click on settings, click on date and time, and make sure your date and time is correct. If it’s not correct, then uncheck automatic date and time and automatic time zone.
  6. Then click on set time zone and set it to your location.
  7. Once the download is finished, you will see the play store in the start menu. But do not open it up. Just click here to download play store.
  8. The thing is this apk installed a very old version of Google play store i.e. not working anymore. So we have to download the latest version. So just download the Google play store apk, install it  and click on done.
  9. Now go to your start menu, click on settings, go into application manager and find Google play services. Click on manage space, click on clear data. Now clear the data of Google services framework and Google play store also.
  10. Once i.e. done, go to your Start menu, click on the power button and click on reboot.
  11. Yes, as of now there is no working method to install play store and other Google services on guest mode. But this method is working in resident mode.
  12. Now reboot your Remix OS. After it’s rebooted, launch the play store by going into the start menu and then sign in with your Google account and now you will be able to install apps and games from the play store.
  13. Now 1 last thing, just open up your browser and go to and type Google play services and you will see a button called free, click on that.
  14. It will redirect you to play store. And just update the Google play services

So that’s it for this tutorial, I hope that you successfully installed Google PlayStore in Remix OS. Make sure to click the Blue Tweet button because every day i upload something useful. Click the like button if you like this tutorial, Comment down below if you have any questions and i will see you soon.

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