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Marco Polo : Find Your Phone By Shout!

Just shout out loudly MARCO! and your hidden device will ring back POLO! so that you can find it.  

Apple has launched iCloud service in iOS version which include the Find My iPhone function, it uses your Apple ID to keep in touch with your iOS device. See your Phones location by logging in into with your inserted ID. Here is a similar alternative to this Find My iPhone service which is now available on iTunes Store.

Marco Polo is an Application available at iTunes Store or say AppStore, which locates your phone position if you have misplaced it or you have forgotten where you have placed your iDevice. Marco Polo App quickly helps you to finds your phone that you have lost in your nearby.

This great app works in background silently and other person would not be alerted by this app, it does not disturb you until you need it. No more panic attacks or getting to a Mac or other PC to find your device. Marco Polo just needs a shout of MARCO! and then it will find your device, it is a completely offline software that is much better than Find My iPhone. Such users which have some care about their phones they have to use this app instead of Find My iPhone.

This App will listen across multiple rooms, even multiple levels in your home or any building and will override silent mode so you can find your phone easily and quickly no matter what. For even more fun try installing this App on multiple devices. You can distinguish each device by changing input phrase, voice and custom responce, so that each device will behaves differently.

*Features* :-

  • Change the input phrase and shout anything you want
  • Over 30 unique character voices to customize how your device sounds when it responds
  • Control what your device says back with response like : “I m over Here,” “Whose there?” and “iPhone Reporting”
  • New iOS8 Nearby widget , notification center widget added
  • Works even your device is in sleep mode or in silent mode
  • Push Notifications lighten up your screen which makes easy to fimd your device in dark
  • Volume boost maximizes your device volume even if you left the volume low
  • Works with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

*Limitations* :-

  • These limitations are imposed by iOS and they are required for all apps that use microphone
  • While Marco Polo is listening in background your iOS device will show a red bar at the top of the screen.
  • Some Notification and sounds will get Silenced. Calender alerts, Phone alerts etc will continue make sound

*Privacy and Requirements* :-

Marco Polo does not requires the Wi-Fi or Cellular data to connect. All voice process will make on your device and is never sent or stored anywhere. Nothing ever gets saved. Nothing ever leaves your device.

Nearby widget requires iOS 8 and a Bluetooth Low Energy Compatible device. However device running on iOS 7 that are with Bluetooth Low Energy can still be discoverable. Device must be running MarcoPolo

*ScreenShots* :-

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You can get this app for some dollars. You can also get this app for free by installing Cydia and AppCake on your device. Download from your AppStore now!


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