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iPad Pro Release Date, Specifications [Leaks]

Since Apple has added two new iPhone’s to the collection in all over the world, as these iPhones are sold in great ratio. This collection of two new phone include iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6. As after launching these phones Apple launches new firmware for use with these iPhones which have retina display for all devices and other new devices which had launched or have comp-ability to support the new iOS 8.

Now it seems that Apple will launch new iPad to the collection of iPad which is named as “iPad Pro”. This iPad Pro is inspired by the design or shape of iPhone 6. There are some initially reports which have known for iPad Pro is that it will be also have a larger display with minor increase of size than others. It will be an over sized pad with 12.9-inch display but after release it is confirmed that it will have the 12.2-inch display.

iPad Pro Release Date, Specifications [Leaks]

iPad Pro is to beat the Surface Pro 3,

As rumors says that Apple is developing new product for launching. According to Japanese Report iPad Pro will be similar in size of the Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3. It is expecting that iPad Pro will be Much thicker than the iPad Air 2. More details about the iPad is that this iPad inspired by the sleek design of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, its 7-mm thickness. The iPhone 6 is 6.9 millimeters thick on the other side iPhone 6 Plus has thickness of 7.1 millimeters, noted Slash Gear.

iPad Pro Release Date, Specifications [Leaks]

According to MacOtakara iPad Pro will also similar in design of iPad Air 2 and it shall most likely include a pair of speakers as well as two microphones will be placed, one at the top and other at the bottom of the iPad. The device will also have a stereo jack for use with speakers or headphones likely as of others. iPad will support a large powered battery which would take half amount of space inside the casing.

MacOtakara also mentioned some addition of new features something like Macbook-inspired iSight camera, a   relocated Touch ID sensor similar to a Macbook Air LCD panel, and a Lightning connector.

By the news iPad Pro will be launched in the middle year of 2015 and it will be hit in the market and expected for great amount of sold. Hope this iPad will not be flopped as like of others.

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