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Android L – A detailed overview

Back in history:

At Google I/O 2014, the search giant revealed new android version 5.0 , at that stage known simply as Android L Preview.

In a welcome turn of events, Google made Android L available for download right after the Google I/O event. But there is a catch. The “Developer version” of Android L isn’t the finished product.

Some Intro:

As we all know Google officially announced the Android L on 15th of oct and named it as “Lollypop”. Android L aka Android Lollipop is here and it’s brought a lot of new changes with newly designed Ui aka material design and 5k  new APIs, has been available as a developer preview for a while but now it is  official as Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 announced running on 5.0 android L.

After the announce and the official factory image for nexus 6 leaked some expert developers quickly compiled L preview or android l with newly nexus 6 apps, thumbs up for their work. I personally using @percys L beta builds on my nexus 4 and I am so happy with it and simply loving this OS. So I am over-viewing some of its special and new features for you people.

 Hands-on with Screenshots:

-New Soft Keys

The keys are same like the buttons on PlayStation’s controllers. Home button  is now a circle replacing the legacy home key. Recent/multitasking button is now represented as a square & back button is now a reversed arrow.

-New Notification & SystemUI

notifications This is perhaps the area which is changed a bit more in Android Lollipop. Notifications undergone a complete change and now looks like Google Now’s card-based system. Notifications can be directly displayed at lock screen & for unlocking the device you can tap a  card and you will be in that area.

It is a very clear move by google to bring you closer to your incoming notifications in just a tap. You can also swipe away and clear notifications without actually unlocking your device.

-Android L battery with project volta!


With project volta , Android L battery is more reliable and powerful than ever before. It is a great move by tech giant Google to  enable developers and users to measure and keep record of the apps and things which are sucking battery a bit more. Another nice move is that when you’re charging your phone, you’re told how long it will take for the battery to be fully topped up

-New materialistic  designed apps


Android L comes with almost all apps re-designed materialistic and whole new features. I just love its new designed apps and keep on using my N4 whole day. Some apps will not update if you upgrade to  5.0 and that apps are Google Music, Google Mail and  Photos App.

-New Easter Egg


Well I was really surprised by taping 3 to 4 times on android version in about menu and the thing which was pops out is this easter egg  inspired the most famous and trolled game in android history ‘Flappy bird’ so I played it and makes a score of 10.


2Benchmark is the best way of calculating android’s performance so after flashing the L beta build on my N4 I took a benchmark and the result was interesting as it was not official build and just a piece porting and scores  was more than my 4.4.4 stock rom on N4. Scores was 25602 and stock KK it was 23k.

Android Lollypop – The verdict:

When we use these beta builds google warned us that it is not a final build and we can be resulted  in data loss , crashes , bugs and etc but I have personally using it from last 1 week  and Iam in love with it as I didn’t faced any bugs or crashes or lag at all. It is super smooth and powerful due its amazing battery stats and consumption trick(thanks to  its project volta). So I will suggest you to try the developer previews/beta builds/ports or else wait for official release if you have device which is going to be updated or wait for any developer to compile a new rom for your device.

Apple Cydia Tweaks And Apps

Cydia Substrate Releases 0.9.5013 with iOS 8 support

As we know Saurik is the Fonder and creator of Cydia, has updated the cydia substrate to 0. 9. 5013 to support it with iOS 8. A Chinese team called themselves Pangu, recently released the iOS 8 Jailbreak but it not comes with the Cydia as software did not support iOS 8.Now that Cydia Substrate is updated, most tweaks are now run on iOS 8

Cydia Substrate Releases 0.9.5013 with iOS 8 support


Cydia Substrate is that which makes Cydia tweaks able to run on your iOS, act as support firmware. According to Saurik iOS 8 pangu has a bug which does not load substrate after rebooting iOS Device. There is a need to respring the device after reboot to load Substrate and install tweaks.

Note:- it will not work before a reboot and a respring, after this it will goes fine. You will have to respring by SSHing to your iOS device and type this killall backboardd.

If you have updated your iOS 7 to 8 and already have this pangu jailbreak then Refresh the changes in Cydia and check out this update

Apple Cydia Tweaks And Apps Quick Fixes

USSD Code Gevey Fixed

USSD code running is a commonly known issue on all gevey devices, which have updated with iOS version. Many users are facing this problem after updating there iOS version (firmware). When ever dial a code with # and * code not works as it goes for dialing as a normal phone call.For example in Pakistan we use Mobilink code for check balance that is *111# but when dialing this code it not works, it goes as a normal phone call which not works.

USSD Code Gevey Fixed

To fix this USSD code running jailbreak is required. If dont have jailbreak device then consult google for the jailbreak of your iOS version.Done with jailbreak ? Now follow the steps carefully to fix this problem :-

How to fix USSD, Steps:-

1. Go to Cydia
2. Add repository (
3. Install “CommCenter patch for iOS 7”

4.Install ifile also

5. Run “iFile” and go at /System/Library/Carrier Bundles/iPhone/Default.bundle/carrier.plst

6. Click on carrier.plst and select “Viewer PList”
7. Flip through down and find the item SupportsSupplementaryServicesOver3GPP (turned it off)
8. Turn it “On” and click “Finish”
9. Reboot the device.
10. Rejoice working USSD requests.

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Apple Quick Fixes

iOS 7.1.2 Stuck At Apple Logo After Pangu Jailbreak [SOLVED]

A Chinese team called themselves PANGU launches the iOS 7. 1. 2 jailbreak with its version 1. 0, many thanks to PANGU team for such untethered jailbreak which include some bugs and users have facing such bugs like BOOT-LOOP they stuck at apple logo while restarting there device. Actually the PANGU 1st version 1. 0 was came with many bugs and this boot-loop bug is also one of them , iOS users facing this problem commonly after jailbreak this 7. 1. 2 version. PANGU jailbreak also includes pp-sync which places a Chines Appstore named as 25pp

iOS 7.1.2 Stuck At AppleLogo After Pangu Jailbreak [SOLVED]

In such apple-logo stuck bug there is a bug which caused the light sensor of iOS device. The device stuck at the apple logo because there is low or no light in the room as the device needs light to restart. There is a much simple method to fix this method without restoring the iOS with iTunes.


Put a flash light over the device or move the device in a room with more and high light so the Boot goes well. This method also works if your device is also stuck at PANGU welcome screen

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Apple Cydia Tweaks And Apps

JellyLock7 Top Rated Cydia Tweak

There are many cydia tweaks but there are some of which are very useful some of these are for fun.We have found Jellylock7 the most top rated tweak by the users. Jellylock was not compatible with that of ios 7 but now this app is much customized and is compatible with the iOS 7

Jellylock7 is now available on cydia for free. Jellylock7 allow its users to assign 5 different app. Each app include the badges with numbers of missed notifications.This allow to open your favourite app without unlocking the device from lockscreen

Steps to get this tweak for free:-

1- Open Cydia

2- Tap search

3- Type Jellylock7

4- Tap install form right corner

5- Respring your device


To add apps on your lockscreen of iOS device you will need to go to Jellylock7 settings panel. From here you can assign your favourite apps, 1 to 5 apps can be added on lockscreen

Latest Top Rated Cydia Tweak

You can adjust your apps by numbers of shortcuts.Manage your favorite app on your favorite number. This can manage upto 5 apps for shortcut.For ipad this tweak is designed also in landscape mode.

Latest Top Rated Cydia Tweak

Jellylock7 is much useful tweak and it is top-rated. I also advice you to use this tweak. This tweak is free in repo. Thanks to  Max Katzmann, the tweak’s developer,

Apple Quick Fixes

How To Back-Up data on iOS with Forgotten Passcode

iOS device is locked with passcode but you have forgot the passcode now you want to backup your data first from restoring it. Dont worry there is a solution availble to recover your data without iTunes, as iTunes says :-

Forgot Passcode! How to recover data (backup your device)

There is only a one way to use it again and use with itunes ,is that of restoring it with latest firmware by entering DFU mode but this method is not recommended because it will refresh a new software on iOS device and remove all the data that we need.


There is another method to backup your device while it is locked with a passcode,Why we cant use another alternative of iTunes which have the ability to save our data?

So we can try the Wondershare Dr.Fone for iOS. This software is both available for Mac And also for Windows.Download links are given:-

Forgot Passcode! How to recover data (backup your device)Forgot Passcode! How to recover data (backup your device)

This Version is supported with the latest Mac as well as with support for Window 8

1-Step:-Run the program on your computer

Here we take an example in Windows Computer, After connected the iOS device you just see the window like below

Forgot Passcode! How to recover data (backup your device)

2 Step:- Scan the locked iOS device locked with passcode for data in it

1- Hold the device and press start button

2-When you tap the start button, Hold Power and Home button at same time for 10 seconds

3- Released the Power button after 10 seconds but keep hold the Home button for more 15 seconds

Computer will told that you have successfully entered the system then release both buttons and start a scan for the data

Forgot Passcode! How to recover data (backup your device)

3 Step:-Preview and save the data you want on your computer

After scanning mark the data you want and then simply saveor recover the data on your computer

Forgot Passcode! How to recover data (backup your device)


Downgrade from iOS 8 to iOS 7.1.2

iOS is the latest software update for iOS devices, Since it has been come it is not mostly liked by the users so they want to downgrade this ios version to old one which is iOS 7. 1. 2

Before you start this downgrade backup your all data to have no any lost. There are two methods to backup your device

1-Backup using iCloud

In this method iCloud i.d is used for backup. Backup will be saved on the iCloud i.d. To backup using iCloud i.d navigate to

Settings > iCloud > Backup and then tap on Back Up Now.

2-Backup using iTunes

Another method to backup your data is through iTunes. Connect your device with iTunes after connect down to Backup portion select this computer option and then click backup now. Time taken will depend upon your data size, wait for it to complete

Downgrade from iOS 8 to 7. 1. 2:-

Follow these steps carefully then you will be done,steps are given for all devices support

First you need ios 7. 1. 2 for your supported device,download from here
Connect your device and wait for itunes pop-up automatically (if not comes then open it manually)
Put your device in DFU mode
Itunes will say your deice is in recovery mode,tap OK and and hold the left SHIFT (PC) or Alt/Option (Mac) button then click the ‘Restore’ button.
Select the file you have downloaded in first step
Follow OK for window bar which says this will remove all your data etc
Wait for extraction and wait more for the device to be restored
After restoring process is done you have done with downgrade,Choose your appropriate method to backup your device

Apple Quick Fixes

5 Most-updated features in iOS 8

1-Battery Usage feature:-

A new valuable function in which permits you to view what’s consuming your battery existence over a per-app basis, this says to you simply how much battery each possesses employed throughout the last twenty four hours and also the a couple weeks ago. Open Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage to determine what’s occurring.

5 Most-updated features in iOS 8

2-Quick Keyboard

Typing hasn’t been much easier – your QuickType keyboard presents predictive text messages and also AutoCorrect in a convenient to use in which rests earlier mentioned your keyboard

5 Most-updated features in iOS 8

3-Improved camera App:-

If you want utilizing your Camera, you’ll really like your changes on the Video camera software. Brand-new time-lapse function, better slow-motion, timer, coverage command plus more aside from, creating your iphone camera is the best worth in use.

5 Most-updated features in iOS 8


4-Improved Messaging:-

iOS 8 bring such a wonderful change in messeging app,while in Quick-reply capture the photo and mail it or send it through imessage or etc

5 Most-updated features in iOS 8


5-Interactive Notifications:-

The Notification Center is usually much more interactive, You can archive or Mark as read the Notification without multitasking the app.

You can also have a quick-reply for messages in Push Notifications

5 Most-updated features in iOS 8

Apple Quick Fixes

Final version of iOS 8

As you now that iOS 7 is now the old version for iOS after the welcome of iOS 8.Much Thanks to Apple have create this version because it has bring many new changes and new features to the compatible devices of iOS 8.More information on features will be found here.

Final version of iOS 8

Ios 8 is compatible with the listed devices below :-

  • Iphone 6, 6 plus
  • Iphone 5s,5c,5
  • Iphone 4s
  • iPad Air,  iPad mini, iPad 1, 4,  3,  2
  • iPod touch 5

(Note :- Iphone 4 is not compatible with this version)


There are two ways to get iOS 8 on your device

1-Over-the-air (OTA)

  1. If your device is non jailbroken then you can update your iOS device
  2. Open settings
  3. Set wifi ON
  4. Scroll down towards General
  5. Open Software Update
  6. Check for Update and wait

2-Through iTunes

  1. Download the latest itunes version here from the official Apple website
  2. You can Download the iOS 8 for your compatible device here
  3. After download the itunes install it u have already download the iOS version, now connect your device with itunes
  4. Put your iOS device in DFU mode, Consult google if you dont know how to put iOS device in DFU mode
  5. Itunes will say Connecting to Apple server
  6. Pop-up will come saying this like that
  7. Final version of iOS 8
  8. do not have to worry  just click OK
  9. press the shift key + Restore, browse the iOS 8 file you have downloaded already
  10. Restore in process , Wait for done


If there any error pop-up consult google to fix this error

Congratulations you have Updated your device to iOS 8


Apple Cydia Tweaks And Apps

Jailbreak your ios 7.1.2 on any iOS device

Chinese hackers calling themselves as  “Pangu Team” they released the much awaited untethered jailbreak for iOS 7.1 and iOS 7.1.2 for Mac and windows. It is the first ever jailbreak which is easy to use but this tool is in chines language

Pangu tool is compatible with the following devices

  • iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4
  • iPad Air, Retina iPad mini, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad mini (1st generation)
  • iPod touch 5G

Download the tool below

Jailbreak your ios 7.1.2 on any iOS device

How to jailbreak using pangu :-

  • Open settings on your iOS device
  • Go to settings, time and date
  • set date to 2 June 2014
  • Connect your device
  • Uncheck the ppsync option
  • click jailbreak and open the pangu app on your device and wait
  • NOTE :- your device will restart may be 2 times, you are done

you have successfully done with iOS 7.x.x jailbreak (y)