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Now send GB of data from whatsapp with iPhone, iPad or iPod

Whatsapp is the most useful and most downloaded app in both android and iOS devices. As android allow it users to have access due to root and this root is not available in iOS. Whatsapp allow its users to send .doc files .jpg files mp3 as well as .mp4 files and many other kind of files but up to a certain limit, iOS users are not able to send more than 16 mb of file.

Here is a question how to send GB of data from whatsapp with iOS?

Now it is possible to send up-to 2GB of file through whatsapp. For this you need to have a jailbreak device. Thanks to iMokhles who is the author of the cydia this tweak which allow you send GB of data. WAenhancer is the tweak which give you access to send GB of data , read description given next for more fun of this tweak

  Description of WAenhancer:- 

Long Media:-

Allows you to send 16MB to 2GB of data

Long Status:-

Now you can update your status of 1200 characters till 2500 characters

Long Subject:-

Let you write more than 25 characters for broadcast and for group subject till 300 characters

Unlimited Photos:-

You can send photos without 10ph restriction

Last Seen:-

Lets you allow to ON or OFF last seen without 24 hours restriction

Share Style:-

You can change the style from classic to modern

Media Options:-

Allows you sharing your  recieved music to another apps (likes bridge) to save this in music library or forward these outside of whatsapp

Full Profile Picture:-

Without cropping you can now set your full profile picture

Font Size:-

Now you can change the font size according to your need

Text Colour:-

Select your favorite  color as text color


You can change all these settings and apply these under iOS settings> WAenhancer. This tweak is available in Bigboss repo and it is paid tweak, available with free trial.



By Shaeel Iqbal

Love to write about Apple but i like iPhone more than all Apple devices. Sharing with you all the best i know about iOS.

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