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Best Installous Alternative store

“Best Installous Alternative store”

Installous is definitely an Amazing Appstore for Jailbroken iPhones, iPads, iPods, and for other iOS devices specially for downloading paid app for free. Illegal apps make reference to unofficial apps and those that will some other Apple company consumers get cracked. Which means that Installous previews Apple company apps ahead of these are acquired. Installous can be cost-free and can possibly be downloaded by way of Cydia, the web data source associated with transportable system apps. The application of Installous as well as similar software programs is frequently referred to as “jailbreaking” as well as eventhough it ended up being when deemed against the law, it really is at this point flawlessly appropriate. Nonetheless, there are still legal guidelines concerning the way Installous as well as similar software programs are used.

Best Installous Alternative store


But from last few years, Installous is banned by the the Apple community. Because it was found in hackulous repo. So I mean to say that, you cannot use Installous anymore. It seems that there are many alternatives of cydia but some are difficult in use for users for example AppCake, HipStore, Vshare etc.

And the Question Remains the same, “What is the Best Installous Alternative Store? “.

In my experience I have never used such alternative which is simply used as Appstore. 25PP is a Chinese appstore alternative to that of installous. It is simple but very little difficult to use for first time due to Chinese language. This is the best alternative for installous. You can get this alternative of Installous from cydia source

After adding this cydia source. Tap the search in cydia and search for “25pp”. Find this app here and install it. Restart your iPhone and Open this 25pp Chinese store and search the app you want.

Best Installous Alternative store

Note:- Also install the ppsync for ios version which you are using. This sync will able to install your downloaded app using 


One of the Most rated iOS game By EAsports

Fifa 13 Top 5 rated app for iOS

New Controls:-

FIFA 13 can be additional sensible than ever – considering the authenticity as well as development you’ve arrived at be expecting in the FIFA operation. Meets become more active with innovative graphics and also the nearly all sensitive regulates previously sent with iOS.
Produce a squad of the best world-wide celebrities with the all-new Final Team element. Pick your own engage in model, creation, kits, plus much more. Get complements as well as competitions to be able to acquire money, and then commit all of them with fresh people as well as items to strengthen your own group. The number of choices are usually limitless.

One of the Most rated iOS game By EAsports

New Skills:-

The brand new Talent Proceed press button helps you choose your best methods with straightforward swipe gestures. Learn free of charge kicks as well as penalty images with entire touch management. Get in the game with sensible 360° gambler mobility. Display defense-splitting goes by, rifling images, penalty kicks, as well as pro-style methods.

Over all world challenges:-

EA SPORTING ACTIVITIES Soccer team helps you connect with real-world games, help your best club, as well as connect with close friends, rivals, as well as countless different people worldwide. Amount up as well as acquire expertise items to construct position – and then mash other sellers around the Video game Heart leaderboards! Ceremony relive famous real-world footballing events through in-game difficulties.

Compatible devices:-

FIFA 13 is a universal create and can become mounted on your own iphone, ipad tablet as well as ipod itouch. For those who have FIFA 13 mounted with a number of devices, you’ll be able to save a new Director Manner or even a Tournament online game on top of iCloud during one gadget – and then go on enjoying with a different. Appropriate devices include iphone 3gs, iphone4, iphone 4S, iphone 5, ipad tablet, ipad tablet (2nd generation), ipad tablet (4th generation), ipad tablet small, ipod itouch (3rd generation) (16 GB as well as above), or perhaps ipod itouch (4th generation). To find the best online game expertise, all of us propose enjoying with iphone 4S, iphone 5, ipad tablet (2nd generation), or perhaps ipad tablet (3rd generation). Gadget Firmware 5. 0 as well as preceding required.


Download the app here for free:-

One of the Most rated iOS game By EAsports


Play Tekken 3 on your iOS (jailbreak required)

This is a guide to Play Tekken 3 on your iOS

Without doubt, the PlayStation version of Tekken 3 is considered as one of the best game titles of its type. Soon after THPS2, Tekken 3 is placed upon number 2 in top 10 PlayStation game titles of all time. Since that time ZodTTD unveiled Psx4all (PlayStation 1) emulator for iPhone, We had been planning to test Tekken 3 on the iPhone. This is a step-by-step Tutorial which will allow you to Run Tekken 3 with your iPhone, iPod touch 4G and Apple iPad utilizing Psx4all emulator.
Note: Before you try to Play Tekken 3 on you iPhone by following the steps given below, I would like to tell you that Tekken 3 is a lot laggy on iPhone 4. It could be the fault of the ROM image or Their may be a problem in the Psx4all Emulator. I think that the SoC a.k.a Chipset of the iPhone 4 is not much capable of rendering the graphics of Tekken 3. Nonetheless, if you’re adventurous enough to try it out, stick to the guide given below at your Own Risk.

Play Tekken 3 on your iOS (jailbreak required)

Tekken 3 ROM for Psx4all:

Step 1 should be to acquire Tekken 3 ROM for Psx4all emulator. For those who have no idea, Psx4all service ROM’s in .ISO,. IMG, .CAN, .Z or .ZNX format. If you currently have Tekken 3 ROM in one of the mentioned formats, You can SKIP but if not then you can get Tekken 3.iso (~43 MB).

Set up Psx4all Emulator upon iPhone:

To setup Psx4all emulator with your iPhone, all you need is a Jailbroken iPhone and working internet connection. Psx4all emulator can be acquired by way of ZodTTD & MacCiti repo in Cydia totally free. In the event for whatever reason ZodTTD & MacCiti repo is actually straight down or even not working, stick to the ways under in order to acquire Psx4all from BiteYourApple repo.

Play Tekken 3 on your iOS

Available Cydia with your jailbroken iDevice.

1-  Open cydia on your Jailbroken iDevice.

2- Tap on the Manage tab

3- Tap edit and then tap on Add

4- Input the Source given below

5- Tap on Add source button

6- Search for psx4all

7- Install it

8- Now Restart your iDevice and you are done with the installation

Play Tekken 3 on your iOS (jailbreak required)

Get BIOS Image (scph1001.bin) for PS1:

Running PS1 game titles on Psx4all emulator, it really is strongly recommended to work with PlayStation BIOS image as opposed to depending upon integrated high-level BIOS emulation. Get PS1 BIOS image scph1001.bin from here and upload the bin file in to /Applications/ folder with your iPhone. To do this, you must SSH straight into the iPhone. 1st set up OpenSSH  after which it set up afc2add package from Cydia.

Location: /Root Directory/Applications/

Copy the downloaded Tekken 3.iso to ROMs Folder:

Final step will be to Copy Tekken 3.iso image to ROMs folder. To do this, SSH into the iPhone or use iPhone Explorer in order to see a following place:
Location: /Root Directory/var/mobile/Media/ROMs/PSX

Respring or Restart iPhone 4:

Before starting the Psx4all emulator software, it is advisable to re-spring or even reboot the iPhone. After carried out, launch Pxs4all app and choose Tekken 3.iso. It is possible to sometimes play Tekken 3 in landscape or even portrait mode.



Share files via Bluetooth from your iPhone.

As all of the iPhone users know that iPhones are coming with Bluetooth radio or transmitter but the bluetooth profiles supported by an iPhone are very less and File Transfer Profile is not among supported profiles.

The reason being iPhone users can’t transfer files with other Bluetooth devices despite having hardware support, and that is the most common application of Bluetooth.

Over the last couple of years, there are some jailbreak tweaks and mods available to enable Bluetooth file sharing to any device via Bluetooth such as Celeste, AirBlue Sharing.

If you bought Celeste, then you may probably recall that it was quite buggy. CocoaNuts, who is the developers of Celeste, wanted to change that perception. They have launched a newer version of Celeste on Cydia, and called it Celeste 2, which brought up with a bunch of improvements, and more importantly, seemed to be a lot more stable then its predecessor.

After the moment you install Celeste 2, you will get a new option which says “Share with Celeste” with the Bluetooth icon in the sharing screen in a number of apps like Photos, Contacts, Safari, Notes, iPod/Music, iBooks, Dropbox, DisplayRecorder etc, which makes it really easy to transfer the files to a Bluetooth device .



The moment you install the tweak a new app appears up on your home screen, allowing you to toggle a couple of in-app settings. If “Show app on receive” is toggled on, it will launch the app automatically and show you the progress of the incoming file. A quick Notification widget is also included which will allow the user to transfer file, needs to be enabled from the Settings app (Settings > Notifications > Celeste).



If “Import with Gremlin” is toggled on, it will add the received music and video files in the native apps on your iPhone.


BioProtect (top cydia app for iOS)

Couple of months ago, Elias Limneos, designer of mods similar to SBRotator, CallBar, Submitted  a teaser online video of a completely new mod termed as “BioProtect” that will permit iPhone 5s users to lock apps using Touch ID.

The great thing is that BioProtect is currently on Cydia.

BioProtect (top cydia app for iOS)

BioProtect enables iPhone 5s users to protect their particular apps utilizing Touch ID. But in contrast to Applocker, BioProtect is an app only for  iPhone 5s jailbroken mod, because it depends on Touch ID FingerPrint Scanner, and doesn’t provide passcode solution as an alternative. The reason being it is not available for Non-Touch ID devices. It can simply lock apps and not folders at the moment.

In order to configure the particular apps you want to lock, Open the Settings app on your iDevice and navigate to BioProtect. This Settings page pointing towards BioProtect is also locked, and may always ask authentication using Touch ID.

BioProtect (top cydia app for iOS)

Whenever you try to Open or Launch a locked Application, the particular mod will quickly prompt to authenticate using your fingerprint. That displays an excellent computer animation whenever you tap on the Touch ID to be able to Unlock the particular Application.

BioProtect (top cydia app for iOS)

It also offers you an option to choose the colour of prompted Circle by Going to Settings App (Settings > BioProtect > Circle Color) to match color of your respective Device, for instance White, Black or Gold.


Top Cydia 15 apps for ios 7

If you’ve got jail-broken new iPhone 5, iPod , iPad tablet or perhaps iPad tablet Mini, you already know, precisely, how hard it is to discover the ideal Cydia tweaks on your iDevice. Evasi0n 7 is out with friends for iOS 7 along with there isn’t a confirmation concerning iOS 7.1. Due to the fact Evad3rs are planning to develop iOS 8 jailbreak. At present, every one of the tweaks along with jailbreak programs tend to works for iOS 7 up to 7. 0.6.
Each day, many of us coated the latest Cydia tweaks along with jailbreak programs in the weblog, yet the very hard to get the most effective jailbreak programs along with check these in the new iPhone 5, iPad Air along with iPod touch. However, in order to serve greater, many of us undertake it. Now, we have now found best 15 ideal Cydia programs that includes best jailbreak tweaks on your iDevices that operated with iOS 7. Many of us largely handle your programs that lengthen your operation of the iDevice as an alternative to adding added stress with your iDevice battery power.

  1. IntelliScreenX 7
  2. Sprintomize 3
  3. Barrel iOS 7 [Get Free]
  4. LinkStore iOS 7
  5. iOS 8 Concept
  6. iOS 8 Cydia icon
  7. Activator
  8. iFile
  9. AirBlue sharing iOS 7
  10. Ayris
  11. iCleaner Professional
  12. CyDelete
  13. Switch Control Middle
  14. BiteSMS
  15. Auxo iOS 7

I have shown the highest jailbreak programs which can be the most popular. Many of us wanna completely new factors, and so i possess involved iOS 8 Concept along with iOS 8 Cydia icon for most completely new improvements.

I would really like, if you might share the most effective Cydia tweaks along with jailbreak hacks with us directly out of your new iPhone 5, iPad Air or perhaps ipad Mini….


Listen Or Download Songs on your iOS with Music Box


Music box a very usefull cydia application for those who are mad to listen music

Music box is an app used to listen or download Music for FREE. The app needs a jailbroken iOS device and internet connection. Before jumping into the installation process, We have to add a source in our cydia app so the Cydia can find Music BOX.

WARNING: We DO NOT Support Piracy and we encourage you to purchase every single music before listening.

This tutorial is only for educational purposes.

These are the steps to follow:

  1. Open up Cydia.
  2. Now you have to enter a new source and to do so
    Tap on “Manage”
  3. Tap on “Edit” in the to right corner
  4. Tap on “Add”
  5. Now enter this Source given below WITHOUT Quotes
  6. Tap on “Add Source”
  7. Tap on “Done” button
  8. Now tap on Search button and search for “Music Box”
  9. Once you have found Music Box app with Blue Play Icon
  10. Hit the “Install” button and Tap on “Confirm” button

If you have done Every step Fine, You can now Enjoy Unlimited Music on Your iOS device for Free.

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Stream Or Download videos on your iOS


In order to download and to stream TV Series and movies free of charge on your Apple iPad tablet, you may make use of Cydia Movie box . It is a free app made for the entertainment sake for iOS 5 or later versions. Your Cydia Movie Box app was once within Cydia, nevertheless, it was shifted to the new repo’s cydia Xsellize (source)

Cydia Movie Box attributes:

Your Movie Box app has now expanded attributes, capacity and its data source a lot more swift when you available the approval for once. The only thing that may be disturbing many end users is usually the point that this app’s software displays advertising towards the bottom of the screen. If you would prefer to remove the advertising and you include Fold set up you could get this Video Box repair, that can resolve the issue and remove the advertising.

Cydia Movie box can certainly stream Series and movies up to 720p. If the app maintains very cold when you enjoy movies from 720p you could even now switch to buffering movies from 480p. Another benefit of the app is usually that may be likewise works with Airplay.

If that you are suffering from difficulties when utilizing AirPlay, merely halt this movie and give up some other programs, then re-spring. Which should resolve the problems. You are able to select from a lot more movies at the same time by making use of MovieBox, however the next movie will begin to get just following first you are completed. It could take an hour or two to get a movie to get completed.

You may also want to get out of this Movie box app and operate some other software as you move the movie get process carries on. Even so, at times this kind of attribute rule isn’t followed as expected along with the movie get is usually paused. For that reason experts recommend to be certain to test this Movie Box app the perfect time to moment and see if the online video get is at improvement or has paused. If it’s paused you are able to mass media play all over again along with the get process can go on.

Movie box  incorporates within its movie data source many movies available previous to the Release day or even now out and about within concert halls. By way of example, Django or Dark Night had been readily available ahead of the list Release. The same is the scenario having many Series, as an example Prime Gear series has many new assaults easily obtainable in Movie box  previous to the discharge in the USA

Movie box  on a regular basis changes its data source each day having new Series in addition to movies. This can be a considerable competitor for Netflix, Hulu, or Redbox. The flicks easily obtainable in Video Box’s data source have been in mp4 structure. The appliance likewise operates with new iphone 4 yet experts recommend to make use of it with apple ipad tablet. With new iphone 4 the approval at some time encounters troubles along with the buffering movies may well halt shortly after the beginning. You might work in some manner while using concern by means of noticed that you flow movies with LTE after which switching to the site WiFi following movie a lot.


How to Get Emoji keyboard on any iOS?

The application of emoticons will be rising since far more users utilize texting and iMessaging in which to stay touch. Emoticons started out as a uncomplicated 🙂 to show feelings, and evolved into more descriptive photographs called emoji.

iphone 3gs users gain probably the most via emoji as they employ a key-board that is fully focused on the idea. Having a couple of easy ways that key-board is usually empowered in order that texting chats in between apple iphones, iPads and iPods are generally a little more fascinating.

Using the Emoji key-board is usually a enjoyment method to spice up a conversation as well as get a laugh beyond an associate.
How you can Allow the Emoji Keyboard set

Tap Controls(settings).

How to Get Emoji keyboard on any iOS?
Tap General

How to Get Emoji keyboard on any iOS?.
Scroll straight down and choose Tap Keyboard set.

How to Get Emoji keyboard on any iOS?
Tap Keyboards.
After that Tap Add Brand-new Keyboard set.
Scroll Decrease and choose Emoji.

How to Get Emoji keyboard on any iOS?
After total the key-board display really should appear in the set of input keys.


How to get Chat heads(facebook messenger) like android any where on iOS?

Facebook’s Chat Head feature is now available to use anywhere in iOS 7 thanks to a timely update to the well-received MessageBox tweak. If you can remember, MessageBox was the jailbreak release that allowed users to enjoy Chat Heads anywhere in iOS, not just in the default Facebook app.

Developer Adam Bell has updated MessageBox to play nice with iOS 7, freeing the Chat Heads feature from the confines of Facebook’s Paper app. Want to see how Chat Heads look in iOS 7?

How to get Chat heads like android any where on iOS?

Before installing MessageBox for iOS 7, be sure that you have Facebook’s Paper app installed on your device. Once MessageBox is installed, you’ll find a preference panel with a lone kill-switch for enabling or disabling the tweak. As with the majority of preferences, you can find MessageBox’s in the stock Settings app.


Open Facebook’s Paper app, and tap the chat icon in the upper right-hand corner to invoke the Chat Heads. Exit the Facebook Paper app, and your Chat Heads will follow you even when on the Home screen or in another app. There’s a bit of a delay between exiting the app and the Chat Heads appearing on the Home screen, so just be patient.

How to get Chat heads like android any where on iOS?


Chat Heads can be moved anywhere on the Home screen and while within other apps. Physics are used to help dock the Chat Heads to the edge of the screen wherever you decide to move them. If you want to close the Chat Heads, just tap and drag them down towards the bottom of the screen near the waiting ‘x’ button.

How to get Chat heads like android any where on iOS?


If you’re a Facebook user, and you happen to be rocking a jailbroken iPhone, there really is no better way to stay in contact with your friends. It’s the ultimate jailbreak tweak for Facebook fans, because it allows you to take your friends with you wherever you decide to go on your iPhone.

Like the previous version of MessageBox, this version is 100% free and available for download right now on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. What do you think about MessageBox for iOS 7? Share your opinions down below in the comments.