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Lenovo P70 Review, Specs, Battery, Display, Benchmarks

Lenovo P70 is one of the latest smartphones right now in the market. It has made quite a lot of buzz among the people because of its price/specs ratio. If I would have to describe the Lenovo P70 in 1 sentence then I would describe it as “Affordable yet powerful smartphone with an average camera”.

Yeah, you read it right. The only disappointment, or rather down side of Lenovo P70 is the camera. Below you can find the full review of the Lenovo P70. Review is all about Price, Specs, Display, Camera, Battery and benchmarks. The in-hand feel the Lenovo P70 is also very well described below.

Design and feel of Lenovo P70

Lenovo P70 has a plastic build but the frame of the phone is made of metal. The phone feels pretty sturdy and durable in hand and you wouldn’t feed like you are holding a cheap phone. The design is very attractive and solid. Considering the price point of the device which is 22000 rupees in Pakistan, you can’t really complain about the build quality. Overall I would say it is better than most of the local smartphones available in the market.


Lenovo P70 supports a 5 inch HD IPS LCD Display with a resolution of 1280×720. The viewing angles are good as this is an IPS panel. One thing that I would like to mention here is that you can not expect display quality like Apple and other big brands in this price segment. The colors do change a little if you look at the display from certain angles.

Display of Lenovo P70 is very bright but if you are using it in direct sunlight, you may have to find some shady area because it is not that much bright. Indoors and cloudy outdoors, it will serve you very good.


Battery is the biggest highlight of this device. The Lenovo P70 has a 4000mah Lithium polymer battery which is Not Removable. It is sealed inside the phone. The battery backup that I was able to squeeze out of Lenovo P70 was good but not the way I was expecting. Phone lasted roughly around 7-8 hours of continues web browsing, tweeting etc. Remember that I am using 3G/4G and the brightness is set at 35%.

Battery backup of lenovo p70

If you don’t use you phone a lot, you may be able yo get 2 days of battery backup which is a good thing for any smartphone. Lenovo P70 takes 2 hours to charge from zero to full.


The rear facing camera of Lenovo P70 is a 13 megapixel shooter which also supports Full HD Video recording at 1080p resolution. The picture I took with Lenovo P70 was a bit disappointing for a 13MegaPixel camera. The pictures came out a lot grainy and had a lot of digital noise. You also need to keep you hands steady while capturing the images, as there isn’t any Optical Image stabilization in Lenovo P70.

Lenovo P70 Specs Review Camera Display  Lenovo P70 full review and camera samples Camera samples of Lenovo P70

Auto-Focus and LED Flash light are also included. Macro shots were of the only type which came out a little better.


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If you are looking to buy a device, then benchmarks are said to be one of the best ways to determine its performance. Though I don’t trust benchmarks but still there isn’t any other alternate to that. So I tried with Antutu and here is the output of antutu benchmark.

Antutu benchmarks of Lenovo P70

Pros of Lenovo P70

  • Very good battery backup because of 4000mah
  • Top notch performance with 64-bit octacore CPU
  • Very good gaming experience.
  • Stereo speakers which are very loud and clear.
  • HD IPS display which is very clear and vivid
  • Dual SIM with 3G and 4G support
  • MicroSD card support upto 32GB.

Cons of Lenovo P70

  • Below average camera Quality.
  • Phone tends to heat up a little while using 3G or 4G.
  • Gaming is smooth but phone goes very warm from back side

Final verdict

To conclude, I can recommend Lenovo P70 to anyone who doesn’t require a good camera. The only down side of Lenovo P70 is its camera. Other than that lenovo P70 is an excellent phone.

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