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How to install WordPress without Softaculous or Fantastico

WordPress is the best blogging platform out there. Many of famous sites use WordPress platform as it is the most flexible platform and has trillions of developers working for wordpress. Today I will guide you How to Install WordPress without using Softaculous or Fantastico. Most of the Hosting providers do provide Softaculous, Fantastico or some other 1-click web app installer within their hosting panel.

If your hosting provider is not one of them or You have configured Unmanaged VPS without Cpanel, You might have been thinking about How to Install WordPress Manually. Today we’re going to provide the answer to this Question.

Installing WordPress Manually can become a little tricky as it involves a lot of steps. So lets get to it.

Prerequisites for Installing WordPress Manually

  • A hosting account with Cpanel or any other panel.
  • The Domain Properly pointed towards your Hosting NameServers.
  • MySQL Database/ PhpMyAdmin Access
  • A properly working Internet Connection
  • Latest WordPress package

Download WordPress Latest version

As we’re going to install WordPress Manually, We do need WordPress latest version downloaded. You can Download WordPress Latest version Zip file from this linkAfter you have successfully downloaded the Latest Version of WordPress you can now Proceed to next step.

Upload the Zip file to your hosting server

Now you have to access the hosting account from your web browser and click on File Manager. Navigate to the Directory which is pointing to your Domain name. If you are adding your 1st domain to your Hosting account, The folder in which you have to upload wordpress zip in the public_html folder. After uploading, click extract and move all wordpress files in the public_html as shown in the picture below.

How to install wordpress manually
click to enlarge

Creating Database and User for WordPress

This step can be a little tricky as it involves some steps that you might ask questions about. First of all you have to create a database and a user for that database. I am going to do this from phpmyadmin as every hosting provider do provides this in their hosting panel.

  • You have to click on phpmyadmin to enter in this.
  • Once you are in there, Click on “New”
  • Enter the Database name that you can remember easily
  • Click Create
    Click to enlarge

    Congratulations, You have successfully created Database for WordPress Manual install. Now we have to create user for this database

  • Click on the database name you have just created
  • Click on Privileges
  • Click on Add User
  • Enter Username, Password, and select Host as Local as the image shows below
  • Scroll down a little and click “Check All” and Click “Go”

    Database settings
    Click to Enlarge
  • Now Again click on Privileges and Click on “Edit Privileges” next to the user says “NO”

    Database settings
    Click to enlarge
  • Next you have to click on “Grant” and click “Go”
    Database Settings
    Click to enlarge


Installing WordPress Manually

Now all you have to do is access your domain from any web browser and it will ask you for the database Name, Username, and Password for that database user you made in the previous step.

Wordpress Manual Installation
Click to Enlarge

Next it will ask for your site title, tagline and other settings.

Congratulations, You have successfully installed WordPress Manually without using Fantastico, Softaculous or any other installer.

If you have any Question, Provide us with your feedback in the comments section below and we’ll get to you ASAP. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and join us at Facebook, Twitter, Google+

By Attiq Haroon

I am a blogger, having little knowledge of everything on MGeeky. Wordpress, Android, iOS, and very little knowledge of Linux.

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