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MovieBox Updated for iOS 8

MovieBox is one of the most downloaded Cydia app which allow its users to stream online or to download any movie or TV show to watch it later. It is a great alternative to PopCorn. MovieBox is one of the most usable jailbroken Cydia app to download or watch online movies for free.

MovieBox is a kind of streaming app which has its own hosting used to host various movies and TV Shows for the users to to watch them online orto download them to watch later in free time. There are some features of this Cydia app which are given next:-

  • Features of MovieBox:-
    Top quality videos.
    No broken link ever.
    Daily updated shows and movies.
    No crash or complaint issue whatsoever.

Cydia Moviebox can stream TV Shows and Movies upto a resolution of 720p. In case, that the application keeps freezing when you watch movies at 720p you may still switch to streaming videos at 480p. Another good feature about the application is that is also compatible with AirPlay.

You can also choose to exit MovieBox and run other Apps while movie is downloading. However sometimes this feature can not work according to expectations and the downloading movie become paused. For this problem it is recommended to make sure to check MovieBox app time to time and see if the video download is in progress or has paused.

Movie Box regularly updates its database everyday with new TV shows and movies. It is a serious competitor for Netflix, Hulu, or Redbox. The movies available in Movie Box’s database are in mp4 format. The application also works on iPhone but it is recommended to use it on iPad.

Recently I was trying to get Moviebox on my iPhone running on iOS 8. I install movie box from many sources but i cant able to use it, somehow it was lagging or not working correctly. I am here with working link ( Cydia Source ) of MovieBox for you

Simply add this source

Now go to Search Tab And search MovieBox 3 , if you cant find this try New MovieBox

Install this and respring your springboard

Now you have Moviebox on your iOS 8

How to Get MovieBox on older iOS:-

MovieBox is now updated and now it not works on older iOS version like iOS 6 and iOS 5. Here i am with working download link for you. Check out these steps to get MovieBox on your older version firmware.

1-Download MovieBox:-

Download the App file from next

120 Download MovieBox for iOS 6 and iOS 5 [Working Link]

2- Download iFunBox:-

Download iFunBox from here

icon-128 Download MovieBox for iOS 6 and iOS 5 [Working Link]

3- Installation

After downloading these files and installing iFunbox do these steps carefully now

1- Go to ifunBox

2- Connect your iDevice

3- Now navigate to Raw File System -> VAR -> Root and finally Media, which is probably empty.

4- Create Cydia Folder in Media and then create AutoInstall Folder in Cydia Folder

5- Copy the downloaded moviebox file in AutoInstall folder

Now disconnect your device and then switch of your phone. ON it again now you have MovieBox on your SpringBoard. If you cant see MovieBox then try switch it OFF again and then return it ON again or may do it couple of time.

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